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Chapter Five

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A new friend is gained on team Beckett.

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William's POV-

Of course, I've lost Pete.

"Pete?" I said, turning around, seeing nothing. It was about an hour into his missing state, and I had no clue where he was.
I was scared. But at the same time, I was convinced he was just fine.
Suddenly, someone tapped my shoulder.

I whipped around and rolled my eyes, quite painfully, actually.

"Pete, I've been looking all over for you..." I said, almost in a whisper. Looking up at him, with some slut like always hanging off him.

"Sorry. Uh, I'm...I'm going to take my new friend Shania home, you can get a taxi, right?" he said.

Tears almost immediately built up in the corners of my eyes.

"Okay." I whispered, looking down

"Great." he said, bouncing off.

I looked down at my feet for about 20 seconds, before a drunk woman crashed into me, knocking me off my feet, and to the floor, then running off, not even stopping to help me up.

I struggled to my feet, and ran for the door, but not before bumping into the waitress that had given me and Pete fries hours before.

I wiped my tears, as she looked at me.

"Sorry." I whimpered.

"It's fine. Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm...I'm fine." I said, sniffing after.

"No, you're crying." she said, putting a hand on my shoulder.

I just looked down, and kept silently sobbing.

"You wanna sit down and talk? I'm just getting off." she asked.

I nodded. I needed someone to talk too. Anyone. She seemed nice enough.

She sat down in a booth, and I sat next to her.

"Collect yourself." she said, as I sobbed.

"Mhm." I said, wiping my tears, and fanning my face.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

I gulped.

"Pete left me. Like every other night." I said.

She nodded.

"Alright. Why is that a big deal?" she asked.

I looked left, then right.

"Listen, I don't know you, but for some reason, I feel totally comfortable right now." I whispered.

"Good." she said, smiling.

"I've only told one person this..." I whispered.

"What is it?" she said.

Then I got an idea.

"I'll tell you in the car, after I ask you for a ride home." I said.

She smirked, and giggled.

"William Beckett wants a ride home from me. Alright." she said, looking up.

I smiled.

"Okay, so that's a yes?" I asked.

"Sure thing. Come on." she said, leading me to her car.

As we walked, I realized I didn't even know her name

"Oh, by the way, do you have a name?" I asked, feeling quite calm now.

"Uh huh. I'm Ellie." she said.

"Ellie. That's pretty." I said.

"Tell that to my parents. They picked it." she said.

I nodded.

Soon we came to a little silver car. She unlocked it, and got in the drivers seat. I got in the passenger's seat, and she started it up.

"You've seemed to calm down since we were in the bar. Now, there was something you wanted to share?" she asked, her eyes on the road.

"Yeah." I said, looking down.

"What...was it?" she asked.

"Oh, uh...well, I've kind of, like...fallen in love with Pete." I said.

"Oh, that's not bad. I was expecting something a lot bigger." she said.

Whoa wait, where's the 'William! You're not gay!'

"What?" I asked.

"Well, I didn't know you were gay, but it's really no big deal, other then that." she said.

"I'm not gay. Well, I haven't been since I starting liking Wentz." I said.

She nodded.

"Sounds good." she said.

I nodded.

"You know, you're really great to talk to. You're taking this just the way I'd want everyone to take it." I said.

"Thanks. I try. Who else did you tell?" she asked.

"My best friend, Mike Carden." I said.

"Oh, yeah. He seems like a great guy." she said.

"He is. He reacted a little, eh...but he's still there for me and what not." I said.

"That's good to here." she said.

"So where do you live?" she asked.

"Oh, haha." I said looking around.

"Actually, my house is just down that road." I said, pointing.

"Great." she said, turning.

After a few rows of houses, I pointing to mine, telling her to pull in.

"Thanks. For everything. Seriously. There's just something about you, it's comforting." I said, as I unbuckled myself.

"Thanks." she said.

"Oh, uh. I'd hate to just leave you at first goodbye, it seems like we could become good friends. Can I have you're number?" I asked.

"Turning on Pete now?" she asked, smirking.

"No, but you ARE good friend material." I said, giggling.

She smiled.

"Of course, gimme you're phone." she said.

I handed her my sidekick, and she typed her number in, and then handed it back.

"Thanks Ellie." I said.

"Your Welcome, William." I said.

"Call me Bill." I said.

"Bill? I read somewhere that you only let you're best friends call you that." she said.

I smirked.

"Exactly." I said, shutting the car door, and walking into my house.

I suddenly felt a little better about tonight. I didn't like Ellie like that, that was for sure. I only had eyes for Pete. But, she was a great talker. She didn't just say "Yeah" and "Mhm" she actually put in real input. She wasn't fake. I liked that.
Pete's POV- (the morning after)

I opened my eyes painfully, and glanced at the clock on her nightstand. It was four. Perfect time to escape unseen. I silently got out of bed, and grabbed my clothes, silently slipped them on, and ran for the door, slipping out.

I drove home, bawling my eyes out. I didn't want this life. I hated having to go out and sleep with every girl I meet, for a lost cause.

I only have eyes for William. And I only sleep with these girls to get William jealous. Which obviously will never work. I also only sleep with them for personal comfort. To ease my pain. Which is another lost cause, because it only makes me more upset.

When I pulled in, I got out, and slammed the door shut, and rushed up the steps, and into the house, slamming the door, and the dropping to my knees.

"Pete, get up and tell me what's going on with you." I heard. I looked up, and wiped my tears.

"Patrick" I whimpered, looking up.

"Get up." he said.

I stumbled to my feet, and wiped my eyes.

"You're a mess. You've been a mess for the past two weeks, don't think I haven't noticed. We need to talk. There's obviously something eating you from the inside out." he said, plopping down on the couch.

I sat next to him.

"I have something to tell you." I sobbed.

"I know." he said, crossing his legs.

"I'm in love with William, Patrick. What do I do?" I sobbed, harder now.

"What?" he asked.

"I LOVE WILLIAM!" I screamed.

"Oh Pete. You've got a big mess on your hands." he said, shaking his head.
"You think I don't know that?" I cried.

"Now, calm down. It's not a big deal." he said.

"Help me!" I bawled.

"The only thing I can do is be here, I can't make William like you back, or change you." he said.

I wiped my tears. I was being ridicules. I needed to collect myself.

I sniffed.

"You're right." I said, tucked my knees to my chest, and sighing.
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