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Chapter 15 - The First Case Of Asexual Pregnancy

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A lighter chapter for loyal readers, witness some pregnancy induced moments with Patrick and Petra

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Chapter 15 - The First Case Of Asexual Pregnancy

"Hey!" He said, nudging her firmly in the side.

Petra groaned and pulled the sheets tighter round her.

"Get up!" he frowned, nudging her again.

"Get lost!" she said, muffled from the sheets. Patrick pulled the sheets hard and she yelled with the elegance of an ox.

"We have a pre-natal appointment in less than hour - move your ass!!" He growled playfully at her.

"There must be some mistake - " She moaned, rolling on to her back and staring at him.

"Because I'm not pregnant." She added

"Then what's that?" he asked, gently poking her belly.

"It's water retention." She groaned and rolled back over on to her side.

"If that's water retention then I'm taking you to the hospital anyway because you have serious rentional issues." He said cleverly.

"Retentional is not even a word."

"It is now, now get your retentional ass out of bed!" He laughed, leaning over her, she laughed smugly and pinched his cheek quickly. Rolling onto her back she pulled him close and kissed him.

Patrick pulled away and she just sat up with him.

"Stop!" he laughed as her hands pulled at him to come back to bed.

"Petra!" he laughed as she pushed him down and straddled his hips quickly.

"You move quick for a pregnant woman." He said,

"I told you, I'm not pregnant." She laughed, leaning down and kissing him. As she pulled away, this time he came with her and she sat in his lap and they made out playfully.


Petra slowly dragged her lips from Patrick's and looked up.

"Pete - hello." Petra smiled, swallowing quickly.

"I was just...we just wanted...wait, what are you doing here?"

"Oh I was just watching you both." He said, Petra scrambled off Patrick's lap, Patrick moving uncomfortable to hide his make out evidence.

"You're actually a pervert and here I was thinking it was all rumours." Petra said,

" feelings." Pete said, Petra nudged him as she made her way out the bedroom.

"So...I'm waiting for you and you're in here getting all......'freaky'..." Pete muttered.

"Means must." Patrick said firmly then grinned.

"You're Patrick Stump, you don't have're all...soft and cuddly and asexual.." Pete said staring at him.

Petra walked back in quickly, she turned to Pete, pushing him out the door.

"Pete, I'm sorry, you need to go or wait or the bottom of the garden." She said, continuing to push him back.

"You can't kick me out - I'm Pete Wentz!" He said objecting to her displacing him from the room.

"And I'm a seriously hormonal pregnant woman and are you going to dare argue with someone like that?!" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"I made this marriage!" he argued,

"You're cute - seriously - get out." She said shutting the door firmly.

Patrick stared at her.

"I can't have sex with you now." He said, he looked a little frightened.

"Don't tell me you can't have sex, that's absurd!" she frowned, moving closer to him.

"We have 45 minutes to get to the hospital!" he said, Petra just pushed him hard and he fell onto the bed.

"We'll still have 44 minutes to get there...." She said, kneeling over him and kissing him, Patrick laughed.

"Like I said to Pete - Don't argue with me..." She whispered and pulled off her pyjama top.


Patrick's foot tapped very quickly, his eyes scanned over the various pages in the magazine as it did and Petra sat uncomfortably in the waiting room chairs.

Suddenly Petra's hand clamped down on the foot that was tapping and it stopped, Patrick glanced at her, his lips curling into a smirk.

She stood up and read various notices on the wall and grimaced at some. Patrick looked up at her. He smiled because he loved how well she wore pregnancy, after being ill for the first 3 months, she started to shimmer now , he'd read this term as the 'pregnancy glow' and it made him giggle further because Petra accused him of also having the 'pregnancy glow'.

"Petra?" The soft voice called, she turned and looked at the Midwife.

Patrick stood up and he took Petra's hand, they gave each other a squeeze as they both went into the room.

Petra looked around, there was all sorts of posters and models of many different aspects of pregnancy, her eyes widened a little at some of them.

"Hi, I'm Ria!" She said, she gently shook both their hands and she offered them both a seat. Petra wandered though.

"So Petra, this is your first actual visit and you're..." she looked down.

"She's 15 weeks pregnant." Patrick chimed in. Ria smiled at him.

"That's right." She smiled.

"So how are you feeling?" she asked, turning to Petra.

Petra spun round, she looked a little pale.

"Is that going to happen to me?" she asked weakly, pointing at one of the models.

"Um....well..." Ria said, casually moving closer to her.

"I'm going to die, I will actually die." Petra said, freaking out.

"You won't die..." Ria said, touching her shoulder gently.

"Is that supposed to happen, /that/??" she asked, looking at the model, Ria dismantled the model and guided her to sit down.

"What have you done??" she gasped, staring at Patrick.

"What? I didn't do-"

"-this is your fault!" she said, Ria stood up from her chair and knelt down in front of Petra.

"Petra listen to me." She said, but she continued to stare at Patrick.

"Petra." She said again, Petra looked at her.

"Everything - everything is going to be just fine." She said with a warm smile.

"How do you know?" she whispered.

"Because it's natural for you to be in here, horrified at the prospect of what's ahead of you...but it's also natural for you to do an amazing job!" she said. Ria squeezed her hand, knowing she'd already calmed her down and she sat back in her chair.

"Now, let's get to the good stuff!" she said with a smile.


Patrick proudly put the new ultrasound pictures on the fridge, Petra opened it and raided the shelves for food.

"She was really nice." Patrick said regarding Ria.

"Yeah." Petra said, already some grapes in her mouth. She lifted several items of food from the fridge and shut it, chomping on the grapes in her mouth. She laid out the food on the island in the kitchen.

Opening the chocolate spread, she dipped her grape in and moaned as she ate it. Patrick stared, a little appalled but mostly amused.

Petra glanced at him and stopped, realising he was staring at her.

"You want some?" she asked.

"Sure." He said, she dipped in another grape and fed it to him.

"Mmmm" he said. Petra opened the cupboard and he quickly spat it out in the bin.

"I think the baby looks like me." She said, taking down some bread from the cupboard.

"Oh really?" Patrick asked, still watching her in amazement as she prepared a vile concoction of food.

"Yeah, it has my nose." She said, pasting chocolate spread on the bread, then some grapes. Patrick put a hand over his mouth.

Petra picked up the sandwich and stopped as it wedged into her lips.

"What?" she asked, her mouth full again.

"You're making me feel quite nauseous right now?" he said, Petra looked down at herself then looked at her sandwich.

"It's good." She said, muffled.

"I'm sure." Patrick frowned. Petra nodded as she ate.

"You wanna taste?" she asked.

"No! uhh, no, I'm not hungry." He said, she shrugged and took the bag of grapes, walking into the living room.

Patrick looked back to the picture and he stared at it.

Every single finger, every single toe, even more real now he knew what he was having, it was really happening.


"You're exactly the right size, all the measurements are perfect." Ria smiled.

Petra grinned triumphantly.
"But it sure likes to move!" she smiled at Petra.

"It's like having a jittery stomach all day." Petra sighed.

"It'll calm down, when they get less room they tend to quieten down a bit." She said.

There silence as Patrick and Petra stared at the screen.

"Oops, there it goes!" Ria said as is disappeared off the screen.

Petra giggled, she knew because she could feel it flutter as it did.

"Can you tell what sex it is yet?" Petra asked, biting her bottom lip as if she'd asked a cheeky question.

Ria looked at both her and Patrick.

"You want to know?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Yes!" They both said excitedly.

"Ok..." She said.

"First I have to catch it - it's obviously playtime at the moment." Ria smiled and carefully tried to examine the baby to find the right indications.

"I think..." she stopped as it disappeared again.

"I think this baby likes to move - A LOT!" she laughed. Patrick and Petra both laughed, holding hands tightly.

"Come here you little pest...." She said, moving the scanner carefully over Petra's tummy. She took a few shots and carefully and patiently examined them on her screen.

Ria turned to them and smiled.

Patrick and Petra both held their breath.


Oh That's a cliff hanger right there...I may actually personify evil itself.
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