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I Couldn't Bring Myself To Call, Except To Call It Quits

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filler .. mostly. sort of. i momentarily lost all motivation, but now it seems to be back, so heres a little update until i can get something extraordinary together.

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With legs tangled in polka dotted sheets and the familiar, intoxicating smell of a girls bedroom enticing his senses was how Patrick awake from sleep just one month later, merely four hours before his direct flight was scheduled to depart to London, England. Echoing through his ears, the sound of the shower water running in the bathroom was what pulled him out of his slumber and ultimately pulled him out of her bed, wrapping the sheets tightly around his body before making his way out of the bedroom, frowning down on the packed bags sitting at the door before shuffling around the living room and kitchen, gathering all of the discarded clothing items. Dragging the sheets behind him, still tightly strung around his waist, Patrick gathered his clothing from the night before as Adrian came barreling through the front door of the apartment. Patrick froze immediately, clutching tighter to the white and pink fabric.

"Sup Patrick? Fancy seeing you here." Adrian smiled as she pulled her weekend bags through the living room behind her and dropping them at her feet.

"Hey Adrian" Patrick responded politely before hurrying back to the bedroom, clutching onto the sheets and the clothing in his arms as Adrian's thought process finally kicked in.

Knocking quickly on the bathroom door before letting herself in anyway, Adrian let out a hushed squeal causing Kaelin to stick her head out from behind the shower curtain. "There is a naked boy in your bedroom!" Adrian shrieked quietly in complete surprise. Kaelin's face immediately turned eleven shades of red as she hid once again behind the shower curtain, Adrian warning her not to hide from her interrogation.

"When? How? Oh my god, I can't believe it!" Adrian clapped her hands together in excitement.

"Friday night at first and then ..." Kaelin trailed off with a smirk. "And it's the birds and the bees honey; I didn't think I would be the one to explain that to you."

"There is a naked boy in your bedroom!" Adrian announced in amusement once again, "A naked boy, I am so glad I went home this weekend."

"Oh, believe me, so am I."

"I'm assuming he's leaving today?"

Kaelin nodded, a cheeky grin spreading across Adrian's face, "Want me to leave for a while?"

Kaelin's face immediately flushed back to red before a similar cheeky grin spread across her lips, "I'll let you know." Winking humorously before hiding behind the shower curtain once again she requested privacy, "Can I finish my shower?"

Three hours later, Kaelin blinked hard to hold back the tears that were fighting her eyelashes as she slouched down deeper against the wall, next to her patient roommate, waiting for Patrick to emerge from the bathroom.

"You know" Adrian began, grabbing Kaelin's attention, "The airport is not nearly as fun as the bus station. There are a lot less homeless crack heads to laugh at."

Kaelin couldn't help the amusement that spread over lips at this interesting comment.

"What are you smiling about?" Patrick raised an eyebrow as he rejoined the girls, waiting patiently for but completely dreading the boarding call for the flight that would drag him half a world away.

"Crack heads" Kaelin shrugged simply, with a smile. "There are so many crack heads here, it hurts."

"You know, I bet the homeless crack addicts in California aren't as awesome, so you should still probably not move there." Adrian absently commented, the color immediately draining from Kaelin's face, a look of panic flooding her features.

"You're moving to California?" Patrick crossed his arms over his chest, a hint of surprise in his voice.

"Uh ..." Kaelin stuttered, frantically glancing between Patrick's disapproving features and Adrian's visible guilt.

"Hey, look at that, a candy machine! I could really go for a Snickers right now." Adrian blurted out quickly and nervously, before scurrying away from the couple.

"So, California?" Patrick immediately raised an eyebrow, his arms still crossed defensively over his chest.

"UCLA" Was her answer as she averting her gaze to the shoes on her feet, "In the fall."

Immediately softening, his facial features formed a quite smile now as his arms fell to his sides. With his right index finger under her chin, he lifted her eyes to meet his own, smiling down on her. "You would do that for me?"

Kaelin nodded shyly as the smile on Patrick's lips grew wider.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Kaelin shrugged awkwardly, "It didn't really seem like that big of a deal."

"Moving clear across the country" Patrick smiled, "that's sort of a big deal. Just getting accepted is sort of a big deal."

"Spending months at a time away from you is sort of a big deal" Kaelin sighed, Patrick then immediately wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling her body to his. "Do you really have to go?"

Patrick sighed heavily with disappointment, "I really have to go." After moments of silence, contently wrapped in each others embrace, taking in the memory of the very moment they were sharing, a voice boomed through the speakers of the terminal, informing the by-standing passengers that boarding had begun. Placing a gentle kiss on her forehead before placing a gentle goodbye kiss on her lips, his lips lost the smile that had once played upon them.

"Los Angeles" Was the last thing he said, smiling down at her.

"Los Angeles" Kaelin agreed with a smile and a wave as he hauled his belongings toward his destination.
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