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London, bridges falling down

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A story I wrote in 4th Grade about a gril that has cancer and meets a ghost.. and falls in love with the, I was a strange child...

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A*N---I don't actually expect any of you to like this...
It was a little story I wrote in 4th grade and I thought it was amusing to read, so I'm going to post it to keep you guys preoccupied until I can get a real story up here.
It probably has tons of things screwed up so...bare (bear?) with me and laugh at my retardation!!!

London sat on her bed, listening to her favourite band, Fallen Angels. They shouted the lyrics to their song harshly, and then they were singing quietly, almost whispering. If London had to compare their music to anybody's, she would say that it was like a female version of My Chemical Romance.

"You know, I remember the day I found out. It was the worst day of my life, then I got to go home. Didn't go away of course. I'm still here and dying."

"Are you happy? You should be?"

"I think you'll make it. It'll go away."

"I'll come visit you, when I get out, of course."

These were the words that lots of other cancer patients had said to London before she had left the hospital. These were the words that had stuck in her head and replayed over and over again. The words made her melancholy, but she was alone by now. She wouldn't be entirely alone, but her one best friend, Indy, was on vacation.
"Lynny!!!" London's mom called. "Lynny" was her nickname. "Come down here a minute! I have to talk to you!" London sighed and sat up. She fumbled in the dark for her radio remote, and shut the music off.
"Coming!!" She hollered back.
She tripped as she was getting off of her bed and walked into the wall beside her door.
"Ow! Not the door!" she groaned. She grabbed the doorknob and stepped into the hot, dry air of the downstairs that wasn't air conditioned. She grunted and stated walking slowly down the stairs, into the kitchen, where her mom was holding pots and pans and kicking a box a couple of feet across the floor.
"Hi, Sweetie. How are you doing? Do you want me to make you something to eat? I'm hungry and I'm going to make something for me, but if you want something, I'll just make dinner now." London's mom, Grace, tried to take a step toward London, but she tripped on another box and she, along with all the pots and pans, went crashing to the ground. Grace clambered to pick the pots and quickly gave up. She stood and looked down and London.
"I'm ok, Mommy. I'll make something later," London replied, bending down to help her mom.
When all the pots and pans were picked up and put away, London went back upstairs. She sat gently on the edge of her bed and whispered, "I hate moving." She and Grace had had to move because Grace wanted to put all of the bad things, like London's father, who was an alcoholic, and the day they first found out the London had cancer. After a minute, London realized that she still hadn't been in the attic, because her mom always yelled at her when she tried to go.
They had only been in their new house for a week, but London was tired of it already. While her mom was distracted, she tip-toed out of her bedroom and the rest of the way up the stairs, into the dark hallway that led to the attic.
She crept to the door and carefully turned the doorknob. She pushed the door, which squeaked slightly and walked in, being sure to leave the door cracked when she walked in. She saw a bar, with a mirror behind it and 4 dusty old stools. She also saw a collection of old whiskey and vodka bottles, aged and covered in dust. It took a minute for her to realize that the bottles must have been older than she was, because the house they moved in was Victorian.
She walked over and gently wiped the dust off of one of the bottles. Behind her, she saw boxes, some covered by sheets, some dusty and open. Others were boxes that must have belonged to her mother, because they weren't dusty or covered and they were clearly marked with sharpie markers.
All of a sudden, London heard a soft and muffled bang as something fell behind her. She hastily spun around to look at the area from which the noise came. She didn't see anything but a stack of boxes with a dusty sheet lying next to it. The sheet was on the boxes a split second before. London's eye brow's involuntarily furrowed in confusion.
She couldn't figure out what had just happened. She heard another noise, softer this time, coming from behind that bar. She shifted her glance from the boxes to the bar. After a couple of seconds, a tall man with a very pale complexion stepped out from behind the bar.
London took in his appearance before she even attempted to speak. He was tall, taller than she had realized at first. He had to be at least 6 foot tall. He had short, copper, mussed up hair. He was also wearing what looked like some kind of a soldier's uniform. He had on black polished shoes and blue dress pants that had a green stripe down the side and a matching blue shirt with long sleeves and a green stripe. It had gold buttons up the middle. He had on a black belt and what looked like a black belt across his chest. He was definatly a soldier, possibly from the civil war. After looking for a moment, she realized that he was see through. For a second, she panicked and couldn't figure out what to do about the weird, see-through guy, but then she calmed and tried to talk reasonably.
"Hi? Um...why are you in my house?" she asked carefully.

"HA! Why am I in your house? Why are you in my house?" the man asked, stunned that she would accuse him of being in her house. He was actually angry. She tried again.
"Ok. My mom and I just bought this house and it's been for sale for at least 3 months. I'm London and my mom's name is Grace. Now, who are you?"
"London? Pft. Like the city? ...okay... I'm Johnathin and my mother owns this house. I live here with her and my 2 bothers. My last brother, James, the oldest, just died, last month, " the man explained.
"Um...No. Your mother doesn't live here. Neither do your brothers. I live here with my mother. We just moved here to get away from my father. He was abusive... I don't know why I just told you that." She added, quietly. John walked over to a café table that was sitting in the middle of the room and sat down on one of the dusty stools.
"John-I can call you John, right?" She continued after he nodded. "Um...why are you see-through?" London asked curiously.
John looked down at himself and said, "I'm not see-through. What are you talking about?" John asked, stifling a laugh at how immature she sounded.
"Oookkay. You think that." London told him, smiling at his foolishness. He was clearly see-through. London wouldn't have thought that anything was strange if she hadn't been able to see herself through him in the mirror.
John snorted and gave her a dirty look.
"Honestly! If you don't think you are stand up and looking the mirror!" London exclaimed. John gave her an exasperated look that said "I'm finished with you." He stood up and turned around, looking toward the mirror. His face grew slack as he realized that he could see London through himself, and that he could only see the faint outline of himself. Ha sat back down and buried his face in his hands. I walked over and tried to rub his back, but when I did, my hand went right through him and landed on the table in front of him. I shivered. It had felt like I had stuck my hand in a bucket of ice.
"Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" London exclaimed.
John shook his head. "It doesn't matter..."
"Do you remember a funeral? Or dying?...What's the last thing you can remember?" London asked carefully, trying not to hurt his feelings or make him remember something he didn't want to.
He thought for a moment and looked into London's eyes. Wow. She was absolutely stunned. She didn't think that a ghost could convey so many emotions. Especially with just one glance.
"Honestly? The last thing I remember...I remember being at a funeral. A man was in the coffin. I'm sure it was my brother-he looked just like me. Thinking back now though, it couldn't have been my brother, because I remember having been at my brother's funeral once already. Why and how would we have another one? I remember having a bird's eye view. I was above the man in the coffin. My momma was crying and I went and stood beside her, putting my hand on her back. She didn't notice me, though. She was crying and I heard her say 'no one's near me now-I've lost them all' and she cried some more. It was really quite cold. I'm really quite cold right now, actually..." John's voice trailed off.
"Um-How old are-were-um...what age...erm..." London couldn't figure out what to say. "What year were you born?"
"Me? I was born in 1835." He replied.

"Um...John? Are you sure you're alive? You're cold, you were in a coffin, you have no reflection, you aren't solid, and you are 1171 years old. I'm sorry to have to break the news to you, but I am pretty sure, I mean, this is just a guess and all, but I think that you, Mr....John are dead." London said it with a slight smile, so as to not hurt his feelings, but he took it hard all the same. He bent back down and put his face, once again, in his hands. London heard Grace yelling for her to come and get some food.
John looked up, startled, when he heard the unfamiliar voice.
"It was my mom again," London explained. He nodded and leaned down again. "Um, John? I have to go. My mom will be worried and she'll be looking for me. Tell me something though." London got him to look up. She started right into his pale blue eyes and smiled. "Is there any way that I can get a key, so I can see you again? I want the attic to be our place..." London shied away from him as she said it, suddenly becoming self-conscious.
He smiled at her and disappeared. He reappeared across the room, by an old antique vanity. She saw him open the drawer, with unnatural speed and he reappeared beside London's chair.
"Wow. That was...impressive and...not humanly." London breathed.
"Well, no. It wasn't humanly. I'm not human..." John reminded her.
"Wow. I'd like to know what happens to your girlfriends..." London told him. He smiled.
"Don't worry, I'm gentle." He pointed out.
London smiled. He reached his hand out to give her a key that he had gotten out of the vanity.
"This," he said, taking her hand, and putting his (the one with the key) in hers. "Is a skeleton key. It can open any door in this house. I know it doesn't look like it would fit, but believe me, it will. You can lock the door and only you can open it to come and see me. If your mother comes up...I'll think of something you can tell her. Will I see you tomorrow?" John stared into her eyes.
"Yes. I can do my best," was London's simple reply. She wanted nothing more but to hug him at that moment, but she heard her mom yell again and she heard foot-steps going down the hall, toward the stairs. She kissed her hand twice quickly and turned, walking at the door. She stopped and locked it hastily, before taking of down the stairs and sliding onto her bed. She didn't sit down before she found one of her new magazines on the floor and picked it up, so as to make it look like she was reading the whole time. She heard her mother rap gently on the door twice, before coming in, uninvited.
"Hey, sweetie. how are you? I made some enchiladas. You hungry?" Grace asked gently.
"Yeah, I think I might come and eat something." London answered. "Shouldn't Indy be home by now?"
"Yes, dear. I spoke to her mother just an hour ago. Do you want to call her?" Grace asked.
"Yeah, I wanna eat first, though..."
London followed her mom downstairs and into the kitchen, where she had the table set, full of food, and waiting on London to eat it. She sat down and ate and while she ate, her mom talked. She didn't really even talk about anything set, just whatever she thought London needed to know, and whatever came to mind. When London was finished eating, she thanked her mother with a hug and grabbed the phone as she was running back upstairs. She went into her bedroom and dialed Indy's number.
"Hi, Is Indy there?" London asked Indy's dad, polietly.
"Hang on..."
"Yo," Indy answered.
"Hey, how was your vacay?" London was curious.
"It was sunny. And hot...and pretty much the same as every vacation..."
"Sounds fun. You wanna spend the night...?" London wanted John to meet Indy.
"Yeah, sure. I'll be over in a few...Laters"
London straigtened her room up and yelled down the stairs to tell Grace that Indy was coming over. Grace said she would make some cookies. London smiled at her mother. She loved her so much, even though she was a little over-protective. She didn't really care that much though, it was her job, her right. London went over to her desk and got out her craft basket. She pulled a piece of sturdy ribbon out and measured it around her neck. She slipped the key onto it and tip-toed back up-stairs to the attic. She put the key into the lock and gently pushed the door open, again. She looked around for John, but couldn't see him. She figured that if she called, he wouldn't hear her, but she could sit there for a couple of minutes and he would show up on his own. She started to walk over to the table, when she felt something cold and heavy on her shoulders. She turned to see John standing beside her, smiling. She smiled, too.
"How..."She started as she stared at him in amazment. She didn't have to finish her thought for John to know what she meant.
"I asked to pros." He raised his finger to her lips. "Shhh...secret, don't tell." His finger wad cold against her soft lips, but she liked it. She wished he wasn't so cold, that she could make him warm, but she couldn't. She would just have to wait.
"I invited Indy over. I want you to meet her. She's my best friend. No crushes, now! I found you..."London smirked at him. At first he put on a fake face of disgust, then he softened and laughed.
"Don't worry, with you here, I won't even notice her," he told her. It made her blush and John laughed again.
"London, Indy!!!" Grace yelled from downstairs. London heard Indy's delicate and careful footsteps on the stairs. Indy took ballet, so every step she took was quick and light. John let go of London's shoulders and she walked silently out of the room.
"Indy, come here. Shhh...."
Indy nodded and put her bag in the hallway, next to London's bedroom door. She tip-toed up the stairs, also knowing, all to well, that London wasn't allowed in the attic. They walked in and Indy looked around in awe. It was magnificent. Disgustingly dirty, but brilliant. London waled to the table and sat down. Indy followed.
"Indy, the first time I came up here, I was exploring and I turned and saw a man behind that counter," London explained, pointing behind Indy, toward the bar. "The man turned out to be a ghost. I know, I know. 'Bull. Ghosts don't exist.' Yeah, you go on thinking that...Anyways, the guys name is John and he's really sweet. I want you to meet him. John?" Just when London finished, she saw Indy go whiter than John and she felt a cold hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see John standing behind her. After Indy's colour returned to her face, John sat next to London and the three of them talked into the night. Eventually, Indy got tired and went to bed. When she left, London got up and stared toward the stackes of boxes.
"Do you mind?" she asked John pointing at a stack.
"Not at all."
London smiled and took the sheet off of the first stack. She opened the top box to find a big, beautiful, white dress. She took it out and held it up. It was her size exactly. She was unnaturally thin. She had lost to much weight from the chemo. She looked at John He had shifted in his seat. He was leaning back, with his hands behind his head and his legs streched out in front of him. London raised her eyebrows.
"It was my wife's. I first got married when I was...16. She was 13. She died when she was 16." John explained. London saw the look of pain on his face and quickly tried to fold it and put it back in the box. Before she had it in the box, John said, "Why don't you try it on?I want to see you in it." London looked at him, surprised, but put the dress on. It was so beautiful. She envied the girl. Not only because of the dress, but because she got to wear it to marry...
"John? Can you button this?" London asked him turning around after she had it on. He stood and walked over to her. He grabbed the buttons and fixed them all the way up the back of the dress. London turned and looked at John. He was staring at her like she had just smacked him.
"Is it that bad? I'll just take it off..."
John grabbed her arm before she could start to unbutton it and spun her around. He hugged her and pulled her closer to him than she had been before.
"Quick question. You can touch me, can I touch you?" London asked John.
"I don't know, let's see." He leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips.
She leaned back and smiled at him.
"Seems like it," she replied.
John chuckled and walked back to the table to sit down.
London took the dress off and put it back in the box by itself. She moved on to the next box and found letters. She looked over at John, who had his eyes closed, but was undoubtedly waiting for her to say something to him. She looked at the was stamp on the outside of one of the envelopes and opened it carefully, pulling the letter out gently, so as not to rip it.
She read it.

Dearest John,
I have missed you since I've left. On this trip, though it may sound improper for me to say, I have found that I have great disdain for the contenent of Europe. I know, it is rude and unlady-like, but if I don't even trust myself saying things like that to you, my husband, who in this world can I trust? I just wanted to let you know that, terrible as it is for me to say this, I will be late to arrive home. My goodness. All this taveling, when will we ever have time to have children? So help us God.
Yours to the end,
Maria James
"James? Johnathin James? Middle name, please?" London said, slipping the letter back into the envelope and picking out another to read. She turned and peered at John out of the corner of her eye. One of his eyes had popped open and he was staring at her.
"OK, Mr.James,tell me something, will you? Unless it is to bold for me to mention," London said, trying to mimick the 19th century way of speaking.
"Did you really, actually want to marry Miss Maria, or was it arranged?"
"Both. Our familes had gotten along since I could remember. Maria and I had met when we were just babies and we had always gotten along well together. When we got older, we decided that we were in love and that we wanted to get married. When we told this to our familes during a Sunday dinner, they all cheered and told us that they had been planning on arranging for us to marry anyways and it just made it so much better that we just happened to get along so well," John explained.
"Oh," London said, a sinking feeling rising in her chest. She was hoping that he had married her against his will, so he actually got to be able to choose whether or not he liked London for himself. She wanted to be the first. Oh, well...
The next letter she picked up was from John to Maria.

Sweetest Maria,
I'm terribly sorry to hear about your mother. I will be over as soon as humanly possible. Just know that she will be there always, as am I. Oh, what I would give for you to be in my arms right now. I wish I could even remember how your silky lips feel on mine and how you soft, smooth skin feels when you touch me. You have been away far too long, I must admit. And no matter how you fight me, you will never be away this long again. I can only hope all goes well on your way home and that you will arrive in a timly manner.
Love always,
Johnathin A. James

She turned and looked at John again, sitting in the chair, legs streched out in front of him, once again, eyes closed. London could tell he was pretending to sleep, but he wasn't very good at acting. She put the letters back in the box and stacked them all back up. She walked to the table and picked her key up. She had started tip-toeing toward the door when John opened his eyes and said, "where're you going?"
"I have a guest," London replied. "I suppose if you want me to sleep up here though, I could leave her a note..."
London went back downstairs and found a piece of paper and a pen and left Indy a note saying that she was staying in the attic and to come and wake her up in the morning before she went downstairs.
She gathered some pillows and a couple blankets and went back upstairs. She found and empty corner, behind a wall of boxes ans layed one of the blankets down and put the pillows on top and layed down, covering herself with the other blanket. John had realized by now that she had come back in and he walked over and said, "what about me?"
London opened one eye, just as he had earlier, and replied, "what about you?"
John smiled at her and picked up a corner of the blanket, sliding in beside her. She smiled to herself and rolled over so she could put her head on John's shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer.
"Night, Lynney."
"Good night, Mr. James."


In the morning, London was woken up by John, softly whispering her name. London grunted and rolled over, pulling the blanket up, over her head.
"Lynney, you'vo got to get up! Grace is calling and she's going to come upstairs and try to wake you up in a couple of minutes! I went downstairs and checked." London sat upright and glared at him. John started laughing. She gave him her trade-mark look of death.
"What is your problem? My God..." she snarled at him.
"My, my. Aren't we a treat in the morning?" John asked, still laughing, as he reached up and flattened her hair. He grabbed her hand and said, "Good morning, Sweet heart. How'd you sleep?" London grrunted again and fell back against her pillows. John went back to laughing. When he finally stopped, he put one of his arms behind her and one under her legs and picked her up. At first she was startled and fought him, trynig to get him to put her down, but then she realized that he was bigger and a whole lot stronger than she was, so she gave up fighting. He walked to the door and set her down on her feet. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her quickly.
"Go. I know you'll be back in a little bit," he told her.
She turned and started walked toward the stairs when she realized that she hadn't grabbed her key. Before she could say anything, she reached up to her neck and John said, "It's already there, darling. I'm always a step ahead." She smiled at him again and went downstairs, to her bedroom.
Indy was sitting in her bed, reading one of the magazines London had left on the floor.
"How was your night, you tramp?" Indy said, smiling over the top of SevenTeen. London smiled back and walked over to sit beside her.
"We didn't do anything and you know it. I am pretty sure, though, that we are the only people who can see him. So just make sure you don't say anything to anyone. Got it? Good."
"Lynney!! Indy's mom just called! She has to go home and we have some errands to run!!!" Grace yelled from downstairs. Indy looked and London sadly.
"I'll sneak back over tonight. It's only Saturday!" Indy told her.
She smiled at Indy. They had only done this way too many times...
After Indy had gathered her things and left, Grace and London went to the grocery store and didn't get home until later that evening. London was going to call Indy when they got home, but she remembered that she had a date so she wouldn't get home until late. London asked her mom if she could go for a walk, because she didn't have much longer to be able to, and she said it was ok. By the time London was ready to leave, it was dark out, but she didn't mind. She liked the dark better anyways. She got onto one of the main roads and saw that the entire road was blocked off because there was a traffic accident. London was curious, so she walked to the cops and asked what had happened.
"Looks like this:
This girl and this guy were at his house and they had left to go out somewhere. The guy, part way to where ever they were going, decided that he was sick of living and he was going to crash the car. With his girlfriend in it. He decided that if he couldn't live, he wsan't going to let his girlfriend live either. Well, he got his wish. He went into the side of the building, injured 6 people inside and killed himself and his girlfriend."
" you know who they are?" London asked, knowing that it wasn't any of her business, but wanting to know anyway.
"Er...No, I don't, but that guy over there is in charge of that." The cop pointed to a tall man in a coat and a bright orange vest, walking around, writing things down.
"Um, excuse me? Do you know who the 2 people in the crash were?"
"Seems they were Dustin Goods and Indohlin Baker," the man replied.
London's heart shattered. She felt as though some one had just shot her. No, no it couldn't be. She didn't believe them and she wasn't going to. She just talked to Indy this morning. They were laughing together. She ran to the car in the side of the building and saw 4 cops follow her, yelling the whole way. When she looked into the car, she saw the last thing she wanted to. She saw her best friend, along with her boyfriend, sitting in the car, a mangled, bloody mess. London fell onto her knees and started crying. All of a sudden she saw a bright light and looked up. There above her, were Indy and Dustin both, rose petals falling beneath them. London thought this rather strange, but was too distraught to notice. Indy looked down and caught London's eye.
"Don't worry, Lynney! You'll see me again. I'll come back for you..." Indy reassured her, then she dissappeared. It was all completely unexplained, but London was still distressed. One of the cops grabbed her shoulder and yanked her up off the ground.
"London? You can't be here! Are you alright? Vinny! Get a doctor, now!!!!" This was the cop that had helped to determine what was wrong with London the day she collapsed in the store because of her cancer.
"Mr.Anderson, I'm...I'm...not ok." London whispered the last part.

After she had convinced Mr.Anderson that she didn't need a doctor, she ran home, knowing full well that it wasn't good for her. When she slammed into the door and stomped frantically into the house her mother had different opinions on her running.
"London, where did you go? Were you running? You know-" Grace was interrupted by London.
"Mom, it doesn't matter, we have to call Indy's mom and-" London tried to tell her what had happened, but Grace wouldn't shut up.
"Do Not Interrupt Me...You know that you can't be running! It's going to cause you to collapse again! What would've happened if you had just collapsed in the middle of the street you wouldn't-"
"MOTHER!!!! SHUT UP!!! CAN'T YOU SEE I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU!!!!" London screamed as loudly as she could. She hurt her own ears. "Can you not stop talking for 5 seconds? I am not 4! I can take care of myself. Don't you dare try to stop me from talking," London growled bitterly, when her mother opened her mouth to interrupt London."When I was walking, I saw a car accident. I walked over and asked one of the cops what had happened. He told me that it was a girl and her boyfriend, going somewhere on a date. Part of the way to where ever that date was, the guy crashed the car inbto the side of the building injuring 6 people inside of the building and killing himself and his girlfriend. Do you know who that boy was? It was Dustin Goods." At this, Grace caught her breath. She was in a yoga class with Dustin's mom and she knew about him and Indy."The girl," London continued."Indolin Baker. I don't know if they called her mom yet, but I think she has the right to know." London finished, reaching up and wiping tears from her eyes and face. She could barely see through her tears. She ran to pick up the phone and dialed Indy's number.
When INdy's mom answered, she sounded fine, as if no one had yet told her.
"Um...Mrs.Baker? Has anyone called you? No? Um." London let out a small sob and tried to keep her composure. "She-she was in a car accident. She and Dustin were both killed. It was on the corner of Lincoln and Johnson. Yeah. I was walking and I stopped to see what happened. I'm positive. No, no one else is named Indolin Baker. I know. I'll be over as soon as possible." London hung up the phone and said, "Mom, I have to go." Grace told her to wait a minute. that she was going to call the Goods and then she would drive her. When they got to the house, Mrs.Baker was gone. She had left a note on the front door.

Gracie and London,
Thank you so much for trying to help, but I've been called by the police. I will call as soon as I can.

When Grace and London got back to their house, Grace told London to stay at home and that she was going to the Goods' house to see if they were ok. London waited for her mom to leave and went upstairs to find John. As soon as she walked into the attic she saw him standing in front of her, a smile on his face. When he saw that London was crying, his smile disappeared.
"Lynney, what's wrong? Is everything ok?" he asked, concerned.
"No! No, no, no, everything is NOT ok!!!" London walked to where she put blankets down for a bed and dropped. She tucked her knees up to her chest and rocked back and forth.
"Indy's boyfriend killed himself and Indy in a car accident. He crashed into the side of a building. My mom loved Indy. Now she's gone, and I will be soon, too," London sobbed into her knees. John walked over and started rubbing her back gently.
"London, don't say that...I can't even bare the thought of having 2 women I love die."
London cryed for a few more minutes, in John's arms. Suddenly, she was cold and she felt a pair of warm, strong hands where John had been touching her before.

"London, you're with me now. Never worry again," John comforted her.
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