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The Best Halloween I've Ever Had.

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The Aftermath

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Dawn was almost upon Halloweentown. The citizens streamed into town marching and singing.
But where was Jack? He wasn't still in the Human World, was he?
"Listen everyone!" the Mayor shouted. "Jack is fine. He returned a little early. Sally had
the baby,...err- babies, that is. She had twin boys. So Jack won't be at our party."
The crowd was quiet, then the fish-girl said:
"So we have Pumpkin...Princes?"
The mayor had never thought of it like that. He had never thought of this situation as anyone
other than Jack and Sally having anything.
"Well-yes! Yes, we do! We now have Princes!"
There was a momentary silence, then crowd exploded in cheers.

In Skellington Manor, Jack looked down upon the jubilant square. He turned to Sally.
She sat up in their bed, cuddling the newborn princes. The babies snuggled against her, one
beginning to nurse while the other remained content to contemplate the new developments in his existance. The tiny pair murmured
whispery nothings to each other and to their mother.
"I'm somewhat concerned about their eyes.", Dr. Frost commented. The twins' eye
sockets remained tightly shut, sealed. Jack just smiled. He answered without taking his gaze
from his sons.
"That is the one thing I know about. They're Halloween babies Doctor. Baby monsters. Their eyes won't open for about a
week. Beyond that,
well, this is going to be quite the adventure."
Sally smiled at her husband warmly. Jack knelt beside the bed. He slipped his long
arms around Sally and his sons.
"I think they know that I'm their father.", he said.
Doctor Frost glanced at the Skellingtons. He had never seen a happier family.
"Some Halloween for you this year eh, Jack?" asked Dr.Frost as he packed his
Jack was silent. Then he smiled his famous grin and sighed deeply.

"Yes. This is simply the best Halloween I've ever known."

Dear Mr.Claus,
Greetings to you and yours! I had to write and
thank you again for introducing us to Dr.Frost. He was wonderful. I felt so secure with Sally in
his care. As I'm sure he told you, we now have two skeleton boys. They are amazing. I can't
stop staring at them. I almost missed my sons' grand entrance to this world. Thankfully I didn't,
due to some friends (just wait until I tell you who!). The whole thing was much more difficult
than I had envisioned. My Sally humbled me yet again with her strength and bravery.
Now I am preparing to take a few days off before beginning work on next Halloween. I need a
little uninterrupted time with my new family before returning to the day to day.
I know are getting ready for your own holiday, but I would love for you to stop in after
Christmas. Sally hasn't seen you in ages, and you must meet little Jack and Nicholas (I hope you
don't mind a namesake!)!

Your friend,
Jack Skellington
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