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Makes Me Wonder

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Just when things were going good... typical.

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You wanted it, you got it! =]

"And that's why she's coming to live with me. Just so I can look after her." He emphasized the word 'just' as Joe looked at him, his mouth open. "I don't know whether she'll go back home after she's had the babies. Or before she has. I really don't know - maybe Danny will come back, maybe he won't. I don't even know why they broke up, I'm not sure I want to know. But all I know is I have no idea how long she'll stay."
Joe climbed over the couch to get closer to him, a surprised look on his face. Jenny and Andy moved over to make room for him.
"Dude, are you crazy?"
"This is what you wanted. A family unit! Like, she'll be living with you. You're all gonna be together."
"That's not a family unit. That's like... a divorced couple who can't afford a new house."
"Patrick, think about this /logically/. She's scared, you're scared. And you're both gonna be parents. You have to get back together!"
"See, that's the thing, Joe. I don't know if I want to get back with her now. After tonight I feel like I'm more secure."
"After you were talking to Pete today about how you'd yelled at Christina how much you love her?"
"Well, I know that. I do love her. But I'm at the point now, after what happened this evening, that I can be there for her and stop being such a baby and just... be a father. You know what I man?"
Joe, Jenny and Andy all shook their heads in unison.
"Basically - seeing the state she was in over Danny, it's made me realize... maybe she did love him more than me. And it kinda stopped any hope that one day we would be together again."
"But there is hope!" Andy said, "You can win her over while that Danny guy's out of the picture!"
"I can't win anymore, Andy. I've tried. And I've failed. I'm done trying."
"Aw, come on Patrick. There's still time."
"No, Joe, I'm done. That ship's sailed. She loves him and maybe he'll come back soon, you never know. They might work things out. I just have to concentrate on being a dad now."
"All right." Joe said, holding his hands up. "Your choice."
"Where's Pete? He's been gone ages."
"He's upstairs with Christina." Andy replied. "I think it's real good what you're doing, Patrick. You're a much bigger person than we are."
"Yeah, if that was us we'd be yelling obscenely and telling them 'boo hoo, dry your eyes'! And I'd be telling them I want my Transformers back." Joe butted in.
"I can imagine." Patrick smiled.
"That's why you don't let your girlfriend touch your Transformers!" Andy pointed out.
"It's good to share!" Joe replied. "You're just selfish."
"I just don't let girls ruin my toys." Andy said, his eyes widening as he replayed what he had said in his head.
"That sounds weird, that I still play with toys, doesn't it?"
Patrick and Jenny nodded while Joe shook his head.
"I still do."
"Yes, but Joe, you're still a kid."
"All right, you lot, come on. Let's leave the parents-to-be to get some sleep before they're totally deprived of it." Pete said from the doorway.
"Aww, man, I don't wanna go!" Joe whined, sitting back and folding his arms.
"Do you want me to carry you, like, physically? 'Cause I will." Pete threatened. Joe gave him the finger and Pete returned it with a smile.
"Come on." Pete said, nodding his head in the direction of the door. "/Now/."
"Hey, Pete, what did Christina say to you?" Patrick whispered amidst the ascending of jackets and fidgeting of the others. Pete pulled his own jacket on and looked at Patrick. He wanted to make him happy but he didn't want to make him miserable. He couldn't bear it.
"She said... she said, she messed up."
"Right." Patrick nodded.
"So, we'll see you tomorrow, right buddy?" Andy asked.
"Don't worry, I'm sure they'll automatically let themselves into my house again. So I'll make sure they let you get a lie in." Pete said, ushering them out of the door. Jenny leaned in and kissed Patrick on the cheek.
"I'm glad everything's OK, Patrick."
Patrick smiled and shook his head at the same time.
"It's not OK, Jen. It never will be." He said, his smile turning into a sad one.
Jenny hugged him and closed the door behind her, completely unsure of what to say. Patrick sighed and switched the lights out downstairs, making his way upstairs. He stopped by the nursery he'd worked so hard at decorating and furnishing. All that was missing was the kids. He noticed the light under the door of the room Christina was in, and gently knocked on the door.
"Can I come in?"
He opened the door and walked in slowly, to see Christina sitting on the bed, staring at nothing. He sat down lightly next to her and put his arm around her.
"You'll be fine, sweetheart."
"No, I won't."
"You will. Yeah, life sucks and you'll miss Danny, but you'll get over him in time."
"Why are you being so nice to me?"
Patrick turned his body towards her and scanned her face. That face he'd kissed so many times, that had haunted his dreams at night, and taken over his mind during the day. The face he would never in his life forget.
"Because I want you to be happy."
"You're too nice for your own good."
Patrick shrugged and blushed.
"I try my best."
"Thank you, for everything."
"It was the least I could do."
"I was wrong when I said the cribs were gross. And when I said all that stuff about the babies' room... Pete showed me it again tonight and, it's beautiful."
"They're only gonna share it until they're old enough to have their own beds, you know? I figured they could keep each other company at night instead of being in separate rooms when they're tiny. Then I figured when they're a little older they can have proper beds, only I'll buy those side protectors so it stops them falling out."
"You've thought it through a lot, huh?"
"Yep. I can't get them off my mind." Patrick smiled. "You have a crib at home, right? Or two, I guess you'll need."
"Not at the moment. Danny thought we should buy one a few weeks before they're born."
"Oh. Smart guy that Danny is." Patrick replied. "But if you need anything, you can call me, I'll provide for them so you don't have to worry."
"I won't need anything."
"Nope. Because everything I want is right here." She said, and suddenly her lips were on his, she had pushed him down on the bed and straddled him, (with difficulty), and their lips stayed intertwined. Patrick's mind screamed at him to stop, every inch of his body fought against her, but she was too heavy for him now, and he couldn't open his mouth to catch his breath. His voice was muffled as he yelled out in protest, her lips clamping his mouth shut. She began to undo his pants and unzip his hoodie, ripping his hat off and removing his glasses. He pulled away with every inch of energy he had left and sat up, causing her to roll off him and next to him on the bed.
"What the fuck are you doing? Are you out of your mind?" He gasped, jumping off the bed and grabbing his hat and glasses and shoving them back on.
"That's practically classes as rape!" Patrick said, raising his voice, "What kind of sick stunt are you trying to pull? What are you trying to do to me?"
"I'm sorry, I..."
"This always happens. Whenever we get closer, you bring me down! OK, now I'm here, just tell me what the fuck it is you want to do to me. Do you want me to sit and cry? Do you want me to yell at you again? Or just sit here so you can have your way with me?"
"I want you back, Patrick."
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