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1. Its a sad affair

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Brittany is with brendon urie. Brittany sleeps around with william beckett while Brendons away. You could say shes getting her cake and eating it too! She stuck in her ways and has created her own ...

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Author Note: Okay once again heres another story from me. This story will be different then my others. I'll do dedications to one of my readers ever chapter. Its not favoritism, I just thought it'd be cool! long, quoted, likes, dislikes, suggestions, criticizing, ideas is what i love in reviews. So read and I hope you enjoy!

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I laid in bed next to the man who wasn't mines. The room was still steamy from last night. The sun shined through the windows of my room. He laid on his side making sure his eyes were staring directly into mines.

"Good morning" William said sweetly.

I sighed loudly. "Good morning"

"Are you okay?"

"Peachy" I said scooting backwards so my back could lay against the head board.

"Someone's cranky this morning" he teased laying his head on the inside of his palm that was getting held up by his elbow.

I grabbed my cigarettes and pulled one out. "He promised to be home last night and is he here?" I grabbed my lighter and lit the tip of it. I put the lighter down as I placed the cigarette between my 2 lips. I inhaled and blew the smoke out.

"No he isn't" William answered

"This is bullshit" I said putting the cigarette in my mouth.

"Why do you insist on smoking those cancer sticks?"

"Because they calm my nerves"

"Oh baby I could calm your nerves"

"I suppose"

"Let me cook you breakfast!"

"Your such great company" I smiled sweetly.

"I don't understand how he could leave such a beautiful woman like you at home" his eyes could burn a hold into my skin.

"Give me your hand" I demanded as I put my cigarette out.

He let his hand dangle in front of me. I grabbed it and placed it against my cheek.

"Your hand is so comforting" I grazed it along my cheek Closing my eyes to get in touch with the feeling I was missing from Brendon.

William sat up next to me and we stared into each others eyes. I let his palm lay on my face as he pressed his lips against mines. We closed our eyes and He moved his lips to my jaw line then my neck. Nibbling softly to let the arising moans leave my mouth.

"Where is your boy tonight I hope he is a gentlemen.." my ring tone was going off.

"Let me see who it is" I reassured him.

William sighed and sat back on the head board.

I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and looked at the screen. It was text. I opened it and read it silently to myself:

Hey baby my plane just landed and I need you to come pick me up


"Its him. I need to go pick him up from the airport" I sighed.

"The same routine over and over" William ranted getting out of bed.

"Don't be like that"

"You are so lucky I love you or I would of gotten out of this along time ago"

"I'm sorry baby"

"I know you are" he said putting on his last article of clothing.

I heard footsteps then a door slam. I know how pisst he gets when Brendon comes. If I didn't have that boy I don't think I'd be sane. I let out a heavy breathe as I got out of bed to get dressed.


I stood outside the front entrance of the airport leaning on my car. Looking at the time on and off. I had text him about 5 minutes ago and there was no reply.

"Where is that boy?" I mumbled under my breathe.

Just then I saw Brendon and Ryan walking through the door.

"So yeah I saw this really hot chick and she was checking me out. So too the liberty to ask for her number...." Brendon stared at me and smiled.

"Oh so is this hot chick willing to give you a ride home?" I asked with a bit of sarcastic ness and attitude.

"Baby you know I love you" he leaned in to kiss my lips and I just stood there with no reaction. "Fine be like that" he said walking to throw his stuff in the trunk along with Ryan.

I got in the drivers seat. I buckled up and started the ignition.

"Can you drive Ryan home since he wasn't able to call his girlfriend to pick him up because his phone died?"

"Sure" I said beginning to drive.

"What's your problem?" he asked.

"Brendon you know damn well what my problem is"

"Ryan do you see what I have to deal with. She begs for me to come home and when I do she does nothing but complain and argue with me"

"Brendon shut the hell up. Good lord"

"Yeah so how about the weather down here. I heard it was harsh" Ryan said breaking the tension.

"I'll apologize for the arguing" I directed towards Ryan.

"Its okay. I'm pretty sure it'll be the same when I get home"

"But I think your girlfriend is a little less bitchy and doesn't seem like she's always on her period"

"I'm bitchy? The reason why I'm bitchy is because you promised to be home last night and you weren't. Excuse me Mr. Urie for ever caring about you" I argued.

"You couldn't of fooled me"

Brendon was a sly one because he knew exactly what to do to get under my skin.

"Forget this" I swerved to the right lane and pulled over.

"Hey" Brendon yelled.

"How about you drive" I said getting out the car furiously and walking over to the other side. He got in the drivers seat and I got into the passengers. I snapped on my seat belt and crossed my arms.

"Were off" Brendon said after he got settled in.

My phone rang about 5 minutes later.

"Hey Fallon..yeah..hes here...want to talk to him..okay" I reached my hand with my phone in it to Ryan.

"its your girlfriend"

He grabbed it hesitantly.

"Yeah...we just flew in...yeah..My phone had died...okay...I love you too..okay bye"

I grabbed my phone from Ryan.

"So she's cool?" I asked looking at him through the review mirror.

"Yep" Ryan answered

"Lucky you" Brendon added.

I looked at him with the most evil expression. He didn't even budge to look back. We argued so much but from somewhere I loved him so dear.


I walked through the apartment door and slammed it behind me. It almost hit Brendon but he caught it.

"It almost hit me" he said furiously.

"Darn it, I wish it would of" I said sitting on the living room couch.

Brendon then went in the room. He slammed the door behind him. I walked up to the door and turned the knob but it was locked.

"You can't lock me out. This is my room too" I yelled through the door.

"Fuck you" he yelled back.

"Maybe later" I replied.

I slouched as I went to go sit on the couch. I crossed my arms and looked at the door. Then I laid down and laid my entwined fingers on my stomach. I let out sigh.

This may sound weird but I hated to argue with him but it was our natural instinct. We always did it. Not always but it seemed like it. A tear fell from my right eye. I wiped it off as it had rolled to my lip.

I needed William about now. Oh William. I know what your thinking. 'I'm a whore or slut' no I'm a woman and woman have needs when there man isn't there to fulfill them. I loved William and I loved Brendon. I was getting my cake and eating it too.

What is really sad is I met William through Brendon. He was such a great guy and I was instantly attracted to him when I first laid eyes on him. I got to spill my cries, frustrations, and rants out to him. He's one of my best friends, with highly qualified benefits.

Brendon and him are really good friends and I wouldn't want to ruin that. If Brendon found out he'd probably kill him and then dump me. I was taking a big risk with William but he was way worth it! Interrupting my thoughts Brendon walked in the living room. He laid on top of me.

"I'm sorry" he said.

"I'm sorry too"

Brendons lips clashed against mines. A series of pecks were being shared. For a moment we stopped and he caressed my cheek. We stared into each others eye.

"I love you so much" My words were compassionate.

"You don't know how much I love you too" he said going into kiss me again. This time it was more tender. I opened my mouth slightly and he slid his tongue in. he laid his hand on my right cheek and I laid my hand on his ass.

"I can't keep you off of it" he laughed removing his lips from mines.

"You know it" I chuckled.
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