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A look at his girlfriend

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Meet Moranne: Pete vs Patrick.

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Chapter 2: A look at his girlfriend

Pete spends the following days with his girlfriend Moranne. Their relationship is still in the beginnings, only six weeks ago they had been introduced to one another through a mutual friend at a party.

It's dangerous to be too trustworthy in the business in which the bassist/ frontman works, you never know who only wants to be around you for personal gain. Yet, if it involved the capability of being rational and perhaps reminding oneself not to rush things, it wouldn't be called "head over heels". If it had anything to do with thinking your choices through in a calm and collected manner, it'd only be half the fun.

Fun. That's the keyword right there. Peter knows too well that the first few weeks, months of a relationship are the most enjoyable ones. When you're still getting to know each other, when those little idiosyncrasies of the other make you chuckle, you find them "cute" and "unique". You learn that you have the same favorite band. But you hate her favorite movie. You take turns in deciding what to have for dinner. The first fight is light years ahead, far far away, the little leisure time you have you make worthwhile.

Her fashion sense is extravagant, just like Pete's. ("Did you two dress in the dark again?" - Joe) Not trashy, not cheap. She's great with the other guys, his parents. When was the last time he introduced a girlfriend to his Mom and Dad? She's incredibly understanding when it comes to everything related to the band. Patience. Doesn't bitch about his tardiness. A ten. This could really work out.

Five years is no age difference worth mentioning when you're in your twenties. She'll be 21 in summer.

It's like you were custom-made in the girlfriend factory just for me.

Of course, Pete doesn't tell her that. That would be too soon. But not even wild horses could drag him away from her side on this lazy afternoon.

"Do you wanna go out tonight?"

She shakes her head, her chin-long brunette hair immediately bounces back, "Don't I share you with the world often enough, Pete Wentz?"

The man smirks and leans back, placing the back of his head on her tighs. "You know that you're wonderful, right? Thanks for putting up with me, Moe..."

Her fingers run through his smooth locks, her voice is as sincere as his, "Thanks for letting me put up with you, Wentz."

Yes, she was custom-made for him.

Hey, Petey!

Did you get the cologne I sent you? Do you like it?
I can't wait to see you at a show again! (I always try to be as close as possible to you.)
Hope you have an awesome day! :)

A drop in the ocean. It's just one of hundreds of private messages sent to one of Pete's accounts on an online community website. He may read it or he may not.

Your chances don't increase drastically if you send the same note 20 times.

"Let's make a few kids happy today," he mumbles and scratches his arm, pulls the laptop closer towards him. Then he goes through various messages at random and replies to some. He answers some questions.

How can anyone care about what shampoo he uses? Yes, he does know some cool places to eat at in the Chicago area. No, he's not God. But thanks for "being ok" with him dating someone. Sometimes a particular phrase in the subject line catches his attention, but mostly it's a matter of chance.

Cologne? Pete thinks for a moment. He remembers throwing it into the trash.

He types:

Sure. Thanks, I was running low on cologne. See ya at the show! -Peter

Pete doesn't use cologne. Pete doesn't even shave too regularly. But Pete is nice occasionally.

"Sweet show, guys," Joe Trohman high-fives his sweaty bandmates. "I'm hitting the shower. Later."

"Same here," Andy Hurley waves at Patrick Stump and Pete and follows their lead guitarist from the side of the stage into the backstage area.

Members of their crew, packing up instruments, amps and cables, and of the local security are buzzing around the two remaining musicians.

"Yo! Be careful with that bass," Pete points at a new roadie. Then he turns his head towards Patrick, "Meet and greet tonight?" His voice sounds irritated, his expression reflects annoyance.

His friend nods, "Yeah, you have about half an hour to gratify your girlfriend with your contagious high spirits."

"Stump, I'm just... Haven't had a girlfriend in a while and I..." Pete trails off.

"Don't wanna screw it up?" Patrick offers, and sits down on one of the plastic chairs next to the stage, which previously held a few fans who had won an online contest.

"Couldn't have put it better myself."

"Yes, I was quoting you. Joyce - last year.... Look, Pete, maybe you should step off the gas. Don't you think you're hanging out with Moe an awful lot?"

"An AWFUL lot? -" he's interrupted by Moranne's cheerful voice.

"Hey. The show rocked as usual," she hugs Pete. "Patrick," she nods at the man.

Despite his efforts Patrick hasn't been very successful at hiding his dislike for her. It's not because she is unfriendly or has a bad influence on his friend. But she affects Pete. He's grown too attached too fast. It can't be good.

Patrick doesn't want to feel this way, it's not jealousy. He's worried about Pete. Patrick doesn't think that Moe wants to harm his friend in any way. Not on purpose. But it happens in relationships, especially if you plunge into them in a helter-skelter fashion.

And if their private lives start to influence the band, that'd be the beginning of the end.

"Well, I'm gonna go leave you turtle-doves alone," Patrick rises from his chair. "Don't forget the meet and greet... And think about what I said. Just think it thr-"

"Sure, sure. I'll catch up with you later," Pete puts his arm around Moe and squeezes her shoulder.

It's his private life. His decision. There are enough parts in his life which are governed by others. I'll be damned if I let Patrick have a say in my relationship.

"You weren't talking about me, were you?" Moranne interrupts his train of thought. "What did I ever do to upset Patrick?"

Pete sighs softly, hardly perceivable for her, "Nothing. He's not upset, sweetheart.... Let's get outta here."

He kisses her.
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