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#3) So Long, And Goodnight

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Frank gets released today and Gerard comes to pick Frank up from the hospital. Ray can't stand it any longer until he sees something he really didn't want to see. HE runs off. What's going to happe...

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Frankie sighed as the nurse left, readjusted himself in the hospital bed and thought of the first things he'd do once he got out.

1.) Smoke a whole damn pack of Reds and enjoy it
2.) Play Splinter Cell with Mikey and beat the shit out of him
3.) Hug Bob(cause Lord knows that Bob needs it)
4.) Kiss Gee on the cheek to gross him out
5.) Kill Ray Toro-Ortiz

Frank scratched the last idea. He wouldn't kill Ray. Just seriously mangle him or something. Frank shook off the idea and pulled his knees to his chest. He was leaving today, and Gee was coming to pick him up. There was a lot of paper work to fill out, counseling he now had to attend, and a whole bunch of other bullshit that he could give a fuck less about. But, taking adult actions insisted adult consequences. He had to deal.

Frank looked up as the nurse walked back in, someone behind her. Gee! Frank smiled big as Gerard walked up to him and pulled him into a hug.

"Hey, Frank." He said, swallowing him into his arms. "Ready to leave this hell-hole?" He asked. Frank nodded.

The nurse strode to the other side of the bed and began removing Frankie's IV. He winced as the needle slid from the crook oh his arm and she applied alcohol to it. She patted his arm and then turned to Gerard.

"There is some paperwork that you'll need to file and fill out before he can be released. You can do that at the front desk. Thank you." She stated simply before turning and leaving. Gerard faced Frankie and rolled his eyes.

"Sorry, Gee." Frank offered. Gerard just shrugged his shoulders and left the room, going to fill out the paper work. The nurse returned once more, clothes in her hands.

"Here are your clothes sir." She snipped before going back to her charts and patients.

"God, what a bitch." He mumbled, standing slowly and slipping his jeans on under his hospital gown. He pulled off the gown just as Gerard walked back in.

"Whoa, sorry man." Gerard said, turning.

"It's okay. Not like I got tits or anything." Gerard laughed and went to sit in a chair, his eyes on Frankie. Why couldn't he look away?

Frank noticed. "What, do I suddenly have tits now?" Frank laughed lightly, taking in Gerard's tentative, but flat-out stare.

"Wha-uh, no." He blushed slightly. God that boy was pale, and his blush showed in full red. "Uh, sorry." He mumbled. Frankie walked closer. Was Gerard a boy-fan? He needed to test the theory.

They all knew that one point in time Gerard and Bert McCracken from The Used had a thing going on, but that was years ago. Then he got this girlfriend names Olivia, but that ended in three months. What was the real reason he'd been single for almost four years now.

Frankie leaned down over Gerard, their noses almost touching. "Gee?" Frankie whispered.

"Um...I-uh, yea?" He stuttered. Frankie just pulled away slightly.

"What are you, Gee?" Frankie asked, placing his hands on Gerard's arms and running them up to his shoulders, giving him goose bumps. "Do you like boys, is that what it is? It that your secret?"

Gerard shook his 'no'. But Frankie wasn't falling for it. "Don't lie to me." Frankie said, before softly placing his lips on Gerard's. Gerard didn't kiss back, but he didn't pull back either. Frankie pressed harder and finally Gerard opened his mouth. Frankie ran his tongue over Gerard's bottom lip before pulling away suddenly.

Gerard gasped, blushing furiously. "Frank-Frankie, dude-I-uh, seriously-" He breathed in sharply, almost gasping. "I-uh-um-I...I didn't mean-mean to uh-you know-uh..." Frankie just shushed him by kissing him softly on the lips.

"Shut up and kiss me."


Ray paced back and forth in the bunk-room, his palms sweaty, his heart beating a million times per second. Gerard should have been back by then...what the hell was taking them so long? Ray fiddled in his pockets, finding his lighter and cigarettes. He needed to smoke, and he needed to do it now. Ray walked to the front of the bus and stepped outside.

He stopped short in front of Gerard's car. It was parked, windows up, and in the backseat was Frankie...fucking Gerard. Ray's mouth opened, his lighter fell to the ground, his cigarette's following shortly after. What...the...FUCK!

Frankie looked up sensing someone. His eyes went wide with terror, and Gerard looked up, too. They both just sat there, horrified. Ray bent down, retrieved his cigarettes and ran. He didn't want to see that, didn't want to see their faces, didn't want to even remember any of it. He needed to get away. He needed a smoke. He needed...he needed...


"Oh, my God." Frank whispered as he watched Ray run away. "How long do you think-"

"I don't know." Gerard answered, his hands still on Frank's shoulders. Gerard wiggled against Frankie, making him moan.

"Hey..." Frank said, before bringing his lips to Gerard's and kissing him deep. Gerard began to move again, slowly rocking his hips. He loved being fucked like a bitch. Especially from Frankie. He'd always liked Frankie, that's why he let him join the band all those years ago, hoping one day that pretty, little mouth would be on his and that sturdy cock would be inside him. Gerard felt a pang of guilt.

Mikey kept secretes, but when it came to him and Gerard(they were brothers after all) Mikey told him everything. He'd told Gerard how bad Ray felt towards Frankie. How bad Ray wanted Frankie. How bad Frankie wanted Ray. But neither knew. And now he'd taken it away from Ray.

"Jesus..." Frank moaned underneath Gerard. Gerard could feel himself getting close, his muscled tightening. Frank bucked up, pushing himself deeper into Gerard. "God, tight...going to...cum..." Gerard rocked harder, moving up and down on Frank's shaft.

"Frank." Gerard groaned. Gerard felt it. His muscled clenched around Frank, making Frank come inside him. The sensation was unbelievable. Frank whimpered and Gerard leaned down, capturing Frankie's mouth with his own.

"Mm, Gee..." Frank moaned. Gerard pushed away all of his thoughts, Frankie was his now. Ray had his chance. Fuck him.


Ray took a long drag of his cigarette as his finger trailed the rim of his beer glass. He didn't really want the beer, but he needed something. He sighed deeply, for the tenth time in less that a minute. The bar tender kept glancing his way. Probably wanted an autograph or something. Finally he walked over to him.

"Are you okay man?" He asked. "You've been nursing that beer for almost three hours."

"I'm fine." Ray mumbled. Here would come the part where he asked if he was the guy-

"Hey, aren't you that guy? From that one band?" The bartended asked, leaning against the counter. "Uh, My Chemical...reaction...or whatever?"

"My Chemical Romance." Ray muttered. And here's the part where his 'daughter' is, like, in love with him-

"My daughter, she loves you guys."

And now that part of, she'd just die if she had your autograph.

"Can I-I mean, if you don't feel like it, you don't have to-but, could I have your autograph?" He asked. "For my daughter."

Ray reached for a cocktail napkin and the bartended handed him a pen. "Sure." Ray scribbled a short message and then signed his name. "Here."

"Thanks, man." The bartended smiled big, then walked away, returning with a fresh beer. "On the house." He said.

"Thanks." Ray said, taking a swig then standing. He reached the door and walked out, not even bothering to pay. He didn't look back. He just kept going, hand in his pocket, the other moving to his mouth in even intervals so he could smoke.

"Fuck you, Frankie and Gerard." He muttered to himself. "So long...and good night."
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