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Chapter One: Loss Of Sleep Over You

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Abby and Patrick are teenagers in love....drama insues Written by Barbara and Kendra Had to post again...ficwad being a pain and not saving for me.

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Chapter One: Loss Of Sleep Over You\n\n\n\nAbby (short for Abigail) woke up at 6:30am. She could barely open her eyes. Usually she was a morning person, but lately she was really tired. She didn\'t want to go to school. Her boyfriend was leaving tomorrow with his band to go on tour. Plus, it was their 3 year anniversary. She went to the bathroom and took a shower and then put on a pair of black jeans and a Blink-182 t-shirt. \nHer phone rang. \"Hello?\" \"Hi Babe. What are you doing?\" She smiled. \"Getting ready for school.\" \"Can you ditch it today?\" \"Patrick, my mom will have a fit.\" \"Please. For me. I\'m going to be gone for awhile. I want to spend the whole day with you.\" \"Le me see what I can do.\" \"See you in a half hour.\" \"Love you.\" \"Love you too.\" She hung up the phone.\n\nAll of a sudden she got sick to her stomach and ran to the bathroom. She threw up. \"Oh god.\" She hoped she wasn\'t getting sick. \"Wait until he\'s gone. Then I can be sick.\" She brushed her teeth and slapped some cold water on her face. She felt a little better. She put on her shoes and grabbed her messenger bag. She went downstairs where her mom was in the kitchen. \"Hi mom.\" \"Good morning Abby.\" \"Mom, can I take the day off from school?\" \"This wouldn\'t have anything to do with Patrick leaving?\" \"Kinda. Please. He\'s leaving tomorrow.\" \"Okay. You owe me one.\" She hugged her mom. \"Thank you so much. He has some special plans for us. When can I come home?\" \"Since it\'s Friday you can stay out til 1:00am. I\'m being generous.\" \"Thank you so much. I love you mom.\" \n\nThere was a car horn honking. \"He\'s here. I\'ll see you later.\" \"Have fun.\" \"Thanks.\" She ran out the door and into Patrick\'s car. \"So..\" Patrick said. \"No school.\" \"Great.\" He kissed her. \"Where are we going?\" I thought we would get breakfast.\" \"Sounds good.\" They went to Denny\'s and got some breakfast. She kept looking at Patrick. \"What? Do I have food on my face?\" \"No. I just want to remember your face.\" \"I\'m not going to be gone that long.\" \"Long enough.\" She looked down. Patrick took her hand. \"Don\'t be sad. I know it\'s going to be hard. But we\'ll get through this. I will call you when I can. Okay? Remember I love you. I will always love you.\" \"I will always love you.\"\n\nThey left Denny\'s and went to Patrick\'s house. They went to his bedroom. \"Want to listen to some music?\" He asked. \"Yeah. How about Prince?\" He put on a CD. \"Are you packed?\" \"Are you kidding. I haven\'t even started.\" \"Patrick Martin Stump! You are leaving in less than 24 hours. I\'m helping you pack.\" He got our his duffel bag and Abby started to take some of his clothes. \"Oh god, no.\" \"What is it, Abby?\" \"Nothing. I\'ll be right back.\" She ran to the bathroom. She threw up everything she ate. \"Abby, let me in.\" She opened the door, but laid by the toilet. \"Are you alright?\" \"I think I\'m getting a bug or something. I\'m fine now.\" She stood up and rinse her mouth out. \"Are you sure? Why don\'t you lay down on my bed. I have some stuff to do.\" \"Okay. I\"m sorry.\" \"Don\'t be.\" He helped her into bed and covered her up. \"I\'ll be back in a hour or so. Take care of yourself.\" He kissed her.\n\nAbby woke up later. She felt arms around her. She looked up and put her hand on Patrick\'s face. How was she going to handle not seeing him everyday. \"Honey, wake up.\" He opened his eyes. \"Hey. Are you feeling better.\" \"Yeah. What time is it?\" \"1:00. Do you want to have a picnic and go to the park? I thought then later we could have something to eat here and watch a movie or maybe something else.\" He had a twinkle in his eye. Abby slapped his shoulder. \"You perv.\" \"What? Is it a crime to want to have sex with my girlfriend?\" \"No. Let\'s go.\" She wanted to get off the subject. They had only done it a few times and she knew she would miss it. He was always so gentle with her.\n\nThey took some food and went to the park. They had some subs and chips. \"Abby, I got you something for our anniversary.\" \"Really? I thought you might have forgotten with the tour and everything.\" \"Never. Here you go.\" It was a little box. She looked up at him and smiled. She opened the box. Inside was a ring. \"Patrick, what is it?\" \"It\'s a promise ring. To let you know I\'m coming back for you. I won\'t forget you.\" He put it on her finger. \"Thank you.\" She kissed him. \"I got you something too. Here you go.\" He opened his box. It was a trucker hat that said \'I Got Range\'. \"I know it\'s not much.\" \"I love it.\" He put it on and kissed Abby. After wards, they laid down on the blanket. \"Abby, if anything happens and you need to get a hold of me I\'ll have my cell. Don\'t hesitate to call.\" \"Okay. Nothing is going to happen. I\'ll be right here waiting for you.\" He got on top of her and kissed her. He took her face in his hands. \"God, I love you.\" \"I love you too. Let\'s not make out here.\" He smiled. They took a walk and went back to his house. \n\n\"Where is your mom and brother?\" \"My mom is working late and Kevin is with my dad.\" They watched a movie and had some supper. They sat on the couch watching some T.V. holding hands. \"Patrick, lets go to your room.\" \"What?\" \"Let\'s go to your room.\" \"Are you sure?\" \"Yes.\" They walked to his room. Patrick closed the door and turned around. Abby kissed him. They walked to the bed and fell down. Patrick started kissing her neck. That was her weakness. \"Oh Patrick.\" She took his hat off and ran her fingers through his hair. He took off her shirt. \"Beautiful.\" She smiled at him. She took his shirt off and rubbed his chest. She went down and unbuttoned his jeans and took them off. Patrick kissed her breasts through her bra and then took it off. He grabbed them and kissed them again. She arched her back into him. \"Patrick, I want you now.\" He took off her jeans and panties and his boxer briefs. He slipped two fingers inside of her. She was so ready. He went inside of her. \"Oh god. Patrick.\" He started moving faster and faster. She ran her fingernails up and down his back. \"Patrick, I\'m coming.\" \"Me too. Oh, Abby. I love you.\" They both climax at the same time.\nPatrick fell on top of Abby breathing heavy. \"That was amazing.\" \"Patrick, please don\'t find someone else on tour.\" He looked up at her. \"What? Are you kidding me? I could never find anyone else.\" She started to cry. He took her into his arms. \"Shh. It\'s going to be alright, babe.\" \"I know. I love you. It\'s just a little hard to see you go.\" \"Let\'s just lay here and enjoy being together.\" \n
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