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Return to life is not blissful (Chapter 2)

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Spike made it inside the hotel almost at midnight. She was all ragged and bloody and was still carrying the knight. She placed his helmet back so nobody asked questions.
"Madame... need any help with that piece of... art?" Asked one of the employees of the hotel. He seemed disturbed about her looks and she carrying something that looked so awful. She simply nodded and he came with a small baggage cart and placed the armor and the sword there and entered the elevator with the girl.
"Did you have fun in the site, Miss?" Asked the man as the elevator switched slowly from floor to floor. She sighed, she looked like she had been crushed by a wildebeest herd and he was asking if she had fun. She simply smirked.
"Your colleagues left about half an hour ago... maybe you should take a hot shower and hit your bed, miss..." The guy said as the elevator doors opened and they walked to the girl's room. She opened it and the guy placed the armor and the sword in a corner and received his tip to leave. Spike sat on the bed and looked at the knight for a while. She dragged the knight to her bed and left him there. To prevent a killing rampage she took the sword to the bathroom with her and a change of clothes. She let the water run for a while and when it was really hot she entered, she had multiple cuts on her skin so the hot water burnt and pained her instantly, but it was going to do her good. She cleansed her body and hair thinking in what was she going to do, maybe after she took her shower she was going to see a skeleton and all she saw in the cave were hallucinations caused by excitement. She took a towel and dried her aching body, placed an antibiotic cream on her wounds and then took a sleeveless shirt and her bikini underwear and put it on. She got some black boxers and put them on and then walked out of the bathroom, Sitting down in a small living room, she called room service and ordered dinner and some extra stuff in the case the knight woke up and was hungry. Leaning back she closed her eyes and waited for what seemed to be a few seconds but was obviously more because she woke up with the call from room service and that her meal was already there. She sighed and took it, giving a tip to the girl that delivered it and closing the door. She set her meal on the small table and walked to the knight. Once again she removed the helmet and saw skin and beard, so she was not insane.
"H-hey... Mr. Knight...- She called scared.- Are you hungry Mr. Knight? You didn't die did you? Talk to me... wake up... Do something..." She said moving him a bit. He once again slowly opened his eyes.
'This is not a demon...'He looked at her, she had fair hair and looks, but also had blue strands of hair, and purple ones.
"A... faerie?" He asked as he looked at her. She didn't seem to listen to him.
"Oh... you are awake... Good, do you want to hit the shower or grab a bite first? How did you make it inside that cave man..." She ran to the door of the bathroom and came back, he looked at her, she was almost naked.
"OH... A Nymph!" He said as she looked at him wide eyed.
"Nymph...? Not quite... my name is Jesse... everyone calls me Spike..." She said with a smile as she looked at the mess of hair looking at her. He tried to stand up and sat straight in the bed.
"Not a Nymph... what are you, my fair lady?" He asked, there must be an explanation for her outfit.
"I... I am a woman, last time I checked I was... a human girl...- She said giving him a wide smile as he docked and covered his eyes. She simply blinked.- What's wrong Mr. Knight?"
"Where am I, young Maiden?" He asked as he kept breathing inside the covers of the bed.
"You are in my room... what are you doing?"
"Cover your shame.... A maiden shouldn't walk around in those gowns..." She simply laughed.
"Gowns? What's wrong with my clothes...?" She asked as she walked closer to him. Whatever was upsetting him she better find out.
"I... saw your... ankles... and legs... and your silhouette... What if your good lord finds out you have a man in your room...?" He said still playing the ostrich card and hiding in the covers.
"My... Lord? What are you talking about you fruit loop?" She asked as she sat down beside him.
"Your father... the one who welcomed me in my unconsciousness inside his fortress... What betrayal is this?- He replied in a search for decency and trying to keep his honor while Spike simply laughed out loud.- What causes you to laugh?" He asked her still without looking.
"My father is in the other side of the world. I sleep here alone...this is a hotel... dude have you been whacked... Come, I will help you clean up..." She said pulling him up. He simply chocked, what kind of maiden lived alone and walked around in those gowns and welcomed strange men inside her chamber? He tried to stand up but fell and she helped him up. Spike walked him to the bathroom and showed him a tub filled with water.
"It's hot, it will do you good... just drop the Cosplay armor and get butt naked and enter the water... you are kind of weak so I will help you with the hair while you cleanse your unmentionables..." She said leaving him alone. He saw around him, there was a mirror and a strange thing that looked like a washbowl but there was no water jar close to it, chandeliers that looked as if the flames were trapped in glass and glowed even brighter than any candle he had ever seen and some strange seat with a hole in it. He sighed and dropped the armor, entering the water. There was a knock in the door.
"Are you in the tub?" It was the Jesse Spike.... Before he answered she entered with something on hand.
"Milady should not be here..." He said as he looked wide eyed at her. She walked to him and sat in the edge of the tub taking his hair that dragged through the floor.
"Stop it OK... we are not in the Medieval times... now let's work this tangles out..."She said as she placed a towel soaked in hot water on his face and started working on his hair.
"Medieval times?" He asked... he had never heard of such sayings. Was that a war that developed while he was isolated from society? He felt her hands on his head massaging his scalp softly.
"Medieval... you know... Feudal lords and shit like that one. Dragons and ladies in distress... you know, that time when seeing a woman's face without a veil was a sin..." Underneath the towel he could only think. What time was it that what seemed to be normal to him was no more to the point that a woman could speak so freely and show herself almost naked to a man she didn't know?
"I am going to groom you up Man... what's your name Sir Knight of the Fruit Loops?" She asked as she began cutting the split ends in the knight's hair.
"S-Siegfried..." He said as he felt something fall inside the water and Spike's hand stirring the water.
"There... some bubbles for the nice fruit loop...- She said as she closed the bottle of liquid soap.- Siegfried... Uh, I like that name, I am going to call you Sieggy... So, Sieg, where do you come from...? How did you make it inside that cave...?" She asked as she heard him sigh and take his hands underwater, maybe he was ready to clean down under.
"I come from a small Germanic Village to the service of the Emperor... I am a member of the proud Schwarz Wind..." He said as he felt a thin brush being passed through his hair.
"Uh huh... how interesting...- Spike said with some disbelief.- tell me more and give me your hand...." She said as she pulled his hand and started fixing and cleaning his nails.
"Well... I am a swordsman... A knight.... It seems my fair Spike thinks I am lying..." He said as he felt her hands in places better left unsaid.
"Do you like the clean cut or not...? I am not saying I don't believe you..." She said as he simply sighed. He felt something dragging from his legs upwards, it felt like a blade. Maybe she was going to skin him down.
"Clean cut... 'I don't understand half of what she says...' um... well... milady, I am all this I say..." He said as she kept working on him.
"Well, Sieggy... I am sure I have heard something of the sort before... but I am not sure where. What about your family...? Your girlfriend? Anyone who knows you... I need to call someone so they know you are alright..." She said as she passed some foam on his face and kept passing the blade on his face. He was sincerely scared for his safety, women didn't shave, she was going to make a bigger scar on his face than the one he already had. Then a cloth was passed on his face, it somehow was warm but as soon as it left his skin his face felt refreshed and cold. Maybe she was not a maiden, maybe she was a sorceress, like the Spanish Sorceress.
"Call on someone...- she removed the towel from his face and had a small blade on her hands. She was holding his face still and carefully passing it on his eyebrows, tracing with the blade the shape of them.- My father is dead... so, there's nothing to do there. What about my Lady....? Lady Rhaea...? Do you know how to find her?" Spike simply smiled as she now passed some humectants on his face. She knew he was not alone.
"Look... you are white, Amazing,- She said as she looked at the now clean and groomed knight in the tub.- Lady Rhaea? Is this Rhaea attached to a last name?" She asked standing up and walking to the washbowl, opening the faucets she washed her hands up. He looked at her, she could make water come out of nowhere. She was a powerful sorceress with control over the elements.
"Rhaea Olmwood... You have never heard of her?" He said as he looked at her and she looked and smiled.
"I really can't tell, I will get you a towel and something to wear. Please shower the soap off your body..." She said as she approached the door to leave and looked back to see him steadily looking at her. If it wasn't; because it was impossible she would think he was simply stupid and didn't know what she was talking about.
"Shower?" Spike laughed loudly and walked to him, leaned, and opened the faucets of the shower and touched it so it was hot enough, then pulled the clog of the tub.
"Shower... hurry up, I will feed you and we will try to find out where this Lady of yours is so she can come get her knight in shinny armor. I am leaving for America in a few hours..." And she left as he kept sitting in the marble tub looking at how dark water faded through a small hole in the floor and a spring rain of hot water fell on top of him while he was indoors. Spike came back and placed some clothes on a small table and a towel beside the shower. She said nothing and left.
"What kind of sorcery is this one?" He said standing up. She not only could make water appear out of nowhere, she could control the temperature of the water. He touched the faucet and the water became fewer, and fewer, till he couldn't turn it anymore and there was no water. Sighing a relief he went out and grabbed the towel. Assuming he had to dry up with that and after drying his body he saw three cloths where she left them. One of them was a short blue pair of pants, the next normal pants but of a color and material he had never seen, and the third one was a shirt with no sleeves. He decided the blue pants were first to wear, then the normal ones right on top of the blue ones and the shirt he wore it.
"What kind of warrior wears these rags to battle...?" He asked as he went out and looked at Spike. She was simply drinking coke and using a laptop while sitting in her bed. To him she was looking at a weird book.
"SHIT.... -she dashed to the closest closet and took out another towel, going and wrapping it on his hair.- Dude, the carpet..." She said as he went and sat down. He was looking at his armor in a corner and a sword beside it. Soul Edge... it did rot and was a simple sword now.
"Um... Sieggy.... I think you are serious about the Schwarz Wind and Lady Rhaea... But the only things I find about them in the Internet don't make sense. Which Part of Germany you say you come from?" She said as she handed him a glass of wine and half of her meal. He smelled the wine.
"I didn't tamper it dude... what you think...? I was going to put some X in it or something?" She asked as he simply took a sip. At least wine was the same since the last time he tried it.
"What is this 'Internet' of which you speak?- he asked taking the slice of steak she gave him with his hand and biting off it fiercely. She chuckled, he was indeed hungry.- Is this some kind of code of Knighthood...?"
"Knighthood... Internet? No way...- she said as he simply kept drinking from the wine.- I was just Google-ing some info... come take a look...." She said as she pointed at what Siegfried thought was a book. He left his wine behind and walked to her, seeing a mirror with images glowing inside it.
"WHAT IS THIS?" He asked falling on his ass.
"Google... the usual... google...-she said with some disbelief in the reaction.- Ok... What's your last name...? Maybe Lady Rhaea is looking for you..." She thought that since the woman's name was attached to a royal title maybe the man was news somewhere. He just couldn't believe his Lady Rhaea will communicate in a sorceress's mirror.
"Schtauffen..." he said as he looked at letters appear as she touched the base of the mirror. The image changed, now he could see words bolded and they were his name. She kept communicating with the mirror and the images kept changing.
"Soul Calibur...?" She said as she kept browsing on the net.
"The sword...!" He said as he looked at a web page where there was a picture of a sword.
"Yes... now I know...- Spike said leaning back.- Soul Calibur... what was the lining again? Soul Blade, Soul Edge, Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur 2...." Siegfried on his side got closer, the Sorceress's Mirror knew where Soul Calibur was... maybe not everything was lost.
"Mirror... Tell me where the sword is" He talked to the computer but nothing happened. Spike looked at him wide eyed, what was wrong with that guy?
"Mirror... is that a program or something... I don't have it. This is just a normal Laptop... A Gateway..."She said speaking about the brand of the computer.
"Gateway...? Program....?" He asked looking at her and accidentally pressed a link in the page named 'previous' and saw a picture of Soul Edge just as he remembered it.
"I am running Windows in my Gateway... what is Mirror? A new OS?" He didn't get anything of what she was speaking about so he decided to ask her what she knew about Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.
"Where is Soul Calibur?" He asked very serious. If she knew maybe he could quest for it with the Sorceress. It was better to have a Dark Mage with him. Spike didn't get the hastiness of the guy for a plain game but she could help him.
"I have you want to play?" She said standing up and walking away. He looked at his Soul Edge and the one in the image of the Mirror. The Sorceress had Soul Calibur, he didn't have to quest anymore. He could win his humanity back. She came back with two rare artifacts on her hand and attached them to the mirror. She then placed a disk inside the mirror.
"What are you doing...? Where is Soul Calibur?" He asked as the images in the mirror showed random scenes of the world he thought he knew. Maybe she was searching for something in that 'internet.' As the images stopped there was a still image.
"SOUL CALIBUR II..." Said an announcer. Spike looked at him... he seemed confused.
"Look... Soul Calibur is a very popular game... I thought you wanted to play..." She said showing him the cartridge of the game. She began playing and the images changed to a group of pictures. There was one named Nightmare. He looked at her.
"Nightmare...?" He asked.
"Yes... this is one of my favorites. He is a possessed hottie. Uses a Zweihander and is hot... The base character from the first Soul series was named Sieg...fried.... Schtauffen..." She looked at him and at the character. Switching from Nightmare as a demon with red hair to Nightmare as possessed Siegfried.
"How does... your mirror know... how I looked...?" He said as he looked at her. She looked at him dead serious. He looked exactly like the character in the game. And then she remembered the ending for the Arcade version of Nightmare. He locked himself inside a chamber for eternity. She took a knight with a sword outside of an underground chamber.
"It is just a game... It's not real... It's not real..." She started saying.
"How does it know?" He asked her again. She quit the game and went to the character profiles.
"It's just a cheap game... just a game..." She kept saying. He grabbed her by the arms.
"SORCERESS.... HOW DOES IT KNOW ABOUT ME?" She looked at him.
"Look... It is not...- she began trying to breathe deeply.- not a mirror. It is a computer.... What is the last year you have memory of....?" She was seriously scared.
"1456...." Spike simply closed her eyes. She was going to take that guy to Namco so they knew what to do with him.
"That's the 15th century..." She almost couldn't hear her own voice.
"Sorceress... What about Lady Rhaea...?" She took his hand and took him to the balcony's door.
"Sieggy... take a deep breath... this is not easy...- she pulled him outside.- This is my world.... The world today... It is no longer 1456...." She said as he looked outside, there were lights in buildings, moving lights everywhere, it was night but as clear and noisy as Daylight.
"What is this place...?" He asked as he walked closer to the edge of the balcony.
"Not what, when...." She said as she stood beside him.
"When is this place, Lady Spike...?" He asked looking at the vast European night, Spike had no words. How was she going to explain he was not even close to his time?
"This is the 21st century...It has been about 500 years since you last saw the world..." She said with a sigh. The guy seemed tortured.
"But... the Emperor, the kingdom... my quest.... Lady Rhaea...." He said as he looked wide eyed at Spike. She had no words, if the guy was a loon; he was the most convincing loon she had ever seen.
"Come Siegfried... just... let's go in... I can explain to you!" She pulled his hand and he pulled back.
"I cannot understand! Where is the world? MY WORLD...." She pulled him as he took a look back into the night. What kind of world was that one? Spike guided him back to the bed and told him to lie down. She took her computer and placed it on the floor.
"I don't know what to tell you..." She began whispering.
"Take me back Sorceress Jesse Spike....- He said trying to sit down and being pushed back onto the pillows by her.- Use your window... That Gateway.... Take me back to my time.... Your Mirror can do it, that 'Internet' can have the information I need..." He said pointing at the computer. She simply sighed and swallowed hard.
"You are not playing a joke on me? Right?" She asked him as she sat beside him and touched his head gently.
"I am not a jester... I am a knight...- He said looking at her.- Please Sorceress Spike, take me back with your magic mirror...." The guy was breaking her heart into pieces. That was the sincere plead of someone who was completely unaware of anything. Someone to which a shower was sorcery, the internet was a code of Knighthood and a computer was Dark Magic inside a mirror.
"My dear Sir Siegfried of the Fruit Loops... That's no magic... it is a computer... It is like a book, but with much more information... it's digital data...- She began trying to explain.- It.... I..."
"Digital?" He asked her.
"It's some kind of...-she tried to hold back her tears. Even a toddler knew what a computer was. How was she going to explain that Digital data existed but not in a material way?- Digital... is magic.... But a magic useless to you... right now... It cannot take you back to your time, or explain why you are here..."She said with a sigh. The guy rested his head in the pillow. Internet couldn't tell him, digital was a kind of magic that was useless to him... he couldn't understand what she was talking about.
"Sorceress Spike..." he began.
"Call me Jesse...." She replied.
"Well, Lady Jesse... if you can tell me something... if we are in the 21st century and the Schwarz Wind and all that I knew was in the 15th... what happened to the Emperor...?" She sighed as she kept touching his hair.
"There has not been more Roman Empires in quite some time...that happened with Renaissance and the Age of Illustration... Feudalism was taken down by monarchy and monarchy was substituted by Democracy... There is no Emperor..." She said as he sighed. Now he was out of use, if there was no more Knights... what was he going to do?
"What happened to all the people I knew...? To my Dearest Lady Rhaea...?" He enquired. That was a tough one to answer to Jesse.
"I guess they kept on with their lives... until... there was no more life to go on with..." she said as she looked at him sigh, he may not understand lots of things but he knew that what she said meant they died.
"All the people I knew... are dead, Lady Jesse?" He said so and his voice broke a bit. There was no more peaceful village. No old woman feeding her chickens in the morning. No bakers... and no more of his friends.
"Not all Sieggy... you know me.... I am not dead... or am I?" She said making faces and wiggling her arms and saying 'boos' left and right. He smiled mildly, she was doing weird stuff. She ran him over and went off the bed, turned off the computer and the lamps. Siegfried sighed and looked up to the ceiling. Then he felt Lady Jesse crawling to the bed once again.
"Lady Jesse... what are you doing?" He asked as he saw something fly by him and he caught it and it was the shorts she was wearing. So now she was even more naked than before.
"This is My bed my dear Fruit Loop... So we share... I hope you don't snore..." She said as he felt warm covers. He had never slept beside a woman, or that he remembered. He felt her breathing so close to him, her body was warm, she was nice. He looked at where she was. Jesse opened her eyes to have the aqua-green eyes looking at her and glowing from the light that came from the window.
"What?" She asked him as she bounced her head in the pillow.
"There are many, many things I don't understand Lady Jesse..." He began... but was interrupted.
"I will explain as best as I can tomorrow when I am not falling asleep on my face..." She said as she yawned loudly.
"I appreciate it Lady Jesse... but, if it isn't much to ask... would you please answer one more question before you retire to sleep beside my unworthy self?" She thanked goodness the room was dark or he would have seen her blush. She had never heard such string of eloquent praises directed to her ever before.
"What's a fruit loop?" She laughed loudly.
"A Fruit Loop? Well it depends... either it is Breakfast cereal or an insane person..."She said. He thought she wouldn't be calling him breakfast, so he was insane.
"Danke... Lady Jesse..." He said as he turned and looked up to the ceiling once again.
"Good Night Siegfried..." She said as she retired to sleep. He then considered what a mess he was in. He found out he was not dead; he was in a 'Hotel' beside a Sorceress named Lady Jesse Spike. She could make water rain inside, find information in a mirror like it was a Monastery's Library, what's even greater; she knew how to read. Her Gateway Mirror with windows used some kind of Digital magic he couldn't use and he was trapped in a time period centuries away from all that which he once knew. From all things that happened, why did he have to awaken there? Was that his final punishment? And what was even worse, how much had the world changed since he was in the chamber? One thing was for sure.... Whatever the questions, Lady Jesse would answer, but only at the break of dawn.
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