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Act 3, Scene 2

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Act 3, Scene 2

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Alicia sat at her desk, drumming her fingers on it impatiently. She glanced at the small clock and saw that only five minutes had passed. Her eyes traveled around the room, but her thoughts were on her new boyfriend. She smiled. She never could ignore thoughts of him for very long.

"Mikey..." she sighed to herself. She quickly returned to tapping out a rhythm on the desk as if it would make time go by faster. "Why can't it be nighttime already? Then Mikey could come and no one would see him. Oh, hi, Hayley," she said suddenly as her sister entered the room. "What's wrong? You seem upset."

Hayley threw herself on her sister's bed, crying hysterically.

"He's dead, Alicia! He's dead, he's dead, he's dead," she repeated. Alicia was shocked.

"Could Heaven be so jealous of me that they took him away from me?" she asked incredulously.

"Mikey can, though Heaven cannot. Who ever would have thought it? Mikey!"

"What are you talking about?" Alicia asked, rushing to her sister's side. "Is Mikey dead? Say yes, and that would be worse than death for me," she said in horror.

"I saw the wound, I saw it my own eyes," Hayley muttered to herself, green eyes sparkling with tears. "It was right here," she said, motioning to her heart. "He was so pale, almost white, and covered in blood. I nearly fainted from seeing it."

"My heart is broken. Let me die now," Alicia said sadly. She began to cry as well.

"It's Jade," said Hayley, managing to calm down. "I never thought I would live to see him dead."

"What does that mean?" Alicia asked. "Is Mikey murdered, and Jade dead? Jade, who is almost like a brother to me, and Mikey, my love? Who is left alive?"

"Jade is dead, and Mikey exiled. Mikey killed him."

"Oh God," Alicia whispered breathlessly. "Mikey killed Jade?"

"He did," Hayley responded desolately.

"What could have possessed him to do that? Mikey is no villain. How could someone so perfect do something so horrible?"

"There's no honesty in men. Any of them. All of them are evil liars." Hayley sighed, brushing away her tears. "I don't know where Smith is, even. Shame on Mikey for what he did."

"How could you say that? He's not a bad person. I shouldn't have said anything," said Alicia, sitting on the chair in front of her desk.

"You're saying something nice about the person who killed my boyfriend's /brother/?" Hayley asked incredulously.

"Am I supposed to speak badly of my boyfriend? I wish I knew why he did it, though." Alicia tossed her sister a box of Kleenex. "Jade would've killed him, I'm sure. Especially if he knew we were dating. He always took care of me...almost like an older brother..." She shook her head to get her mind back on track. "But Mikey's been exiled. That's as bad as Jade being killed ten thousand times. Where's Davey and Inés? They need to know if they don't already."

"Crying over him. Do you want to go visit them? I'll take you if you want." Alicia shook her head at her sister's words.

"They'll cry over him. When they're done, I'll cry for Mikey. I'm leaving," she added suddenly, starting to grab several of her things. "If Mikey can't be here, neither will I."

Hayley placed a hand on her arm. "Wait here. I'll find Mikey to comfort you; I have a feeling I know where he'll be."

"Thanks, Hayley," said Alicia. She unlatched a silver chain from around her neck and slid the ring off of it. She held it in one hand for a second, letting it catch the light. A single tear-shaped, blood colored ruby rested on the silver band, nestled between two perfectly round diamonds that sparkled delicately. It had been her mother's.

"Give this to him," she said, dropping it into Hayley's waiting hand. "And tell him to come so he can say goodbye." Hayley nodded, then embraced her sister quickly before running out of the room. Alicia waited until she was gone, then fell to her knees and began crying all over again. She hoped everything would be alright.
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