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Hope For the Future

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Patrick has the sweetest friends, doesn't he? I introduce you to his, in his words, his "new house, new start!", 'cause he's "living the American dream! Woop!" Basically, the road to the future b...

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I have to say, every time I get an e-mail saying 'New Review at FicWad', my face goes like this =D, 'cause I know you guys have read it and have taken the time to give me feedback. Thank you to every single one of you. And oh my God! I haven't updated in like a day, and I'm having withdrawal symptoms! I was messing around all day making videos for my YouTube channel... so, yeah, I hope you guys like this one.

"I'm really gonna miss you dude." Pete said a few days later, watching Patrick throw the last of his clothes back into his suitcase that he'd been living out of the past few months. It wasn't like he wasn't used to it, he practically lived out of one anyway.
"Yeah, I'll miss you too. It's been fun. But I guess I can give you and Jenny your own space now, right?" He said with a sly wink.
"Guess so, yeah." Pete laughed.
"Pete, I really want to thank you for the past few months. I mean, really. It's made it easier knowing I have people there for me. And I know I wasn't the easiest person to live with those..."
"What makes you think you're easy to live with anyway?" Pete teased. Patrick grinned.
"True. But I really mean it. I can't thank you enough."
Pete looked embarrassed but looked him in the eye with concern.
"It's no problem. Best friends have their reasons, right?"
"I'm happy for you, Patrick. I know you'll be an amazing father, I really do. And if you ever need any help... I know I'm not very good with kids and stuff, but Jenny and I can babysit if you ever wanna go out or whatever."
"Thanks." Patrick said, "I just wish that it all worked out the way I dreamed it would."
"I know, I know." Pete said quietly. "But you can make it better. It's not like you and Christina are divorced and you only see them at weekends. I mean, sometimes we're home for weeks and months on end, like recently... so think of all the time you can have with them then."
"I suppose."
"Don't worry about a thing, pal. Seriously. We're all here for you if you ever need us, no matter what, we'll help."
"Thank you."
"Come on, I'll help you put your stuff in the car." Pete said, grabbing Patrick's largest bag that he always had a problem carrying. They carried the last of his belongings downstairs to be greeted with Andy and Joe bouncing around yelling 'I'm gonna win!' at each other.
"What are you gonna win?" Pete asked.
"Joe and I just made a bet that if one of Patrick's kids is a boy it'll come out with sideburns. And I'm totally gonna win. It won't have sideburns. "
Patrick and Pete looked at each other.
"Right." Pete said, shaking his head and rolling his eyes.
"And who initiated this bet?" Patrick asked.
"Joe. He doesn't realize kids don't grow facial hair. Just because he looks like a yeti with all that facial hair at his age, doesn't mean a baby will."
"All right, I get that. Joe - you know what puberty is, right?"
"OK, then my kids will only grow facial hair - only if I have a boy, hopefully - they will only grow facial hair when they hit puberty."
"Yes, but the concept was because of your sideburns, your kid would..."
"Yeah, I get that. Just quit betting on what my unborn children." Patrick sighed, as Andy stepped back from Joe looking disgusted.
"What?" Pete asked, noticing the look on Andy's face.
"Oh, dear God! Imagine if Joe had a kid, that would probably just come out as a ball of hair." Andy shrieked. Joe looked shocked and pushed him.
"Shut up. Yours will probably be born as a cow or something, vegan!"
The hallway filled with silence as the three men stared at Joe, their eyebrows raised, shaking their heads, and as Joe replayed the comment back in his head.
"That didn't make sense, did it?"
"Joe - you don't make sense."

"Hey, dude, how's it going in the new place?" Pete asked Patrick over the phone a few days later.
"It's going pretty good," Patrick replied, twirling the phone cord through his fingers. "I've been unpacking and moving furniture non stop for like five days. So it's all practically finished."
"Awesome! How many boxes have you got left to unpack?"
"Like, one." Patrick laughed. "All my furniture is in place, that store was really good at delivering it, thanks for telling me about it."
"No worries. So when do I get to see the new place?"
"Whenever you want. It's clean enough."
"All right, how about now?" Pete asked.
"Now? Uh... sure."
"OK, then open your damn door, it's freezing out here."
Patrick frowned and put the phone on the table as he left the room, he opened the front door to be greeted with Andy, Joe and Pete grinning at him, Pete with his cell phone held up to his ear and Andy and Joe carrying bags of food and drinks.
"You guys! You didn't need to do this." Patrick said, as Pete hung up the phone and they entered his hallway.
"Sure we did. You've spent too many evenings unpacking and unpacking some more. So have a night off." Joe said, holding up the bag he was holding.
"What's in there?"
Patrick raised his eyebrows.
"I don't do porn."
"I'm kidding, it's take-out and drinks."
Andy pushed past Joe and held up his bag.
"Look what I got." He said, as Patrick waved them into the living room.
"Wow, you've really settled in. You've even got your TV on!" Pete said, looking around. His home looked as though he had been there forever, although it was a little too clean and perfect.
"Yeah, I got bored so I just worked." Patrick replied. "So what've you got, Andy?"
Andy glanced at Pete, who nodded, and then held the bag out to Patrick.
"Just look."
"All right." Patrick said, taking the bag and opening it.
"Oh my God, you guys." He gasped, lifting out a pile of baby clothes. There were night suits and outfits for them, either matching or for a girl or a boy.
"Just a little present for you." Pete said, clapping him on the shoulder. Patrick looked at them, lost for words.
"That's too nice of you. Thank you so much. Aww, they're so cute." He said, unfolding them and holding them up.
"There's some books in there too, you know, stuff for you to learn about, and stuff to read them when they're old enough." Joe said, lifting the said items out of the bag from the bottom.
"Wow, you guys. I can't thank you enough."
"You don't have to thank us. It was the least we could do."
"Oh, and there's one other thing." Pete said, after receiving an elbowing from Andy.
"Oh, man, no you guys."
"Relax, it's nothing big." Pete said, pulling the last item from the bag. It was a slip of white paper.
"Um... and that's... a, list of names or something?" Patrick questioned. Pete shook his head.
"Just read it." He said. Patrick took the slip of paper and began to read.
Dear Mr Wentz,
Confirmation letter for item #3753.
Quantity: 2
Your order will be delivered within 6 - 7 days.
Thank you for your order.
Please check back in soon!

"What is it?" Patrick asked, warily. Pete handed him a card.
"Jesus, it's not my birthday!"
"Quit complaining, you're getting presents!" Joe said.
"Go on, open it." Andy urged him. Patrick ripped the envelope open and read the front of the card. It was a picture of a cartoon baby saying 'Congratulations!', inside it had written;
Wow, Daddy Stump. You're gonna be awesome man, we're all so proud of you. You have our unconditional support, always until the end. Congratulations Patrick, from Andy, Pete, and Joe.
"Aww, thank you guys." Patrick said, grinning.
"You missed the best part! The answer to your question." Pete said, bending down and picking up the slip of paper that had fallen out of the card. He handed it to Patrick. It was a picture of a crib, an expensive looking one at that, painted white with delicate decorations painted on the side.
"Jesus, you guys didn't."
"We did." Pete grinned, nodding. "We got you two."
"Two?!" Patrick half asked, half exclaimed. "You guys, I really can't accept this. This is way too much. Seriously, just having your support and your friendship is enough."
"Like I said, it was the least we could do." Andy said, "Apart from offering 24 hour babysitting services. Except Joe, 'cause he would actually sit on your babies."
"Hey!" Joe protested.
"I really don't know how to thank you," Patrick replied, a lump in his throat. The thought of how sweet his best friends were being about the whole thing, to help him feel more prepared and comfortable, was one of the best reassurances he'd had so far. They were so supportive, and their grins were enough to tell him how much they genuinely cared.
"We had to do something, Patrick. Now you have to look after two people, you need us to look after you."
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