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Chapter Seven - Don't Pretend You Ever Forgot About Me

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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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Pete's house was packed with people. The two couple found it difficult to even go inside and look for the other two band members as music was turned up extremely loud and people were dancing everywhere.
"You know, I don't think it's such a good idea to get inside of that!" Ryan shouted at Brendon over the loud music, pointing towards the mass of people in the living room, as they both held their girl's hand, afraid of losing them in the chaos.
"Let's check out the kitchen, it may be quieter..." Brendon suggested. But when they got in there, the only people mingling around were completely strangers.
"Alright, we're gonna go outside, I'm trying to call Spencer..." Ryan announced after a while, as they were standing in a corner, just watching all the people having fun.
"Yeah, we'll be outside by the pool..." Brendon nodded to his friends. He really wasn't in the mood of standing there anymore, and there weren't many people outside.

"Oh my God, she's falling into the water!" Brendon laughed as they walked by the pool, pretending to protect his girlfriend from diving in.
"Watch it B: if I'm going in, so are you!"
"Meanie..." he laughed as they sat on two lounge chairs, facing each other.
"Hey! I'm not the one who wanted to throw his girlfriend into the water!" she said ready to kiss her boyfriend's lips, but was interrupted by his sidekick going off in his pocket.
He took it out and pressed 'Talk'. "Hello? Awesome... Yeah, we're still by the pool... Alright, we'll wait here..." he flipped his telephone shut before putting it away.
"Ryan?" Ele asked.
"Yeah... apparently they've found Jon and Spencer..."
"Baby if you want to leave, all you have to do is tell me, ok?"
"No it's ok, really... I'm just not used to this kind of huge parties... I never really went to parties before..."
"Yeah, same here... and this is Pete for you..."
They laughed. Brendon gently leaned in to kiss her sweetly on the lips.
When they parted, Ryan & Sarena had returned with the others.
"Hey guys!" they both greeted the rest of their group, and went to give hugs to everyone.
"Anyone seen Pete?" Sar asked a couple of minutes later, and they all shook their heads.
"Let's go find him, babe..." Ryan said standing up and helping her up as well. "We'll be back soon..."
They went back inside and decided to check the smallest living room that was connected to the kitchen. They really weren't looking forward to mingle with the dancing people.
And that's where Pete was, playing a random Xbox game with some other guys.
"Pete!" Ryan called out over the loud music coming from the TV.
As he heard his name being called, Pete lifted his eyes off of the screen and smiled.
"Ryan, Sar!" he paused the game and stood up to greet them. "You made it, cool!"
As Pete started talking with Ryan, Sarena was finally able to see who else was in the room. And she was very surprised to find Nick, one of Ele's brother's best friends, playing video games with Pete Wentz.
"Nick?" she called, and the guy smiled standing up as well.
"Sar! What are you doing here?"
"I'm here with my boyfriend... What about you?"
"Pete invited me..."
"Is Andy around?" Sar asked.
"No, he's at the club..."
That's when Ryan and Pete joined in their conversation.
"You two know each other?" Pete was surprised.
"Yeah, I've known him just as long as I've known Ele and Andy!" Sar replied.
"Oh, yeah... I keep forgetting we probably know the same people!" Pete laughed.
"By the way, Nick, this is Ryan, my boyfriend..."
"Nice to meet you..." Ryan said.
"You too..." they shook hands. "Ele's here as well?"
"Yep, she's out by the pool with her boyfriend..."
"Everyone's by the pool?" Pete asked referring to the group.
"Yeah, we all were, then we decided to come and look for you..." Ryan replied.
"Ok, let's go out..."

Brendon was goofing around with Spencer and Jon, and their girlfriends were shaking their heads at them but mostly laughing along to their jokes.
"Anyone thirsty?"
They all looked up to see Pete, Ryan, Sar and Nick coming towards them, Pete with some cans of sodas in his hands.
Everyone went to hug him and then Ele introduced Nick to Brendon.
"You guys liking the party so far?" Pete asked and everyone nodded.
Pete and Nick then decided to sit down with them, but after an hour they decided to go back to their video games, leaving the couples by themselves.

Thee hours later, Ryan and Sar were kissing while Jon, Cassie, Spencer and Hailey had went back home, leaving Ele and Brendon cuddling on one of the lounge chairs.
"I think I'm ready to leave as well..." Brendon announced, tired of hearing the same kissing noises coming from his best friend and Sar.
"Yeah, me too..."
They stood up.
"Yo, Ryan... we're leaving..."
Ryan looked up, his cheeks flushed a little.
"Oh, ok..." he rummaged in his pockets and gave him the car's keys. "Here... I'm gonna take Pete's car, he said it was ok..."
Brendon shrugged. "Ok, bye guys!"
They said their goodbyes and then left.
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