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#8) Sleep

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Just a short catch piece where Mikey had eaten too much and Frankie is forgivin.

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Mikey was stuffed. Mmhm. He'd eaten anything and everything, even ordered seconds. The total bill was close to sixty dollars. He couldn't help but laugh as Bob kept his serious face on when the bill arrived. He didn't even care. Bob just slipped out a hundred and payed, took his change, then ushered Mikey back out of the place.

"Full?" Bob asked once they were in the car and going. Mikey nodded. "To much?"

Mikey nodded again. "I think so. I couldn't eat another bite if I tried. I don't even want to look at food or smell it forever!" Bob laughed.

He pointed out the window. "Mikey, hurry, look!" Mikey turned.

"OH, my God, Bob! I'm gonna kill you!" Mikey turned back away from the Sonic he'd just looked at. "You're an asshole."

Bob shook his head. "Uh-uh. I just bought you sixty dollars of Mexican food, bud! How am I an asshole? I just simply wanted you to see the brilliant paint job on that Sonic." He couldn't help but chuckle at that and Mikey joined in.

"Pfft...whatever." Mikey laid his seat back and stared at the roof of the car. "I wonder where Frank is."


"I said, I wonder where Frank is. I mean, we haven't heard from him all day." Mikey said. "The last I saw of him was early this morning when he had that appointment. But, that shouldn't have lasted all day. I mean, where could he possibly b-" Mikey stopped short.

"What?" Bob asked.

"The hospital. I bet you he's at the hospital." Mikey said, setting his seat back up. "I bet you sixty dollars worth of Mexican food that he's at the hospital with Ray."

Bob just rose an eyebrow. "Why would he be there? I mean, he loathes Ray, right?" Mikey nodded. "Unless psychiatrists are all they say there are, then may be Frank discovered something or other. May be she convinced him to go 'make amends'. Who knows."

Bob nodded. "Well, if he is there, we should leave him alone. He needs to spend some time with Ray on his own." Mikey agreed. "Hopefully he's not in there suffocating Ray with a pillow or something."

"Bob?" Bob looked over at Mikey as they pulled up to where the bus was parked. Gerard's car was there now. He was probably sleeping. "How could you say something like that?" But he laughed nonetheless.


Gerard opened his eyes to slits as he heard a car pull up and the front door to the bus open. It was probably Bob and Mikey. Frank had called earlier when he was sleeping, waking him up, just to tell him that he was very, extremely sorry for using Gerard. And that he was at the hospital and that he swore to God that Ray squeezed his hand.

Gerard forgave him and went back to sleep. God, was he tired. And now Bob would probably come in and challenge Mikey to a game of Guitar Hero II, and then it'd be all loud...Gerard closed his eyes, willing himself to sleep. And it came.
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