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I dont love him - WAIT! DAMN I DO!!

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Franks un - sure about how he feels for Gee and Bob suddenly knows everything about love.

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For the next few weeks Joyce and I went on more and more dates, getting closer and closer, we knew pretty much the whole of eachothers life stories, we knew eachothers hopes, dreams and fears. It was great to know she liked me as much as I liked her, no, scratch that, LOVED her!
Frank and Gerard had also been getting closer, they had been best friends to begin with but now they would sit on the sofa together, arms round eachother, or we would find them sharing a bed together, happily curled together like one. They didn't bother with excuses anymore, they really liked eachother and they knew it, and the fact that the rest of the band knew didn't bother them because none of us mind gays.
I was sitting on the sofa one afternoon, relishing the fact that we didn't have a show tonight, not that I don't like playing shows, but its nice to have a break after a while. I was considering ringing Joyce and asking her to join me for dinner or something when Frank walked in, looking worried.
"Hey Frank, whats up?" I asked him. He walked over and sat beside me, chewing his thumbnail.
"Its Gerard...he told me he loved me..." He said quietly, I wasn't sure whether that was good or bad.
" that...bad?" I asked. Frank sighed, he didn't seem to notice that his thumb was starting to bleed.
"Well...I don't know...I want to tell him I love him too but I don't know what it feels like to be in love" He said.
"Well Frank, believe me when I say, you'll know when your in love, its the kind of thing you just know your can't love him if your un - sure, your always sure when your in love" I said, I hoped that might clear things up for Frank, but he stopped biting his thumb and looked at me, tears in his eyes and starting to fall down his cheeks.
"Err...are you ok?" I asked, obviously he wasnt!
"Its just...its just...I really did think I loved him but if I'm not sure then it must mean I dont, and I really want to because he's perfect and when I'm around him I get butterflies and goosebumps and it feels right when Im with him and...and -" Frank stopped, tears falling down his cheeks properly now.
"FRANK!" I cried, hoping he would stop crying. "MAN! If this is how you feel when your with Gerard then what aren't you sure about, because its sounds to me like you completely hoocked on the guy!" I said, and it did, it sounds to me like they're both madly in love.
"Its just...I don't know...I wish I told him I loved him, I really do! Because I do love him I just couldn't see it because I never thought he would ever love me!" Frank wiped away some tears and resumed chewing his thumb.
"Frank, you do realise what you have to do, dont you?" I asked. Frank looked at me with puffy red eyes, nawing on his thumb and tearing off peices of nail - god this guy is a hazard when he's an emotional wreck! He shook his head.
"Well for starters you need to stop eating your self!" I said pulling his thumb out of his mouth, he suddenly noticed it was bleeding and gave a whimper of terror, I passed him a tissue to cover his thumb with before continuing.
"Look, we're not doing a show tonight right? Mikey and Ray are going out to meet Alicia and have a drink so they'll be gone for at least five hours, and I'm going to go out with Joyce, and I'll stay out as long as possible which means you and Gerard will have the bus to yourself right?" I said, Frank seemed to get what I was getting at, he nodded his head. "So - you need to do something nice, Gee will probably be sat in his bunk broken hearted, so you cook a meal or something in secret, then surprise him with it, then tell him you love him and how you feel when your around him and trust me, it will all be pure instinct after that" I finished with a wink, Frank looked deep in thought.
"Yeah...yeah! I'll do that!" He said, suddenly smiling and jumping up. Oh, god, I made the man hyper.
"Yeah but wait till we've all gone out, I'll ring Joyce and arrange it, now you go figure out what your gonna cook and make sure you've got everything you need" I said., Frank gave me a quick hug, mumbled a thankyou, before running off into the kitchen.
Now, I had to ring Joyce.
"Hey Bob"
"Hi Joyce, how are you?"
"I'm fine thanks. You?"
"I'm fine, look, you know theres no show tonight?"
"Well...I was wondering if you wanted to come out for dinner with me or something, spend the evening together since we can"
"I would love to Bob! What time shall I come round?"
"Erm...I'll pick you up ok, about...half seven?"
"Sure ok, see you then"
"Ok see ya!"
"Bye" I put the phone down feeling quite proud of myself. I had sorted out Franks love life, and secured yet another date with Joyce. Things are looking good.
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