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Unbreakable Heart

by qwertyxyz 1 review

It's a bad title, but it's not a bad story. It features Hector and Florina after Nergal is dead. It is Hectors point of veiw.

Category: Fire Emblem - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Florina, Hector - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-05-27 - Updated: 2007-05-27 - 256 words

It was a few days after the death of Nergal and Eliwood's army was riding on a ship to take them back home. Hector watched as "the girl" walked by. She had lavender hair, and her name was Florina. Hector didn't understand, but whenever he walked by her he felt somewhat warm inside when she walked by, and Hector new this feeling was love. He wanted to talk to her, start a conversation or something. He walked over to her but then two girls came over and started talking to her. Hector stoped and walked away, but that lavender hair girl caught a glimpse of his armored body walk away.

Hector was walking over to his room, when he couldn't help but see Eliwood and Ninian making out. Hector stoped and didn't even try going threw the action to get to his room. When he turned around to go back to the deck of the ship he saw the lavender hair girl in front of him. "H-hello l-lord H-hector," Florina said. "Hello Florina," Hector said with a smile, and he noticed Florina give a smile back. "Florina?" Hector asked. "Y-yes lord H-hector?" Florina answered. "Florina, why are you so timid around men, were not all trying to haras you like Saine," Hector said. "Well um m-my mother w-was killed by a b-bunch of b-bandits that were men and I saw the whole t-thing and l-lord H-hector, I-I was scared!" Florina cried and she lept into Hector's arms. Hector held her very close. Hector loved "that girl."
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