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#5) Guilt Trip

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It's not looking to good, and Gerard is on a guilt trip.

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Bob stared at the ceiling of the hospital. It was old, obviously, yellowed, browned, cracking. It wasn't very interesting. In fact, it was very, very, extremely boring. He'd been here for at least six hours. Six, long, grueling hours.

Mikey was hear, but in the back of the emergency room, along with.../Ray/. Mikey had fallen and broken his wrist and slipped his knee cap in his rush to get to an area with service. Bob shook his head. This night was terrible.

No, it was fucked up! He'd called Frankie and Gerard. Gerard said he'd be up there soon, but Frankie didn't want to come. That stupid fucker! So what if Ray had called him a fucking fairy! Ray was literally on his death bed now and all Frank cared about was himself. Ray had apologized. And Frankie was being a fucking stiff. GOD! All this stupid shit pissed him off.

Bob stood just as a nurse was pushing Mikey out in a wheel chair. "We set his wrist and were able to push his knee cap back. We put it in a pressure hose and cast to keep it there. He'll be unable to walk well for about a month." She started rattling off instructions and things about medications but Bob was barely listening. He just smiled, filled out the forms and took Mikey from her.

"Any news about Ray, yet?" Mikey had been crying. He could tell. And not from his wrist or knee, but because of Ray. Ray and Mikey had known each other for ever. They played together as little kids and did everything. Ray was like another big brother to Mikey. Bob couldn't blame Mikey for crying. He felt the tight pinch in his throat, too, but he just couldn't bring himself to cry when he was so pissed off at Frank.

Mikey leaned over and pulled Bob into a half hug, squeezing him tight. He was crying again.

"God, Bob..." He sobbed. Bob just patted his shoulder and held him tight.

"It's okay,'ll be okay.


Gerard couldn't drive fast enough. He just didn't know what to do, what to think, anything! All that was running through his mind at this moment was that this.../this whole thing/ was his fault. And it was! He never should have done that to Ray. What the fuck was his problem? He stupid! God!

Gerard ran another red light. It was dark, the streets were empty, no cops were around. Besides, he really needed to get to the hospital. His car just didn't want to go fast enough, he seemed. He floored the gas pedal, reaching 90 miles per hour. Then, he was there. He parked, and ran. The sliding doors almost didn't open fast enough and he was inside.

He could see Bob and Mikey, Mikey crying, Bob trying to console him. Gerard practically ran over to them, tears in his own eyes.

"Guys, I'm so sorry!" Gerard said, as soon as he reached them. "I got here as soon as possible." He told them, as Mikey flung himself into his brothers' arms. He held on.

Bob leaned over and patted Gerard on the shoulder. "Man, if you don't want to talk about it, it's okay...but, what would've made Ray do this?" Bob said gently. Gerard looked from Bob to Mikey. Mikey had lifted his head and was now staring at Gerard.

"I-uh...I'll explain it all later...please?" Bob nodded and Mikey sat back. Gerard took in his injuries. "What happened to you?"

"Um, a little accident. I was trying to get service on my cell phone." Gerard laughed. "What?"

"Wow. You sure took that pretty far!" Mikey just smiled and Bob felt himself smile, actually, for the first time since forever.

"I'm so tired..." Mikey yawned.

Bob nodded. "We've both had a long night. Gerard, would you mind staying here, tonight? Or at least until they say something about how Ray is doing?" Gerard nodded. "I don't want to leave, but I need some sleep. Call us if they say anything, please?"

"I will, I promise." Gerard said, standing with Bob and helping him push Mikey to Bob's car. He helped Mikey in and then turned to Bob as soon as the car door shut. "Listen, man, in all seriousness..."


"What Ray did?" Bob nodded. "It was mine and Frankie's fault. Frankie wanted to get back Ray. I didn't know that then, but I know now. He was fucking using me. And I never should've done it, but I fucking did. And I regretted it instantly."

"Gerard, just tell me what happened. I'm not going to get mad, I swear."

Gerard hung his head. "I let...I let...I let Frankie f-f-..." He sighed deeply. "I let Frankie fuck me." Gerard prepared himself for screams and punches but none came. He looked up at Bob.

"I can understand. It's okay." Bob said, pulling Gerard into a hug. "We all know how far Frankie goes to get revenge on someone." Gerard nodded and pushed away.

"Well, take him home and both of you get some rest. I'll call you if anything happens." Bob shook his head and slid into the car, starting it and pulling away. Gerard groaned and walked back into the hospital. Instantly he was intercepted by a very worried looking nurse.

"Are you the family of Ray Toro?" She asked hurriedly.

"Um, yea?" He asked, fear gripping him.

"I need you to take a walk down to the Quiet Room for a few minutes, sir. The doctor would like to talk to you." Gerard felt like he was going to break down and cry. He followed her down the hall and into the burgundy monochromatic color schemed room. He sat on one of the stiff couches and buried his face in his hands.

A few minutes later there was a light knock on the door. A doctor stepped in, the underside of his eyes purple, his face worn looking. He quickly recomposed himself as he spotted Gerard, placing a firm look on his face.

"Mr. Way?" Gerard nodded and stood, shaking the doctor's outstretched hand. "Let's take a walk, shall we?"
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