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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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Victoria wandered the Paris streets alone. Not a very wise thing for her to do, especially in the wee
hours of the morning, but the fact was, nobody knew, or likely cared that she was gone. The night was
black, with no stars to be seen. Antoine was gone; there was nothing to be done. Victoria had no more
tears left to cry. That had been done at the funeral one year ago.

Their life together had been bliss. They had met seven years ago in England, during one of many
summers spent in London. It was Victoria's homeland. Indeed she had been born there, but she had
lived in France most of her life, and had considered it truly her home.

At first, she'd wanted nothing to do with the rather foppish Frenchman, but Antoine Duvalier's
persistence finally won her over. They fell deeply in love, married, and settled in Paris that very
Autumn. It was three years of Heaven. They hadn't yet been blessed with children, but even though
Victoria was nearly thirty years old, she was still of childbearing age, and there would certainly be
time. Tragically, it was not to be. Antoine, barely thirty-five himself, took suddenly ill, and was dead
before a doctor could be summoned.

Victoria found herself on the bridge over the Seine. She felt herself drawn to the parapet,
overlooking the murky, rushing waters.

"Antoine, I'm coming!"

Somehow, in spite of her full skirts and her delicate frame, she hoisted herself up to balance there
precariously. She felt cold, even though she wore Antoine's oversized greatcoat. Victoria's thick,
raven tresses flowed freely to her was the way Antoine loved it most, and since his
funeral, Victoria would have it no other way. Her eyes were as dark as her hair, and they starkly
contrasted with her delicate, porcelain skin. Victoria Duvalier was a beautiful woman, who was now
utterly alone as she stood, contemplating her own demise. She looked down at the wall.

"Curious. Why would somebody leave his hat?"

Victoria suddenly felt a chill. A gust of wind almost knocked her off the wall. She got to her knees
and held fast.

"No!" Victoria heard a voice. "You must not!"

"Antoine?" She cried, knowing that was impossible. "Antoine!"

"This is not the answer." The voice continued, "You are needed."


Victoria looked around, still balanced unsteadily. Her eyes were drawn to the hat. She picked it up as
she clambered down. The impulse to go to the riverbank seized her as she placed the hat on her head.
It slid down well below her ears. It was obviously a man's hat, and a rather large one at that, but
somehow, she felt comforted wearing it. Picking up her lantern, she took the quickest route she knew
to her destination.
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