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Try Being ME

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to begin...

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'Try being me' I told her
'Why should I?' she spat
'Because if you don't then you will never be the bigger person'
'well maybe I don't want to be the bigger person, maybe I like being the cruel one that is feared by most and the only people who don't fear me are the teachers'
By this point I was backed up against the wall with nowhere to run, and as she's a girl I can't kick her where it hurts, so what do I do now? Let her beat me up? No I'll think of some thing, right?

Wrong, its 10 minuets later and I'm lying on my back on the grass, watching Frankie and her 'posse' walking off laughing at me; next thing I see is my mate Carrie's head.
'You alright, Bess?'
'I'll take that as a no then, here we go' she said as she heaved me up onto my feet and helped me limp to her house, down the road.
'Why is it always me?'
'I dunno hun but it must annoying'
'No ya think!?'
'Alright, alright! Calm down, I was only trying to help'
'I'm sorry it's just you know it's so annoying, every Thursday without fail Frankie and her gang beat me up, purely because I look different, and I'm not changing before you say it, I like being me and it's just so unfair'
Okay so I think I'd better explain, for the past three years ever since I died my hair black and took to wearing black I have been beaten up after school on my way to Carries house, it's always the same spot, just 10 yards from Carries house, the wall that blocks off the car park from the road and I always end up on the grass were the kids play cricket in the summer.
Any way by now we'd reached Carries house and as her mum wasn't home we had sort me out with their first aid kit on our own, Carries mum knew about me being beaten up and she said that she wouldn't tell my mum and agreed to sort me out each week.
'Sorry, I'm not very good at this'
'God this hurts, where the hell is your mum?'
'I don't know she's normally here...'
Okay now at this time we had sorted out my worst bruise, my cut cheek and my black eye, but Carrie could not fix the scratch on my arm, I'm not sure why but she just couldn't; luckily her mum arrived home at that precise moment.
'Oh hello Bess'
Then after she saw me
'Oh I'm sorry I forgot it was Thursday! Well not quite I was out getting tea'
Did I forget to mention I have tea at Carries on a Thursday so we can sort out my bruises? Oh well
'Here Carrie you go and put the shopping away, I'll sort out Bess.'

Okay now I'm all patched up it was time to get down to some serious dancing! Well not quite we just put on some Breaking Benjamin and sit reading through Kerrang! While listening to the very loud music until Carries mum bangs on the ceiling for tea.
Today it was fish and chips, home cooked, not chippie unfortunately but you can't chose. As usual I went home at 9:30, I only live 10 doors down so it's not like its far to go. Once I get home I got on the computer and talk to Carrie until I go to bed at about 11 ish.

Okay, okay so I know that this is boring but I have to set the scene otherwise what I'm about to tell you won't make sense.

It all began last Friday, the day after my latest, the one I told you about previously, beating up.
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