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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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"Oh dear, Monsieur, I'm sorry I woke you, but I must say I'm glad you're awake. I was beginning to
worry." Victoria smiled sweetly. Javert blinked. It was the portrait come to life. The angel...from
where did he know her? Of course! The river! His steel blue eyes grew wide, and his mouth hung
slightly open as he speechlessly took her in. Nothing could have prepared him for his reaction. So
much had changed so quickly, and he was very nearly overwhelmed by it all.

"Monsieur, are you all right?" Victoria automatically placed her hand upon his brow to check for
fever. There was none, Thank God.

"Forgive me, Madame." Javert said, a bit shakily, responding to her touch. "I thought perhaps you
were a dream..."

Victoria blushed a little, but she took his hand reassuringly and said, "I am quite real, Monsieur."
She paused for a moment before she continued. "I've brought you something to wear. I hope it's
suitable. I've sent your clothes to be laundered."

"Thank you, Madame," Javert replied, his voice a little stronger now, "I am in your debt."

Victoria smiled yet again. "I'm Madame Duvalier." Her eyes clouded briefly, then she continued
meaningfully. "I've been widowed year ago yesterday." Brightening, she said, "And how
may I address you, Monsieur? My Aunt Elisabeth says I should already know you, but I do not."

"My name is Javert. That is how you may address me."

"Very well, Monsieur Javert." The name was vaguely familiar, as though she'd read it somewhere.
"Yes!" She said suddenly. "I...I do remember you...Monsieur L'Inspecteur!"

"How is that possible?" Javert was puzzled. He was certain that he'd never seen this woman before
last night.

Victoria blushed deeply. "Well, we haven't actually met before. I know you by your reputation."

She realized she still held his hand. Javert, for his part, had not pulled away. He sensed that Victoria
did not wish to elaborate, and somewhat uncharacteristically, he did not press.

Victoria gently pulled her hand away from his. "If you're feeling strong enough, after you've dressed,
we can eat together in the dining room, or I can bring you something in here while you rest some

"Thank you, Madame. I believe I shall join you in a moment."
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