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Thursday, May 31 2007

Good news!

I'm moving up for P.A to an actual journalist. (Hold the applause)I've been waiting so long for this position. It took me 3 years and here I am finally becoming what I've dreamed up doing since I was little girl.(okay applause) I'm so excited for tomorrow; I can hardly get some shut eye! Now maybe I can prove to some of the people who didn't believe in me that I can! Well goodnight world! Wish me good luck ;)

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'Rise and shine you cool cats, with the wacky hats, do you mind if I holler back. This is 98.1 your music station'

The Radios speakers reached all the way to my bathroom. I was so ready for work I had got up an extra hour early. I was in the Bathtub taking a hot shower. Letting the hot water beat on my chest as I massaged my hair with the shampoo I had poured on it. I raised my head up high because I was enjoying the pleasure of relaxation I was giving myself.


I turned the bathtub knobs clockwise. Once the water was done running I stepped out the tub and grabbed the nearest towel to wrap around me. I pulled out my blow dryer and plugged it up. I then began to dry my hair.


I was putting on my last article of clothing when I heard my house phone ring. I ran to go and pick it up.

"Hello!" my voice was more cheery then usual.

"Alley what are you doing?"

"I'm getting dressed for my new journalist position at work" I almost chuckled because of how big I was smiling.

"Well you need to hurry" her tone sounded rushed

"Why? I woke up an extra hour early"

"No sweetie you woke up and extra hour late. Its pushing 9:00"

"Oh my god! Are you serious?"

"Like a heart attack. Girl hurry and get down here"

"Okay I got to go, bye" I hung up my phone and ran back to my room.

I had to get ready and FAST!


I ran up to Veronica's desk.

"Please, oh please tell me this is all a horrible dream"

She rolled her chair around and crossed her arms.

"You want the lie or the truth?"

"Lie?" I was questioning my own judgment.

"This is all a horrible dream and no way the boss isn't going to be pisst" 'her smile was as fake as someone's hair weave'

I slouched over as I went to sit on the edge of her desk.

"Okay the truth" I huffed.

"This isn't a dream and your so going to get chewed out by a very I mean very pisst boss"

"You know good job on the elaboration to make me feel better" I hissed.

"Hey you said you wanted truth"

"I know. Good going Elle Marie. Nice start on your first day as being the journalist you always dreamed of" I whined talking more to myself.

"Lighten up kid. There's always second chances if he's willing to give any" she rubbed my back trying to comfort me, but truthfully it didn't help, but you can't blame a friend for trying.

"I hope so" I sighed loudly.

"ELLE? ANY ONE SEEN ELLE" the boss called out.

I jumped off her desk and stood in the aisle to be visible to his eye.

"Yes sir, I'm here" I called back. He turned towards my way.

"In my office now" he demanded.

"Coming sir" I replied.

I looked at veronica who was giving me the signal to go. I licked my lips as I proceed down the aisle. I stepped in front of his door that was open.

"Come in come in" he demanded not even looking up at me because he was looking through papers.

I walked in.

"Close the door behind you" he added.

I closed the door and took a seat in the chair in front of his desk. I entwined my fingers and fiddle with my nails.

"You nervous?" he asked still not looking up at me.

"No sir" I replied with a graceful voice.

"Good because in the position your going to be in there's no time for nervousness really. I mean your job is to mingle and get hard hitting one of the kind stories. No nervousness needed there. Not at all"

I just sat there.

He finally lifted his head.

"You have anything to say?"


"Your going to be a journalist. You should have plenty to say"

"I may have nothing to say this very moment but I will have something to write" I had a quick comeback.

'nice going Elle'

"A women quick on her feet. I like it" a smile played along his lips.

"Thanks Mr. Washington" I smiled sheepishly.

"Call me Joe. I like women like you. You know your one of a kind" he jumped up and walked to his door. "Follow me"

I stood up and followed him out the door.

"This business is cruel. That's why you need to stay on your p's and q's. There's always something out there to write about. Even its simply about a old women crossing a street. We need to know when, how, why, and where but your stories will be big. I can feel it" he stopped at this empty cubicle. "This is yours" he smiled.

"Nice. My first desk" my tone was overjoyed.

"I see you like it. Good. Are you ready to work?"

"Yes sir. I'll do anything"

"Your first job is to write an article on a band and I want it to me by this date. You will meet them tomorrow at 12:00am in the lobby of that hotel that's listed on the paper. You'll be staying with them for a few days. Maybe weeks depending on the articles needs. Everything you'll need is on that paper. So do not lose it" He handed me a piece of paper.

"Sir don't you think this is too much for me now? Springing this on me so quickly?" I questioned looking over the paper he handed me.

"Number one rule in this business. Journalist don't complain. They just make the best out of any situation. Now I want this article to be done to your best ability. You'll be traveling with them so I need a dish on there where abouts, there history, likes and dislikes. Get to know the boys and dig down deep. Be creative and willing. The story will be right in front on your eyes. You'll just need to open your ears to see it " finishing his sentence with a cunning smile. "Don't worry you'll be great" he said.

"I'd hate to disappoint you"

"Oh sweetie try me" he began to walk off.

"Are you serious?" I whined to myself.

I looked up and he stopped in his tracks. He turned to face me.

"Oh and I didn't forget about you being an hour late, but don't worry this will make up for it" he said turning back around and walking off.

Veronica came up and stood by my side.

"So he does this to ever P.A that's becoming an journalist?" I asked

"Only the ones he likes" she smirked.

'thanks more pressure'
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