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005-- Andy Hurley

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I sat staring at the T.V. There he was again, staring right on back, but not seeing me. How could he? He was on T.V making money, making girls swoon, while I sat in my run down apartment trying to hush my two-year-old son to sleep.

"Kyle hunny shush" I cooed to him but he continued to wiggle out of my grasp and run to the T.V. He put his hand on the screen.

"I want daddy." He cried at the T.V, "When is he coming home?"

My heart was breaking; I suppose it was a bad idea to tell Kyle that Andy was his father. To Andy I was probably nothing more then some groupie, a one-night stand./ Even though we had been friends long before he even made it in Fall Out Boy./ Yes my son's father and the boy who has my heart, is none other then Andrew John Hurley. I suppose I could have just told him about Kyle instead of dropping off the face of the earth but when you are best friends with someone for 20 odd years, you learn stuff about them. One being Andy never wanted to have kids. Just thinking about Andy made me cry. Kyle came over and hugged me.

"Don't cry Mommy." He said, "Daddy will come home soon" I hugged my son. He was so smart for a two-year-old. He knew what we had to do to survive; in fact I enjoy talking to him more then some adults. He has such a positive view on the world. He's one of those kids that find the silver lining in everything. Just like Andy. He looks so much like Andy it kills me. He has his eyes, that crazy mop of red hair, his smile. Actually he probably looks more like Andy then he looks like me.

"Come on we have to go to work" I said to Kyle and he ran to his room to get dressed. I always have to bring him to work with me since I don't have the extra cash to pay for a babysitter and my parents died when I was little. I work at a music store, yes I am pathetic, but I cant quit, it's good pay and I need the money. I got dressed and pulled my hair into a messy bun. I grabbed Kyle's hand and we walked the 10 kilometer to my work, I seriously need a car. I walked into HVM and was immediately swarmed by my best and only friend Christina.

"OH MY GOD LULU GUESS WHAT!" she screamed at me.

"What?" Kyle said.

"Awe Hi Kyle." Christina smiled. "How my favorite little man doing."

"I'm cheering mommy up, she misses daddy." He said and hugged my legs.

"Well this should cheer you up Lulu. You know how those two bands are supposed to come today, to sign autographs and promote their new CD's?"


"Well guess who one of them is."

"Fall Out Boy." I said sarcastically.

"Do you always have to be sarcastic as hell?"

"Yes, now what band?"

"Well I don't know who the other one is but the first one is....wait for it"



"Ahhhhhhhh" I screamed. MCR is mine and Christina's all time favorite band, In fact if I take my hair out after it has been in a bun, it totally looks like Ray Toro's it's frigging amazing. "No frigging way!!"

"GEARAD frigging way!"

"Lulu, Christina GET OVER HERE AND GREET THE GUEST!" our boss yelled at us.

I picked up Kyle and we walked to the storage room where the bands were gathering so fans didn't see them. When we got there I saw and oh-too-familiar face in and oh-too-familiar gray and purple sweater./ This can't be happening to me./

"Daddy?" Kyle wailed jumping up and down. "See Mommy I told you he'd come back!"

"Kyle shush-" I started but it was too late. Pete, Andy, Patrick and Joe all turned around and looked at me and Kyle. Pete looked at Kyle then at me then at Andy then back at Kyle.

"Dude that little kid looks like you." I put Kyle on the ground and he ran and hugged Andy's legs.

"Daddy" he cooed.

"How many groupies did you fuck last tour." Joe asked to Andy. I could feel my eyes swelling with tears, he didn't recognize me. After being best friends since grade 1 he doesn't even fucking recognize me. I wiped the tears from my eyes and ran from the room.

"Lulu wait!" Christina called. "Good fucking job!" She spat at Joe. Then turned to Andy. "I can't believe you don't remember your best friend since grade 1. You got her pregnant two years ago!" She stormed out of the room and over too my side and hugged me.

"I'm sorry Lulu," she cried.

"Where's Kyle?"

"I- I- don't know."

I got worried "Kyle! Kyle hunny where are you?"

Just then Andy walked over to me holding a now sleeping Kyle. They looked so cute together. He handed Kyle to me and sat down. Christina gave me a glance and then walked back over to the bands. We must have sat there for ten minutes before he said something.

"Is-is he mine?" he asked me looking at Kyle. I nodded. "Lulu, why? Why didn't you tell me? You knew I loved you."

"But you always said how you never wanted kids, you never wanted to settle down. I just thought if I told you..." I trailed off trying to hold back the tears.


"I thought you wouldn't love me anymore." I chocked out. He sat down beside me and hugged me.

"Why would you ever think that? I will always love you. These two years have been killing me. I've been trying to find you."

"Well you didn't try very hard." I said. I mean come on I had been working at this music store since before Fall Out Boy was huge.

"I never thought I'd find you here." He sighed. "I thought you had moved on."

"I never could." I whispered. He lifted up my chin and kissed me softly.

"I love you Lulu." He smiled. I smiled back.

"I- I love you too Andy. I really do." He kissed me again.

"So this is my son Kyle?" he asked

"Yes" I smiled, "He takes after you a lot."

"Come with me." Andy said taking my hand. He walked to my boss and told him I was quitting. I couldn't believe it.

"But where will I go, I have no money and I can't abandon Kyle, we have no family left."

"You'll come with us." Andy told me "I always want to be there for you and Kyle, form now on till the end of our lives." I smiled. This was everything I ever wanted. "Which is why and I know it's kind of sudden." He pulled a box out of his pocket. "I was going to do this two years ago but you disappeared. Lulu Jamison, will you marry me?" I think I might have died and gone to heaven because this was perfect. All my dreams have come true at last. I smiled even wider then I already was and hugged him.

"Are you kidding me. Of course I will!" he slipped the ring on my finger and kissed me.

"Mommy is Daddy going to be staying with us now?" Kyle asked me. I picked him up and tickled his side, he giggled.

"Yes hunny, we are going to be a family for a very long time."
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