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Authors Note Part 8

by luckysgc921 14 reviews

in which I wrap things up

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Dear Readers,

...ok. so its finally over. I started this thing a few weeks before I saw the guys on the friends & enemies tour, and I finished just over a week of seeing them on the HCT tour (thank god, 'cause if I do meet them I wouldn't have been able to finish this with a straight face).

I left myself open to a sequel 'cause I've been begged to not let these characters die. If I do a sequel it'll be a few weeks from now, I'm burnt from this story and need a break. Also, if I do one it'll be a much shorter story--possibly 4 years in the future. But I have nothing planned yet.
I will say this---if I do do a sequel the final deciding vote to tip the scales for one is if you people WANT one. I'm putting Molly & Patrick into retirement if I don't think people want to read about them.

I LOVE all of you. Every single one of you who has ever reviewed has made these past few months of tearing my hair out over this story (and life in general) worth it.
Yes even the crazies who stalk my life through email (and don't review--ok, maybe I don't love them but you know what I mean).

Shout Outs for Various Reasons, most unrelated to this story to:
Callan (getup_n_go)--my sister in all but blood as far as I'm concerned.
Katy (whatkatydid)
Alex (frostedglass)
Kyle (mmmramen)
Ms. Heather (duckapple)
Sarah (danceislife)

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