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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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Three days had passed. Still there was no change. Victoria was worried. Javert was weaker, she
could tell. "I've only just found you. I can't lose you." She whispered, as she watched for any signs
that he might be improving.

Javert continued to move toward the ever-increasing light. As he moved closer, he felt more peaceful
than he'd ever felt in his entire life. Still, there was something missing. He did not understand. If this
was Heaven, then it surely must be perfection... Then he saw her, and his own eyes stared back at
him. The dark haired Gypsy woman from his childhood. "Mother?" He ventured. "My son...oh how
I've longed to see you!" She embraced him, and he awkwardly returned it. "How I wish our lives
could have been different. I've always regretted leaving you the way I did." "Why?" He managed.
"Why did you go?"
"All you need to know, you will know...but now is not your time." Javert was confused. "Not my
time? I would have thought it was past it, rather..." "No." His mother said. "I would not see you
burn in Hell."

Javert shuddered. Of course. He knew all too well that those who commit the ultimate murder,
suicide, are damned. "And I would not allow my wife to burn there with you." A well-dressed young
man appeared. Javert did not recognize him at first, then suddenly knew. "Antoine Duvalier?"

"Very good, Monsieur. I see you're a credit to your profession. Now, you must go back. My Victoria
needs someone who will care for her."


"He is right, René. You must go. It is not yet your time."

Javert had not heard his given name in decades. He almost believed he'd forgotten it. He still did not


"Don't you see what's right before you, man?" Antoine spoke relentlessly. "Don't let her slip away!"

"The Lord has allowed you one more chance, René. To refuse it is the ultimate sin." Javert's mother
paused. " Still, I had hoped...that you would have seen fit to forgive me..."

Suddenly, the light grew brighter, stronger, until Javert's eyes stung. Antoine Duvalier and Javert's
mother took on an ethereal glow. "I will see you again one day...but for now, Victoria awaits."
Javert's mother said, her voice fading. "Do right by her, Javert!" Duvalier snapped, and they were

"Mother?" Javert's tears finally flowed. "I...I forgive you!"
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