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Cast List

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The cast list. You know you want to read it. ;)

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Cast list

Ruling house of Verona (Belleville) (Green Day)
Prince Escalus: Billie Joe. Is in charge.
Count Paris: Tré Cool. Friend of Billie Joe. Desires to go out with Alicia.
Mercutio: Mike Dirnt. Another friend of Billie Joe and friend of Mikey.

Capulets (AFI)
Lord Capulet: Davey. In charge of AFI's people.
Lady Capulet: Inés. Davey's girlfriend.
Juliet: Alicia. Younger sister of Hayley. The female protagonist.
Tybalt: Jade. Cousin of Inés; angry and pugnacious. Fancy word for very easily angered. Or pug-like. I'm not sure which;)

Capulet Servants (AFI's friends and family)
Nurse: Hayley. Alicia's older sister. Has taken care of little Alicia ever since she was an infant. Awww:) (Say, 'Awww,' you morons!)
Peter: Smith. Jade's brother. Is dating Alicia's sister, Hayley.
Sampson: Hunter. Eager to fight MCR.
Gregory: Adam. End of story.

Montagues (MCR)
Lord Montague: Frank. In charge of MCR.
Lady Montague: Jamia. Duh.
Romeo: Mikey. The male protagonist.
Benvolio: Gerard. Older brother of Mikey.

Montague Servants (MCR's friends and family)
Abraham: Bob.
Balthasar: Ray. Mikey's personal servant. Poor guy:(

Others (Muse and horsie890)
Friar Lawrence: Matt Bellamy of Muse. Mikey's confidant. He makes cupcakes.
Friar John: Dominic of Muse. Sent by Matt to tell Mikey that Alicia awaits him; fails in this mission. (h890: FAILURE!)
Apothecary: Chris of Muse. Reluctantly sells Mikey drugs. Mwahaha.
Chorus: Me;)

My thanks to Inés and Hayley for letting me use you in this. I couldn't have done it without you.
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