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The cat, the dog and the bird

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Anna, after FINALLY having found Ed and Al again, goes shopping. But something still doesn't feel right to her...

Category: Full Metal Alchemist - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Fantasy, Humor, Romance - Characters: Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric - Published: 2007-05-27 - Updated: 2007-05-27 - 474 words

.:In the Streets of Central

"...And I nearly killed them! Oh damn did I freak out. But then everything worked out because, sadly, Roy came around to save my sorry ass. Or so he says. I still think I could've beaten the shit out of them if he would've let me." Anna shrugged, crossing her arms with a light huff.

At the moment, the Elric brothers and she were just walking around central, as Anna recounted a small list of events that had gone on in the past five years. Ed and Al had their fair share of stories to tell, too, but they had a common agreement; Anna seemed to be so happy to have them back... They'd let her talk until her mouth died on her before starting their little escapade stories.

"...because then he- HOLY COW." She gasped, heading for the window of a small shop that sold GUNS.
Big guns, small guns, long guns, short guns, automatic guns, semi-automatic guns...
"Oh man, what I'd give to have all of them...!" She cried, but turned around to face Ed and Al again.

"Oh great, now we have TWO Hawkeyes on our hands!" Ed whined, while Al just nudged him.

"Come one, brother! I think it's nice to know that we're not totally helpless if we get ambushed!" He laughed, making Anna laugh as well. Hey, he'd just called them BOTH helpless.

"Oh, by the way... You remember that..." Here, she leaned in closer. "forbidden alchemy I showesd to a few years back..?"

They both nodded; how could they ever forget THAT?! It was just so freakin' amazing... Whoever didn't remember that piece of a miracle was seriously out of his mind.

"Well, I found a way to make a prolonged use of it without totally killing myself!!"


Anna, Ed and Al were all sprawled in the grass, in the field not far off from the Rockbell house. It felt good o be together again. Though Anna's mind drifted away a few times...

"I love you. I really, REALLY do." She cried, turning around again, the rain seeming to fall harder and louder than before.

"...I hate you. I never want to see you again after what you did." Lae said in a hushed tone, and it was worse than a thousand daggers in her heart.

"Lae... Don't make it worse than it is. Let her go." Ed had whispered to Lae's ear, though loud enough for Anna to hear. That had been the next to last time they saw each other.

"...What?" Anna asked, after having vaguely heard someone talking to her. She GUESSED it wasn't her daydream.

"I SAID, are you sure you're okay?" Ed asked, poking Anna a few times.

"I'm OKAY." She said with a smile, dissimulating the true meaning of OKAY.

Always dreaming
Yearning for...
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