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Shut up and sleep!

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Five sleepy guys, one messy tour bus, and one aggravated Brian Schechter...let the games begin.

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This fic is based on many inside jokes, and playful RPs held between jinxeh13 and mjls on livejournal; eventually, it just had to be written down in story format. Written by Gallia (mljs), and edited by Jinxeh (jinxeh13).



A soft voice murmured through the air, followed by the rustling of bedcovers as someone shifted in his sleep. It was early morning upon the My Chemical Romance tour bus, and the five boys were trying to sleep for a couple of hours while their bus drove them to the next city.

Luckily for them, they had a rare free day today day, causing everyone to go to sleep earlier the night before, since they had less to prepare for. In his bunk, Gerard turned around, burying his head in his pillow as he snored again.

As though subconsciously trying to imitate him, the youngest Way brother also turned in his bunk, facing his wall again for the fifth time that hour. Mikey's blanket was already resting peacefully at his feet as he shifted once again. He frowned in his sleep, hearing soft mumbles coming from the bunk above Gerard's.

"But Mommy...I don't want a pink tour bus..." Frank mumbled in his sleep, hugging his plushie closer to his chest, almost falling out of his bunk; something he was quite prone to doing, actually.

Smacking his lips, Frank turned around, showing his back at Ray, who couldn't keep the frown from his face as he heard Gerard snore again. In his exhausted state, however, he didn't know that the bus had stopped, and nor did he hear the doors opening.

Brian entered the bus slowly, looking around for the boys. His feet led him past the empty cans of soda and the candy wrappers, and towards the small bunks where the five band members were sleeping.

With a sigh, the manager shook his head at the sight of Frank almost falling out of his bunk, while he crossed his arms in front of his chest. Brian felt a smirk appear on his lips as he walked closer to the sleeping figure of Frank.

He softly poked the young guitarist, to see if he would easily wake up.

"No...five more minutes," Frank mumbled, turning around in his bunk so his back was to Brian. The band manager bit his lip and poked Frank again, noticing no difference in his position.

The bus was filled with noises that Brian was used to hearing. Gerard's snoring, Bob's mumbling of the word "slippers" every five minutes, and Mikey's constant shifting in his sleep.

He heard the youngest Way turn around in his bunk, and looked around to see him lying on his stomach while he slept.

"Dude, Frank, wake up." Brian poked Frank again, wondering just how much of a deep sleeper the man really was.

"Don't shoot me!" Frank shot up from his pillow, bumping his head against the bunk above him, and immediately falling back onto his pillow, groaning and clutching at his forehead.

"Dude! Shut up!" Gerard said, briefly lifting his head from his pillow before falling back, dead-asleep.

Brian stifled a soft laugh as he noticed that Frank was climbing down from his bunk. He didn't seem to notice the manager standing in the pathway between the two rows of bunks just before he was about to jump down.

He did when he turned around, however, which caught him off guard.

"Holy shit!"

Brian's eyes widened as Frank lost his grip on the edge of his bunk, and he fell down on the ground with wide eyes and an open mouth. Frank's shocked expression disappeared like snow before the sun as he felt the pain of his fall appear.

After he forced himself to his feet, however, his eyes glared at Brian as he shoved him aside to walk to the kitchen.

"Dude! I said shut up!" Gerard yelled, then falling asleep once again. Brian sighed and shook his head, wondering how he would be able to wake them all up without making too much of a fuss.

"What happened?" Ray's sleepy voice alerted Brian as he looked up at the guitarist, who frowned at the presence of Brian.

"Oh, hey Brian." He waved briefly at his manager before he yawned, and fell back asleep. Brian stood, dumbfounded; how it was possible that these four guys could keep sleeping with all the noise that Frank was making in the kitchen?

Mikey shifted in his bed again, causing his back to be turned to Brian.

"Slippers..." Bob mumbled in his sleep, letting his arm drop from the side of the bunk while his head was turned to the wall, at the other side.

Brian stopped a smile from forming on his lips as he darted his eyes towards Gerard. He poked the lead singer, trying to wake him up next. But Gerard just slapped his hand lazily at thin air, trying to stop whatever was poking him.

Frank entered the room where the bunks were sometime later, yawning. He climbed back up to his bunk and fell on his pillow, seeming to have remembered they had a day off.

Brian sighed, knowing that he would have trouble waking them all up, and keeping them awake; the last few days had been tiresome for the five guys.

Brian poked Gerard a second time, only succeeding in getting a snore in reply. He rolled his eyes and walked towards the kitchen, to pick up the whipped cream - always handy for things like this; Brian always made sure a can was hidden in the fridge, for situations like this.

When he returned to the bunks, Brian took the lead singer's hand and make quick work of filling it with the whipped cream.

Grinning, he grabbed a pink boa from Gerard's clutches (he didn't even want to know why he slept with it) and stroked it alongside his face.

The eldest Way snored in reply before he waved the boa away with his other hand. Brian cursed to himself, and stroked the soft pink feathers across Gerard's cheek again, causing the leader of the band to slap the boa away with the hand filled with whipped cream.

Unfortunately, when his hand came back to him, it lazily hit the side of his face.

Gerard shot up in shock, feeling the cream on his face. He was confused, at first, but of course managed to come to an obvious conclusion within seconds.

"Fuck you, Iero!" he yelled, as Brian stealthily slipped out towards the kitchen. Gerard stood up from his bunk, gathering the whipped cream from his hand and his face, before smearing it all over Frank's in one stroke.

"What?" Frank shot up, feeling the cold cream on his face. "What the fuck? What the hell is this for? I didn't do anything!"

"Oh, I'm sure you didn't!" Gerard towered over Frank, easily able to stand taller than him as Frank stumbled out of his bunk and faced him.

"Guys! Shut the fuck up!" Mikey yelled, interrupting their fight before he turned around again, so he could sleep on his back. Ray frowned and sat up, instantly bumping his head against the bunk above him.

"Fuck, you guys are stupid...Brian!" Ray yelled, causing Bob to wake up with a yawn, feeling Ray bump against his bunk.

"Dude, don't tell me you dream about Brian, now..."

"But he was here and he...ow, shit." Ray groaned as a headache started to form. Gerard and Frank looked at a sleeping Mikey for a few seconds before they continued their fight. Mikey groaned without them hearing it, covering his ears with his hands before he turned around in his bunk.

"SHUT UP!" Bob yelled loudly, pulling everyone's attention to him. "Hmpth...slippers," he mumbled, before he fell back down in his bunk. Gerard raised an eyebrow at the drummer, and then he glanced towards Mikey, smirking.

"Mikey, you still sleeping, bro?" He grinned, while poking his younger brother. He felt a tap on his shoulder, and turned around to see Frank abnormally close to his face.

"Gerard," he whispered, his voice caught between suspicion and wickedness, "I think I just saw Brian."

"Brian is in New Jersey, Frank; you probably dreamed it."

Brian stifled a loud laugh while he poured himself a cup of coffee. Hearing the boys waking up one by one was entertaining, but he knew he should get them all awake and fit for the day, so he started to walk towards the bunks as slowly as he could.

He was surprised to see Ray walk out of the bunkroom first.

"Hi, Brian," he said before he fell down on the couch, instantly falling sleep. Rolling his eyes, Brian entered the bunkroom, seeing Mikey and Bob still fast asleep, and Frank tossing his blankets around in search of something, his face still covered in whipped cream. Not that he seemed to care...

The shortest member turned around, wanting to walk to the bathroom to ask Gerard where his missing item went when he saw Brian at the door.

"Gerard!" he screamed.

"What?" Gerard asked, his voice coming from the bathroom, and loud enough to drown out the sound of the faucet running.

"You sure Brian is in New Jersey? 'Cause he looks real to me." Frank walked to his manager, poking him in the chest as he glanced back to the bathroom. Brian raised an eyebrow at Frank but before he could say a word, Mikey interrupted them.

"Dudes! Shut /up/! People are trying to sleep, here! Sheesh." The youngest Way turned around completely, causing his head to be at the other side of his bunk, and his feet on his pillow. "Mng...Alicia, no, that tickles..."

Brian choked back his laughter as Bob slowly woke up on his own. The manager of My Chemical Romance grinned and looked at Frank, who poked him again; he raised an eyebrow at the guitarist and stared at him.

"Gerard!" Frank whined, "Brian is staring creepily at me!"

"Frank! Brian is in New Jersey, for fuck's sake!"

"Then why can I poke him right now?"

Gerard entered the room, looking at Frank in confusion. Secretly, he'd already seen Brian, but with a wink exchanged between them, the game was on. As Frank was preoccupied with looking at Gerard, Brian snickered.

"Honestly, Frank, you have to be hallucinating," said Gerard firmly.

Frank frowned and looked towards Brian, able to see quite well that he was still leaning against the wall.

"Well then...yeah, I must be halluci - wait...what?"


"I'm telling you Gerard, I'm not halluci-" Frank stopped talking for a moment, trying to pronounce the word. "Whatever..."

Brian smiled at the two boys and gave them each a cup of coffee while they sat down at the table, still discussing their topic. Gerard was still pretending as though Brian didn't exist, though he accepted the cup of coffee, which confused Frank.

"I'm telling you Gerard, Brian is here..."

"Dude, he's in New Jersey, I told you thousand times before."

"Than why is he standing behind you?" Frank asked with a raised eyebrow. Gerard looked over his shoulder, seeing Brian but acting as though he couldn't.

"Dude, you really are hallucinating."

"Who's hallucinating?" Mikey entered the small kitchen, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Frank thinks he saw Brian."

Frank rolled his eyes. "Dude! Brian is here, okay? I poked him! So he's real!"

", whatever you say, Frank." Ignoring Brian, Mikey tried to pick his toast out of the toaster, but failed miserably. He frowned at the toast and grabbed the fork on the table to pick it out.

"Hey guys! It's still plugged in!" he yelped as he felt the electricity course through his hand and arm. Gerard's head shot up from the table where he fell asleep on and in a few seconds, he was standing next to Mikey, pulling him away from the toaster as his other hand pulled at the electrical cord.

"Oops, hehe..." Mikey smiled sheepishly while Gerard rolled his eyes and sat back down at the table, muttering something understandable under his breath.

"God forbid that kid ever lives alone..." Deciding he was insane, Frank shook his head before resting it on his arms on the table, closing his eyes.


"I thought we had a day off," Gerard complained. Brian shot the singer a dirty look before giving him a list of chores to do that day. The game was over - Gerard had started laughing, tipping Frank off, which earned the lead singer a piece of toast thrown at his face. Frank leaned in closer to him, whispering in his ear.

"I told you Brian was here."

"Shut up, Frank," Gerard mumbled, looking away from Frank's winning gaze.

"Slippers..." Bob repeated again, swaying slightly on his feet, his eyes only half-open.

" drove all the way out here just to get us to clean the bus?" Frank asked Brian.

"Dude, and I thought Gerard had issues." Mikey smirked at their manager, receiving a hit on the head by his older brother, who glared mockingly at Mikey. Frank took a deep breath of courage before he walked closer to Brian.

"You guys sure he's real?" Just in case he really was insane, Frank poked Brian again before he was shoved back in the line with the other guys of the band.

"Dude, Frank, shut up!" Ray yelled from the couch before he fell back asleep. Frank looked at Ray with raised eyebrows, surprised he had woken up just to tell him that.

"Slippers?" Bob frowned sleepy before he looked at the list of chores he had to do that day. The word 'Pick up slippers' were written there, clear as day,

"Told yah they started to smell." Frank smirked.

"More like, he has slippers fucking lying around /everywhere/," Brian corrected.

"That's what I meant." Frank smiled sweetly at Brian, who only had an exasperated expression to give him in return.


"Frank, tell me again.../why/ exactly do you sleep with a Gerard plushie?" Mikey frowned, picking up the doll from under Frank's pillow. Gerard stuck his head out of the door of the bathroom, frowning at the plushie doll in Mikey's hands before he turned his gaze at Frank.

"Frank, I keep telling you, that's just weird, man..."

'And we wonder why people put us in slash stories together, honestly...' Gerard frowned, accidentally dropping a small bottle of black nailpolish on the ground.

"Hey, look at this!" Frank entered the bathroom, holding up a strange, pink tutu.

"Um..." Gerard frowned at the pink tutu, and then at Frank.

"Mikey's bunk." Frank informed him knowingly. "Ever since he saw that photo-shopped picture of him in one...well, you know..."

"Ah, right." Gerard nodded, frowning at Frank running out of the room with the pink tutu, probably to harass Mikey with it.

"Slippers?" Gerard turned around in shock, jumping as he saw Bob standing in front of him.

"Dude, don't scare me like that."

"Slippers?" Bob asked again.

"In the fridge."

"Oh. Cool."

Gerard shook his head, watching Bob leave the bathroom in a hurry. He picked up his eyeliner and looked at it, frowning a little at the state it was in.

"Damn it...Mikey! Don't touch my eyeliner again!" he yelled, tossing it back in the bag of makeup.

He looked around once more before he nodded, happy with the result of the cleaned up bathroom. With his make-up bag under his arm, he walked out of the room, dodging Frank, who was crawling all over the floor.

"Why are you on the floor?"

"Twizzlers!" Frank yelled, looking at Gerard with wide eyes, his hands full of red and pink-colored, crinkly wrappers.

"Dude, those wrappers are empty."

Frank raised an eyebrow at Gerard and sat up so he was leaning on his knees.


Gerard rolled his eyes and walked away towards his suitcase to put his makeup bag away.

"Gerard!" Mikey whined. "Why isn't Ray helping?"

Frank's head shot up from the empty Twizzlers packages, and he frowned at the couch.

"Ray ain't helping?" he asked. "Why isn't he helping?"

"'Cause no one can wake him up, and keep him awake longer than five seconds," Gerard informed them. "You can try, though."

Mikey and Frank looked at each other with wide grins spread across their faces, and in unison got up and ran towards the narrow living area, where the couch was. Gerard looked at them with a slightly open mouth before shrugging, and alone, he started to pick up the empty cans of soda lying around.


"Dude, Ray...wake up, man." Frank poked Ray's ribs as he tried to wake him up. Ray didn't show any sign of waking up soon, as Mikey poked him again. Frank frowned and walked to the kitchen.

When he returned, Mikey was gone from the couch, and was now leaning against the opposite wall, apparently deep in thought. Frank sighed and pouted, opening the bottle of water in his hands slowly, before taking a sip himself. He looked at the water and then back at a sleeping Ray.

Mikey looked at Frank and the bottle of water as he splashed all the remaining water in Ray's face. The youngest Way stifled a laugh as he shook his head at Frank. Ray mumbled something that neither of them could understand before he fell silent again.

"He doesn't want to wake up, dude."




"No reaction whatsoever." Frank shook his head, pouting.

"Poking?" Mikey asked again.

"Not an inch."

Mikey sighed and sat next to Frank. Then, suddenly, he was struck with inspiration.

"Would he feel it if we straighten his hair?"

Frank and Mikey looked at each other for a brief second before grinning at each other. Once again in unison, they leapt to their feet and bolted towards the elder Way.

"Gerard? Can we use your makeup?"

Gerard looked at a pleading Frank and stood up from the floor. "You know, you shouldn't be eating so many Twizzlers...there are wrappers everywhere."

"Can we or can we not use your make up?" Mikey yelled impatiently, from behind Frank.

"And you should drink less soda!" Gerard yelled back at his brother.

"Geraaaarrrrd!" Frank whined "Can we use your make up or /not/?"

Gerard looked strangely at Frank, and then over the guitarist's shoulder at Mikey. "Why?"

Frank and Mikey looked at each other for a brief second, before smirking at Gerard.


"Dude, you have to take a picture of this," Frank laughed as he added the finishing touches to Ray's make up. Gerard nodded and took out his camera while Mikey straightened the last bits of Ray's fro.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Gerard snickered as he took a picture. Mikey and Frank ran to him, wanting to see the picture on the small viewing screen of his camera.

"Dudes, that's just weird..." Gerard commented on the work that Frank and Mikey had done on Ray.

"Shouldn't we be cleaning instead of doing this?"

"Okay...that's just wrong..." Mikey took the camera from Gerard to look better at the picture he had taken of their successful makeover. Gerard and Frank nodded, satisfied with their work, before walking off again with grins on their faces.

Bob walked on the bus, holding three bags in his hands. He walked straight to his suitcase, ignoring the funny looks Frank and Gerard gave him.

"Slippers," they both whispered in unison.

"Slippers!" Bob yelled as he dropped the bags on the floor.

Frank and Gerard looked at each other with wide eyes, and quickly ran out of the bus with loud laughs.


"So, anyone want to tell me why we're washing our bus with ice cold water in the middle of the winter?" Mikey asked, throwing another bucket of water on the closed windows of their black bus. Gerard shrugged, while Frank muttered something darkly under his breath.

"Where's Bob, actually?"


"The roof," the three band members said in unison, each rolling their eyes as one of Bob's slippers fell down from the roof. Mikey threw another bucket of water against the bus.

Frank waited a few moments before copying Mikey's action by throwing a bucket of water against the bus. Mikey bowed to refill his bucket and stood up again, receiving a full splash of ice cold water against him.

The youngest Way screamed at the top of his lungs as he felt the cold water dripping off his clothes. Gerard looked at his brother with raised eyebrows and then at Frank, who started to laugh at Mikey.

Mikey glared at Frank before filling his bucket again and throwing water at the short guitarist, but Frank saw it coming and ducked before he could be hit by the water - causing Gerard to receive the complete splash of water over him.

"Iero!" Gerard yelled, grabbing the water hose and directing it at Frank. Mikey laughed as he filled another bucket of water, and made eye contact with his brother.



Gerard stumbled in the bus, yawning and stretching his arms above him. He wringed out bottom of his wet shirt as he looked around the cleaned bus. His eyes darted from a sleeping Ray to one of the vacant couches, where he fell down to relax as Mikey and Frank entered the bus behind him.

"Dude, Ray didn't do anything," Mikey complained while sitting down atop one of the counters with his arms crossed in front of his chest. His hair was dripping wet, just like the clothing of Frank and Gerard. "It's not fair."

"Didn't we have a day off? Then why did we spend it cleaning our bus...?" Frank asked, more to himself than to the others. Gerard shrugged and looked at Brian, who was just then entering the bus. Mikey and Frank glared a little at their manager before they walked to their bunks.

Brian looked around, surprised to see how clean the bus really was. When his eyes rested upon Ray, whose face sported more makeup than a clown, and whose straightened hair fell over his eyes, he blanched, and then sighed. His eyes darted from Ray to Gerard, and back again.

"I didn't do anything." Gerard held up his hands in defense, and walked away, leaving his manager to stand in the doorway of the bus, shaking his head sadly as he tried to figure out the best way to wake Ray up, and break the news to him gently.
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