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A morning's swim

by Shubit 2 reviews

Part of the Dragonsong book in the Harper Hall series. This takes place between Chapters 7 and 9 while Menolly is living in the cave with the fire lizards. Just something of a filler.

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Menolly dipped her hand in to test the water's temperature; it was just right. The sun was shining and there was absolutely no sign of Thread. It was the perfect day to teach her fire lizards to swim.

Menolly did not know if fire lizards could float or go underwater. She did know that they could catch fish though, like Diver did, so she wanted to see.

She undressed down to her under garments and jumped into the water, hoping Beauty and the others would follow her. The salt water felt nice on her skin, reminding her of better times, when Petiron was still alive and she was part of Half-Circle.

As if to shake her of her sad feelings, Brownie and Mimic flew onto her shoulders. It was like they were trying to remind her that if she was still at the Hold, she would not have her nine fire lizards. She looked around to find them playing in the water.

"Well, I guess they do like the water," Menolly thought aloud. She looked at all the fire lizards but her eyes stopped on two.

"Auntie One, stop pestering Uncle, you're going to drown him!" Menolly began wading over to where they were in order to separate them.

While she was occupied with them and had to continue to fuss when Auntie Two joined the scuffle, a Thread cloud appeared on the horizon and began moving toward the direction of her cove at an alarming rate. There were only a few flashes of dragon fire at a time and they were spaced far apart.

When she finally turned, she was terrified to see that the leading edge was not fifty dragon lengths away. Luckily, she and her small group were on the little beach that was then entrance to the cove where her cave was located.

Menolly quickly redressed and began looking for handholds and footholds up the cliff face to her cave. She only looked back once to see if the fire lizards had been following her; they had because they had felt her fright and were hovering around her anxiously.

After carefully climbing up, she scrambled into the cave followed by her fire lizards, not a moment too soon. Thread began to rain down, as Menolly sat in freezing cold clothes watching it fall. Eventually she fell asleep, only to dream of the men from her Hold with the threadscored backs.
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