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74. A Love That's So Demanding, I Get Weak

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in which Molly writes a letter.

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It was early morning on New Years and Molly was lying on her bed going through an old photo album. The album was full of pictures starting from her arrival in Chicago all the way through her recent college graduation. Although most of the book seemed to be pages upon pages of younger versions of herself and Patrick
'God we were so young' Molly thought to heself as she flipped to a picture taken the night of her highschool graduation outside of their diner. Standing there in a big group was herself, Patrick, Elyse, Matt, Pete, Andy, Joe and Max. Sighing Molly closed the album and got up off the bed. Walking across the room she sat down at her desk and picked up a photo that had pretty much always been with her. It was a picture of her and Patrick taken before they had started dating. She was sitting on his lap at this desk at the station and his chin was resting on her shoulder with his arms around her waist. Molly was pretty sure she remembered Elyse taking the picture. Putting the picture back down Molly pulled out some stationary and contemplated the blank paper and her laptop.
'If I'm going to do this I'm going to do this right.' she came to the final decision and pulled out a pen. 'Now I just need to figure out what to write.'
"Come out Molly! It's New Years Eve." Elyse prodded her best friend who was sitting on the couch watching the Dick Clark's Rocking Eve Broadcast.
"I don't care. I'm tired. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a cold. I'm just gonna sit here, watch the ball drop on TV and watch the city through those windows." Molly pointed at the huge picture windows they had in their apartment.
"Fine. Be boring!" Elyse said with a pout
"I think James would prefer being boring with me. Why don't you stay in?"
"I have to go out for work. Sad but true." Elyse responded as she got up to finish getting ready.
"And this is why I'm..umm...unemployed!" Molly called back bitterly as she was once again reminded how much fun the first few months post-graduation from college could be on a persons income.

"I'm so lame." Molly said turning to speak to her cat, the paper still completely blank in front of her. "I didn't go out on New Years. It's an hour past midnight. That whole rule about how "make sure what you're doing at midnight is great so the rest of your year is great" is so blown for me. Two Thousand and Seven is going to suck."
"Yea. I know. Stop feeling sorry for myself. It's my own damn fault." Taking that thought into mind Molly began to write.
Dear Patrick,
I'm not exactly sure what one says in a situation such as this one. How many more times can I apologize really? Although I suppose one more can't hurt. 'Cause I realized tonight something I've told everyone except you so far, but I'll get to that eventually. You know me and my monolouges. That is if you haven't thrown this out yet.
I realized something else tonight--I truly do love you. I don't think you believe me. I don't even know if I believed myself all the times I've told you. However, tonight I do believe it. I need to believe it, and I need to believe that maybe somewhere inside you you're still in love with me.
I know maybe I "live it up" a little too much, despite how far I've come, but tonight I sat around instead of going out. I watched the broadcast...speaking of which, weren't you guys supposed to be on MTV?...and then I looked out on Chicago and I realized I wasn't kissing you, and that was more wrong to me the anything else in the world at that very moment. And that's when I came to this realization. So I'm sorry, and I love you. And I don't know what else to say about that.
I took the rest of the evening after midnight to look through some of my old things. I found all these pictures from highschool. Do you realize I can barely rememeber a time you weren't in my life. I can barely remember what it was like to not be friends with all of you, but esspecially you. You, Patrick Martin Stumph (yes...spelled the right way). I let myself drift back in time tonight, and all I can ask is "where did we go wrong?" Not just you and me. All of us. It's like somewhere along the way we forgot what we meant to each other. We forgot what it was like to be crazy little punk rock kids from the suburbs who wanted to make some sort of impact in the world in a good way...rather then whatever it is we've wound up doing.
In your case, you've become a pin-up. And I've become...well...I'm still working on that I guess.
Do you realize we've known each other for seven years this year....Seven.
Seven is a very significant number if you think about it. Such a small little word really. Six letters, two of which are even repeated. However; lets look at this objectively, if you break a mirror: seven years bad luck, there are seven deadly sins (and for that matter seven virtues), it is the ammount of visible stellar objects (to the naked eye) in the solar system, in mythology there are the "seven sisters", and possibly most appropriate there are seven notes in the traditional western musical get my point. Seven basically has its little hand in a bit of everything. And in this case, seven years was the length of time it took for neglect (and in a lot of ways jealousy) to chip away at a friendship that was originally forged to be stronger then steel and leave it hanging by a thread.
It's 2am on January 1st 2007 and I'm alone. And it's all my fault. I guess I can admit that now.
I'm sorry. Please call.

Molly finished by signing her name and sat back against her chair. Letting out a deep breath she didn't even let herself re-read the letter before sticking it in an envelope and sealing it. Ignoring how late it was Molly picked up her cell phone and dialed a number she knew well.
"Hey! What's up?? Happy New Year!"
"Yes Pete. You said that earlier when you called me at midnight."
"Oh right."
"I need to know where you guys are going to be for the next few days."
"No shit. I mean during the tour. Like exactly."
"Oh...uhh...I can actually check that. I just got back to my hotel and I have all my crap here. One second." Molly heard Pete ruffling papers around for a few seconds before he rattled off a list of dates and hotels for the next week. Molly scribbling frantically to keep up. "Now why did you need to know that?"
"For a thing."
"Planning on selling our hotel info the highest bidder?"
"Something like that."
"Ok. Well make sure whoever buys my room info is at least hot and of legal age."
"Yes Pete. And believe me I know, the younger the better. Bye." Molly quickly hung up on her friend as she heard is sputtering protests from the other end of the line. A few minutes later after she had done some mental calculations as to about how fast the US Postal Service could reach the destination in question Molly addressed the letter to the hotel that the boys would be staying in six days from now on the second stop of the Friends or Enemies Tour.
"Better shoot for it getting there before them then after them. Right Sunny?"
"That's what I thought too." Molly said nodding at her cat before getting ready for bed.
The next morning Molly woke up and quickly got ready and bundled up to head out into the freezing early January Chicago morning.
'Holllysssshitttt.' Molly thought to herself after she stepped out of the apartment building. 'LA spoiled me. This is ridiculous.' Molly quickly headed down the street and stopped at the mailbox before dropping her letter and a stack of resumes in and immedately went across to the Starbucks. Walking in she tried to shake the chill from her bones as best she could and went to order a coffee for the walk home.
'I shoulda driven.' she thought to herself while at the same time feeling disgust at the fact that she was contemplating driving down the block.
"Cold enough for you?" said a voice Molly recognized behind her.
"Chris!" She almost squealed as she hugged her friend.
"When the hell did you get back here O'Connell?"
"About two weeks ago. Graduated and everything."
"Oh really. How impressive."
"Oh shush."
"I'm on my way out I just spotted you and wanted to say hey, and welcome home. So hey and welcome home."
"I'll see you around man." Molly said waving as her friend headed out of the coffee shop.
'Well that made the walk worth it at least. I guess it's time to start reconnecting with everyone. Now that I'm home.'
Molly walked back into her apartment and answered her cell phone as it rang. Wincing at the name on the caller ID she cautiously said,
"You WHORE!"
"Hi Max."
"I had to hear from JOE that you came home for good. And HE had to hear it from PETE!"
"I was gonna tell you, I just wanted to get settled in first."
"Ok. Fine. But I'm still mad."
"Sure you are. Whatsup?"
"You and me and dinner tonight?"
"Sounds good. Where and when?"
"My place at seven."
"Do I know where your place is?"
"No. But I can give you directions and Joe wants to see you too."
"He hasn't left yet?"
"Oh. Cool. I'll see you guys then I guess."
"Yup. And don't worry, it'll just be the three of us."
"Oh. Ok. I wasn't worried or anything."
"Sure you weren't."
"Good-bye Maxine."
"Good-bye Molly Anne." Molly hung up on her friend with a slight giggle.
"Now for the rest of the day. Operation act like a lazy bum is in effect." Molly grinned as she grabbed a bag of pretzels and tub of cream cheese before flopping onto the couch.
"You have food in your bowl already, and don't look at me like that. I put a bunch of resumes in the mail. I deserve a few weeks off."
"merow." Sunny responded and stalked off into Molly's bedroom.
"You always have to get the last word don't you!" Molly yelled back at the cat and frowned when a quieter "meow" came out of her bedroom.

A/N: title is from "Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance.

I think (but don't quote me on this) I might finish this tonight.
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