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The Magical School of MogenHeld

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Beginning of the summer Moody gives Harry many magical books that start our Wizarding hero on his adventure. Then he leaves the Dursley's to stay at Grimauld place but finds out about Sirius's will...

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The magical School of MogenHeld

Ch.1 Beginning Summer

It was a sunny day for the residence of surrey. Of course, not all of them had the pleasure of enjoying it. Harry potter, the-boy-who-lived, was constricted to only his bed room and only let out to eat, use the bathroom, and do his chores. It seems the threat that moody gave only helped a little and he was fed more than he was last summer, yet it was still a poor amount than normal people eat.

He was giving minimum chores like doing the dishes and taking the garbage out each day so he was left with many endless hours of nothing to do. The worst of it was that Dumbledore had written a note telling Harry that he couldn't send any mail fearing it might get intercepted by Voldemort but Harry thought that was crap because why would he care about meaningless teenage chatter. The only reason Dumbledore aloud Harry to keep Hedwig, instead of keeping her at Grimauld place, is to send a letter every three days saying he was ok. On his second letter he sent, he asked who ever was reading his letters to hopefully send him some dueling books to keep himself busy. What he got instead surprised him.

Dear Potter

Read your note, sent you a couple of books you might like. Haven't read all of them but the auror books sure would help you.



Harry looked on in disbelief. "A couple of books" snorted Harry looked at all of the books moody sent him.

You're Every Day Counter Curses by Steven Ross

Tactics Skills by Raven Bellay

Occlumency: To Defend Your Mind by Devin Ray

Legilimency: How to Read Minds by Darius Black

Mind magic: Understanding Your Mind by Orion Black

Dark Arts Counter Curses by Helen Black

Meditation: how to clear and calm your mind by Michael Doss

Martial Arts: Learn How to Physically Fight by Daniel Hudson

Advance Transfiguration Spells for Dueling by Minerva McGonagall

Advance Charms for Dueling by Filius Flitwick

Wizarding World Transportations by Mike Craig

Potions: For the Mind and Body by Severus Snape

Theory on How to Create your own Spells by Adrian Riddick

Wizarding World Laws by Damian Daniels

Advanced Shielding and Wards by Morgan Mantel

How to conjure by Adam Kaiser

How to Manipulate your Magic by Blain Zabini

Auror Tactics and Spells by Alaster Moody

Stealth and stealth spells by Meghan Erin

How to Wield a Sword by Charlie Sheen

Harry couldn't believe moody got him twenty books were most of them are over 500 pages long. He sighed knowing it would take a lot of time to read the books but on the other hand he had a lot of free time anyway. Trust moody to overload him with all of these books that even some of them were considered 'dark'. He sighed again before grabbing the meditation book first along with Occlumency and mind magic book to go through deciding the three seemed alike.

Two hours later he sighed rubbing his eyes from reading non stop managing five chapters from each books deciding to keep switching books. So far he learned several different meditations for the books saying it will calm your mind helping you make rational choices and help you're with your day to day activities.

He sat back into his chair and laid the book he was reading down and closed his eyes trying to do what the book said about meditating. First he tried to get rid of all emotions. It took him a few minutes but finally he managed it.

Next he tried to let loose all of his random thoughts. When he was done with that he started thinking about a waterfall. In the book you are suppose to imagine you are at somewhere you feel at peace, which for a lot of people it is a waterfall, and you are suppose to just concentrate on your surroundings, smells, and the peacefulness till you feel like you are floating on a cloud.

For some reason he just couldn't do it. He has really never been to a water fall and only saw one on the television. After ten more minutes he started feeling frustrated breaking his concentration. His eyes snapped to the door when he heard the locks to his door start rattling and then his door opened.

"Get down to the kitchen and start cooking, boy" his uncle growled sounding remarkable like Harry's aunt Marge's pit bull. His uncle hasn't been very happy by being threatened by the 'freaks' at the train station. Thankfully his aunt seemed a little scared, knowing what freaks can actually do to a muggle, and has been trying to keep Vernon in line.

"Yes uncle Vernon" he said a little depresses that he couldn't get meditating which is the main building block to Occlumency.

He got up from his chair and walked out his bedroom following his uncle downstairs. There he went into the cabinets and started cooking having a meal ready in 45 minutes. After eating his portion of the food, which was very little, he went back up stairs to finish the Occlumency book, which was one of the smallest books there, being around 200 pages. When he was done with the book, which took and hour and a half, he decided to do a different surrounding other than the waterfall.

He quickly got rid of his emotions and loose thoughts. He the imagined himself flying his broom. The adrenaline rushing thru his veins, the wind in his face. Slowly he felt his mind floating the calmness before he found himself in the clouds, which is really his mind were mind attacks start at.

Slowly he started building a castle like structure in his mind. He build huge walls with towers and he built many obstacle courses in it with many other traps inside the castle till he built a little room to store his mind at. He imagined ten trunks in the room.

He slowly filled the first trunk with all of his emotions. The second trunk he filled with his child hood memories. The third trunk he filled with his happiest and calmest memories. The fourth was filled with his most horrifying memories. The fifth trunk was filled with his Hogwarts memories. The sixth was filled with all of the knowledge he has learned in the Wizarding world. The seventh was filled with all of the spells he has ever known and what they do. The eight trunk was empty for loose thought he can throw in to help clear his mind. The ninth trunk was empty to for new memories to store for now on any thing else. The last trunk would be filled with all of his magical power. All trunks would be opened and whatever is needed. The power trunk was very useful for when he must control how much power to put into each spell and he could check how much power he has left after duels and using powerful spells, which looks remarkably like sparkling blue liquid filled in the trunk.

When he came out of his mind he couldn't help but gasp. He felt like he was just told his parents were alive. The grief he felt after Sirius died was almost gone and his thoughts were clean and pure without any haunting memories and he just felt great. He couldn't really describe it.

He instant picked up the Mind Magic book, which showed a lot of spells that had to do with the mind. Legilimency was mentioned in it but it was considered a dark art to learn. He found the memory charm and started reading. As he was reading his mind was so clear he noticed he could read almost twice as fast as he use to and could remember everything he read.

He finished the 310 page book in 1 ½ hours. He couldn't believe how many mind spells there where. He shook his head and tossed the book on the floor, next to the Occlumency book he already read, and picked up another book. Some how his Occlumency helped keep his mind entirely on reading without being bored.

By dinner time finished reading Advance Shields and Wards and Auror Tactics and Spells. That night he fell into his first peaceful sleep since he has returned to the Dursley's.

A/N So how was my first chapter? I think I might do harry/multiple. I am pretty fond of Fleur Delacour, even though there isn't many of them. I am thinking of doing Fem!Blaise or Daphne Greengrass with it.
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