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Jack and Sally enjoy some alone time after their visit with the doctor. This is a fluff/erotica chapter, so if you don't like that then just give this one a skip.

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"Good morning my angel.", Jack purred. Sally slowly opened her eyes. She smiled.
"Good morning yourself, Jack." They shared a deep kiss. Jack helped his queen adjust
herself in the mountain of pillows.
"Did you have a pleasant sleep?", Jack asked, tickling Sally's nose with the end of her
braid. She caressed his skull with the back of her hand.
"Certainly. That was quite the relaxing massage you gave me last night Jack."
The King chuckled softly.
"Yes, well... I thought you could use the release." The pair smiled knowingly at one
another. Upon return from the Doctor Finklestein's laboratory the previous evening, Sally had to
admit she felt significantly renewed. She knew the old man probably better than anyone else in
Halloweentown. His growls and impatient glances betrayed shock and recognition of her
accomplishment. Jack had not entirely understood the unspoken conversation between his wife
and her creator, but he left the lab sensing a new peace about his love. There was that, plus the
fact that he suddenly felt obligated by male ego to reinstate claim to his queen. Jack prided
himself on his regal gentility, but the sight of another man undressing and touching Sally's body
was understandably hard to swallow. The doctor had made her, but still... It just didn't seem
right for him to excercise such brazen familiarity. At least Doctor Frost always seemed on the
verge of terror if Jack even looked sideways at him.
In any case, soon after their return to the house Jack tenderly undressed his wife and
massaged her with the rose-water salve. The massage progessed. Sally smiled remembering
Jack's elegant hand traveling up between her thighs. She had moaned softly as he touched her.
She whispered playfully:
"Do you still want me Jack? Even though I'm like 'this?'", she motioned vaguely to her
body. Jack laughed.
"Of course! It makes me feel like like such a virile, potent creature, you have no idea! I'm
immensely aroused." He nuzzled his skull luxoriantly against her breasts, licking gently with his
forked tongue. Sally threw her head back and laughed.
"You are twisted Jack."
"Naturally. I am the King of Halloween after all, darling."
"All Hail the Pumpkin King!", Sally had giggled as she squeezed him
against her.

Now with morning streaming into their chamber, the amorous events of the previous
evening felt like a sweet dream. Sally closed her eyes again and sighed.
"Do you want to sleep a bit longer?", Jack asked.
"I shouldn't. I have alot to do today. Buuut...I am tired, which is your fault."
"Then by all means babydoll, sleep as long as you need to.", Jack said.
Sally nodded.
"I will."
Jack grinned triumphantly. He watched her fade back into slumber, then slipped from the room.
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