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Javert survives the Seine and finds redemption. Javert/Original Character

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The wedding turned out to be a lovely, simple and elegant affair. It took place in Victoria's garden,
where the guests assembled on several chairs and benches. It was just Victoria's extended
family---the Gillenormands and the Pontmercys, as well as a few friends and neighbors. It was a
beautiful day, and the roses were yet in bloom. After what seemed to Javert an interminably long
wait, Victoria came out and took her place beside him. Javert thought that he might faint, or indeed,
was dreaming, when this woman, his angel from the portrait in the bedroom, came to life before his
eyes. Victoria did look angelic, in the soft royal blue silk gown, trimmed in delicate lace. He had
never seen her with her hair upswept, and was immediately dumbstruck. He only hoped he could say
his vows correctly. Victoria smiled, her eyes glistening, and simply whispered. "It is right." Suddenly
calm, with all the certainty of a long hoped for wish fulfilled, Javert repeated. "It is right." And so,
they were married.

Their future, so uncertain before, now promised much contentment for Monsieur and Madame
Javert. Complete redemption for him, after over fifty years of tragedy, Javert would be eternally
grateful for the angel that pulled him from Death into Life. Victoria would thank the Lord for her
happiness regained, because she saved a life, and at the same time, restored her own. There would
be infinite possibilities ahead. Perhaps there would even be children. Certainly, there would be
love---and that, finally, to Javert's continued, utter amazement, was the thing that mattered most.

The End
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