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In Love and Death ( If you can tell me what band made this album I'll give you a vitural cookie)

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Last one... Oooooooh no... Don't worry, I have a prequel.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-05-27 - Updated: 2007-05-28 - 796 words

So its... Midnight right now.. Yes, this is the last one in the series, but don't worry, I have prequel coming up so you know how Gee and Frankie met and whatnot. Thanks for the two day support guys!

Frank's POV

Ow... Shit... Dammit... Ow... I hissed while the pain wracked my body. " Gee.." I mumbled. I wanted to fall to the floor, or crawl away, something, but Mikey was holding me up. I looked up to Gerard to see him fighting against the two men holding him, his eyes were going insane. Either he actually wanted to kill me (No) or he really wanted to break free, I was gonna go with the latter. " So... Gerard I can see you're fighting the urge.. Good job but what if he lost just a little bit more blood, would you still be strong?" Mikey laughed, forcing me to my feet, " Ow" I whined to him. " Shut up," He hissed back. " Yes... Just... give him back to me please" Gerard whined, giving up his fight against the two.

I gasped as the knife ripped into me again, " NO!" Gerard yelled, picking up his fight again. I caved under the pain and the only thing holding me up was Mikey's arm wrapped around my neck. Gerard was still fighting the need to feed on something until he bit into one of the men holding him. " Ow, shit Gerard!" He yelled pulling away.

Gerard's POV

I smiled as the two let go of me and I immediately held my breath, like I needed, I'm one of the undead. I charged at Mikey and bit deep into the vien in his arm and started drinking his blood. I almost lost control and drank enough blood from him to almost kill him, I needed him in my control.

He was screaming in pain, for a vampire to lose blood is a scary thing. " God, shut up already." I hissed and turned to Frankie, who was laying on the ground helplessly. I crawled to him and pulled his head into my lap, " Hey, Frankie" I cooed and he opened his eyes slightly. " Hey" He whispered. I brushed his hair back and smiled down at him. We both knew he was gonna die, but I wanted to keep his mind off it. " I missed you" I whimpered, holding back tears, " Hey... Gee isn't aloud to cry" He said smiling and reaching up to wipe my tears, " I'm just... Happy to see you, is all." He laughed slightly and started to cough, blood, " Shit Frankie, hey... calm down." I cooed holding him closer. " Gerard.... How long will you stay with me?" He asked, remembering the question he used to always ask, " Forever" I choked out. He sighed and closed his eyes, " I'm sleepy, Gee" He whined, " Then go to sleep, its okay Frankie" I said. He nodded and leaned his head against my chest.

I held him like that until I knew he was dead, I then set him down on the ground and kissed his lips one more time, " Just sleep, Frankie." I said smiling sadly. I looked over to the group of vampires. Bob and Ray seemed furious that I bit Ray, but I think they were willing to help, considering they had Mikey in a head-lock. I walked over to him slowly, he was still barely gaining his strength back as I kicked him in the side, " Gerard... No... I didn't know what I was doing" He begged, " Fuck that, Mikes, I said that same thing to you when I killed Alicia, except I'm gonna do what you should've done.. I'm gonna kill you." I smiled pulling out my own knife, it was laced with poison, which means it would take him longer to heal, if not, not let him heal at all. I shoved it deep into his gut and he yelped out in pain, " Now you know how Frankie felt" I hissed, pulling it out and shoving it in again. He cried in agony, and I laughed evilly. I picked him up and sank my teeth into his neck this time. I drank most of his blood until there was at least no trace left and I knew he was dead, " Mikey, you caused this... You could've lived forever" I said sadly. " Hey... can you two you know... take care of him? I need to get Frank back and figure out what I'm gonna do" I said picking up his limp body and looking to Ray and Bob, " Sure... We'll be over in a while" Ray said picking up Mikey and disappearing off with Bob just as I did the same.

Ooooooooh.... Hope you all liked it, I think I liked it... So yeah.. Prequel either tonight or tomorrow.

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