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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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Victoria had awakened quite late that morning. It was no wonder, considering the goings on the night
before. She dressed quickly, to make sure that her guest would not be left alone for long. She needn't
have worried. When she looked in on him a few minutes later, he was still sleeping soundly, with no
signs of stirring.

It was just as well. She sighed. Nothing much mattered now anyway. Victoria wondered what it was
that brought that man to such a state...such desolation, hopelessness, that he would choose to end his
life. It was a state so much like her own. It frightened her, but she remembered the words that rang in
her head..."You are needed!" She thanked God then and there, that the man had jumped before she

Victoria finished preparing suitable garments for her guest. She was about to bring them to him while
she checked on him again. Truth be told, she was becoming a little concerned, since it was already
well past noon...

"Victoria!" Victoria heard a voice. It was her aunt, returning early.

"Aunt Elisabeth?" she replied, mildly annoyed at the interruption.

"Oh Vicky, I was so concerned. Are you all right! I would never have forgiven myself..."

"I wasn't expecting you till later this evening."

Victoria tried to hide her feelings. After all, the old lady was just looking out for her as she always
did. Deep down, Victoria was grateful that Elisabeth had come to Paris and moved in with her and
Antoine shortly after they were married. But now, well, the situation would be difficult to explain
without causing much concern.

Elisabeth's concern was well founded, more than she knew. "Really, Aunt Elisabeth, I just needed to
be alone for awhile." Victoria attempted to reassure the woman.

"But for all night? No, dear, that was just not proper..."

"But I asked you to leave! Besides, I was not alone for long."
Victoria could have slapped herself. She hadn't intended to broach the subject this way. It would have
been easier if Elisabeth had been there after all...but if Elisabeth had been there...well, it was God's
own Providence...

The look on Elisabeth's face spoke volumes. Concern with just a hint of disapproval.

"Not alone? But who?"

Victoria sighed. She was found out.

"I was out...walking last night by the river, when I came upon..."

"The river?!?! What were you doing by the river?!"

"Never mind what I was doing..."

"Victoria...I know you've only been a widow for a short time, but there are certain conventions..."

"Yes, yes...I know... A widow must remain in full mourning dress for an entire year, after which she
is allowed to add only one colour, but only the approved colours, and she must be properly somber at
all times, never far from tears over her dear departed..."

"I'm being serious, my dear! You had no business being alone last won't happen again!"

"I told you I was not alone all night."

Elisabeth got an odd look on her face, and without a word, started for Victoria's room.

Victoria made no move to stop her, but said a silent prayer.

Elisabeth returned to Victoria, slightly pale. "You spent the night with him?"

"I slept in your room." Victoria said patiently. "Besides, he was in no condition to...take

"Doubtful he would have, even if he could... You still haven't told me..."

"Now what do you mean by that? Elisabeth, do you know this man?"

Elisabeth looked at Victoria incredulously. "You truly don't know who he is?"

"He was in need, and I helped him...although I had to convince him to allow it...beyond that, he did
not tell me his name." Victoria said.

"In that case, I'll let him be the one to tell you. But please tell me how he came to be here."

"Please don't be shocked." Victoria said, as she started to tell Elisabeth all that happened during the
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