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Can't Wait

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"FRONT ROW? Heck Yes! Oh my gosh this is awesome!" he eagerly replied. "Great! It starts at six in Spicketville" I said with utter disbelief. I was so shocked that he said yes! Okay, well not THA...

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Chapter 12
After certain events that had occurred at that carnival, yes I'm talking about the kiss, which was ah-mazing, Julia drove me home and I told her it wasn't a "bad" kiss. (Total underestimation) I went to bed and dreamed of rubber ducks. Why? I have no clue.
Ok, so I really don't have much to compare to besides that lame "kiss" if you could even call it that, with Cory. Still, that carnival kiss, it was the most magical minute of my life. The only thing was that I didn't know who it was with.
I woke up Saturday morning and felt unusually giddy. I turned on my radio and heard D.J. Ginger saying something about a contest winner getting concert tickets.
"Ok here is Beyonce and Shakira with Beautiful Liar!"
A song started to play. It sounded like an Egyptian or Spanish type of song, but then it added a hip hop beat. Not really my style. The singing started. Even though I'm not into stuff like this, and more into clean classics, good bands, and the occasional techno hit, I seemed to like the song. It was catchy. I smiled and turned it up. I sat up in my bed and did a little dance. I laughed a little thinking of how stupid I probably looked. I stood up, and in my pajamas, started to dance. I'm not a good dancer, let me tell you, but I was doing it. I started to mouth the words in the chorus as I began to learn them. I moved around my room, and was having fun. It seems like the most ridiculous thing in the world, to be dancing around your room, but I was so caught up in my dancing that the next thing I know, my mom is in my doorway, her arms crossed, with a big grin on her face, and laughter coming out of her mouth. I abruptly stopped dancing. I shut off my radio.
"Oh, hi mom." I said, my face burning with embarrassment.
"Hey there, dancing queen." She said with a chuckle.
"How long were you there?" I asked starting to laugh myself.
"Long enough. Get dressed, I have a surprise for you." She said and left my room, shutting the door.
I hit myself on the head with my pillow five times. What is wrong with you Jemma Summers? I turned my radio on again, and some rap song was playing. I put on a pair of Jeans and a light blue tank top. I brushed my hair and put a silver clip in it. I grabbed my tooth brush and put some toothpaste on it and started brushing as I walked into the living room, wondering what this "surprise" could be.
"So, what is it?" I said while scrubbing my bicuspids.
"Since you have been so good, with your grades, and your job and not getting into trouble, I got you two tickets to The Fray!" she said with a grin on her face.
No. Way.
I ran to the bathroom, spit out my toothpaste, rinsed, and ran back to the living room and screamed.
"Mom! You are the best!" I said jumping with joy. She laughed, liking my reaction. I gave her a big hug and she gave me two beautiful tickets that said front row.
"AHHHHH! Front row!" I picked up my mother and spun her around, put her back down again. She grinned.
"I'm glad that you're pleased!" she replied.
"I'll call Julia!" I said.
"Okay." Said mom. I ran to my room overwhelmed with joy. My mom was awesome! I love The Fray; it's basically my favorite band. I dialed Julia's number, thinking of what an awesome day this was going to be. She answered on the third ring.
"Hello?" she asked.
"Julia! My mom got me tickets to The Fray concert! Can you come?"
"Oh my God! That is awesome, but..." She was excited at first but then she sounded disappointed.
"But What?" I asked.
"Jem, I'm under punishment. No concert." She said. I had forgotten all about that. The carnival had been the only exception, because we had planned to go in advance.
"Oh, that stinks. I'm sorry." I said.
"It's okay. My own fault really," She replied, "Hey! This isn't necessarily a bad thing, for you anyway." She said.
"What do you mean?" I asked out of curiosity.
"Duh, you ask Scott to go with you!" She shrieked over the phone.
"Well, ummm....I don't know." I said. I was thinking that asking Scott to go with me to a concert would seem to...forward. I mean, I defiantly liked him, a lot. However, I just couldn't see him saying yes.
"You have to! I mean, I can't go, so who else are going to go with? Besides, he will totally say yes. You never know, you guys might have a wonderful time and he'll look into your eyes as Isaac Slade sings "Heaven Forbid" and you lean into his kiss." She said, getting carried away with herself. She did have a point, who else would I go with?
"Okay, first of all, there would most likely be no kissing, even if he did say yes, and I'm just afraid he will say no and act all weird around me." I said.
"Well, I'm almost positive he will say yes, and you should take that chance. I have to go, but you should call him and ask him!" She said.
"Okay, I guess it couldn't hurt," I said, wincing with regret, "Bye." I hung up the phone. I was going to ask Scott Harrison to go to a concert with me.
Oh boy.
I picked up the latest phone book, and searched for Harrison. What was Scott's dad's name?
There were three Harrison's. I dialed the first one.
"Hello?" said a man on the other line.
"Hi, is Scott there?" I asked. All of a sudden he started speaking in Spanish.
"Yo Oblo Poco Enlace!" He kept saying.
"Sorry, wrong number." I said then hung up. That was NOT Scott's house. I tried the next time and it was also a wrong number.
"Is Scott there?" I asked an old lady who had answered the phone.
"Who now dear? Are you the girl scouts? I never got my thin mints!" she said in an angry tone.
"No, sorry wrong number." I hung up. Again, not Scott's house. I tried the last one. "Third time's the charm." I said hopefully.
"Hello?" asked a man with a deep voice.
"Hi, Is Scott there?" I asked. Please be his house. Please be his house. Please be his house.
"Ya, hold on one second." He said. Finally!
"Scott, someone is on the phone for you!" the man shouted.
"Hello?" Scott asked over the phone.
"Scott! Hi, it's Jemma." I said.
"Oh, hey Jem! What's up?" he asked.
"Listen, do you like The Fray?"
"Ya, they rock."
"Well, I have two tickets to their concert today, front row, and Julia is grounded, so would you want to come?" This was it. He would probably hang up or just make up an excuse.
"FRONT ROW? Heck Yes! Oh my gosh this is awesome!" he eagerly replied.
"Great! It starts at six in Spicketville" I said with utter disbelief. I was so shocked that he said yes! Okay, well not THAT shocked, but still, it was a good surprise.
"Awesome, hey it takes like an hour and a half to get to Spicketville, right?"
"Ya, that sounds about right." I looked at my clock. It was 10:12.
"So, how are we getting there?" he asked.
"Well, I can drive us there, and pick you up or something." I said.
"Or, if you want, we could meet someplace, and grab something to eat," He said thoughtfully, "I'll drive down there and we eat, then we go to the concert together in one of our cars."
"Sounds Good," I said, "Where do you want to meet?"
"How about Wendy's?" He asked.
"Cool, meet you there in an hour." I said.
"Okay. And Jem?"
"Thanks for inviting me. We are going to have a great time."
"Your welcome," I replied with a smile on my face, "See you at Wendy's."
And with that, we hung up. I turned on my radio full blast, and started singing along with Kelly Clarkson.
"Since you've been gone!" I wailed out into my brush. I'm going to see The Fray with Scott Harrison!
The song ended, and I walked into the living room.
"So, Julia is coming?" Mom asked.
"No, she's grounded, so I'm just going with Scott," I said, "We're meeting at Wendy's in an hour."
I listened to the The Fray's whole C.D. before I left for Wendy's. I was prepared for this concert.
I grabbed my white cardigan, slipped on some light blue chucks, and walked out the door with my purse containing the tickets. I got in my car and drove to Wendy's.
When I pulled into the parking lot, I realized I didn't know what Scott's car looked like, but luckily, he was standing outside of his car (which was a red Pontiac) and waved to me as I parked next to him.
"How to save a life!" was the first thing he said, or sang, as I got out of my car.
"That's the spirit!"
We went into Wendy's and got our food. He said he would even pay for mine, but I said it was okay that I can handle it. What a gentlemen! Okay, Okay, I know I notice everything but I mean come on, he was going to pay for my chicken nuggets and fries and coke and frosty! I may just cry.
We decided to use his car to go to the concert. I got to his car, and sat in the passenger's seat. He had some C.D. cases in the back and magazines, but other than that it was pretty clean. We
started on the road, and I had a feeling we were going to have fun.

A/N: Sorry about the late update, i have been on vacation and haven't been able to update, but i hope this makes up for it! i promise a super quick update on the next chapter!!
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