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Everyone Alive With A Sex Drive

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The title might not make sense unless you read it. Andrea is dating Ryan Ross from Panic! At the Disco. The only problem is that her and Brendon don't get along the way Ryan would like them to. Rea...

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Is it still me who makes you sweat? he whispered in her ear.
Shut up, She groaned.
Am I the one you think about in bed? He nibbled on her earlobe, making her hot and pissed at the same time.
Stop talking Her voice shook.
I've got a better kiss He kissed her exposed shoulder a hotter touch His fingers ran lightly over her skin a better fck he whispered licking her neck than that boy you see.*
Sweety, you'll never have me. She whispered into his ear. She pushed him by the shoulders so she could be on top.
Now your getting the hang of it.
Shut the fck up.* She said just above a whisper, her mouth at his neck sucking and nibbling.
Demanding aren't we? Cupping her breast.
I hate you, She moaned making him grin.
I hate you more babe. He whispered sucking on her exposed chest.
Why do you always try to out do me?
I don't try, I just do. he tilted her head down and captured her lips in his. Their tongues danced in each others mouths fighting a never ending battle for dominance. One always trying to out do the other.
Why are you such an arrogant bstrd? She asked pulling away. Her hand traveled down to his lower ahem region. She grasped hard.
Fck * he moaned.
Answer the question. she said loosening her grip.
'cause I can be, he groaned doing something similar to her.
Oh god, She moaned.
I like the sound of that name, maybe you should call me that from now on.
Fck you* She hissed.
Again? Okay.
Shut up. She ordered as she started to jack him off.
Faster....harder he panted, she smirked.
Whose demanding now? She asked him teasingly.
Shut up and fck me.* He demanded. Her smirk got bigger.
Why don't you make me? She whispered into his ear licking it. He growled softly pushing her back and crawling on top of her.
My pleasure. He smirked. That night they "made love" twice with her boyfriend sleeping in the next room.
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