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Then She Appeared

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After pulling apart he put out his hand and said "Benjamin Madden, but you can call me Benji" "Dr Katie Nicholson, but you can call me Katie and your brother is Joel right." "Yep that's him, we a...

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Then She Appeared

Then she appeared, apple venus on a half open shell
Then she appeared, the first photograph on Fox Talbots gel
I was a little frightened
Flying with my senses heightened
Cherubim cheered
Then she appeared

Katie Nicholson sighed as she looked at her watch 4:50 it read she was sick of work and couldn't wait to go back to her flat and rest from a busy day in surgery.

"Katie I know I told you that you could go home at five but we need another doctor in the OR," Rachel, Katie's boss said.
"Oh alright."

Katie quickly followed Rachel into the Operating room, she tied her unnatural purple hair into a messy attempt at a ponytail and tied a mask over her mouth and nose so it only enhanced her grey eyes.

"Okay what is the patient's condition?"
"Well Dr Nickleson he has been in a car accident, extensive wounds to the head and massive amounts of blood, we need to stop that blood so that he still has enough to live."

Katie nodded her head and immediately began her work, the thoughts of resting soon left her as it was her job to save lives.

After stopping the blood seeping from the patients body and restoring him to good health, she made her way out of the operating room and ran strait into what she could only presume as a family member of the patient.

"Dr is my brother okay?"
"He is going to be just fine although he will have to stay in hospital for at least a week under close observation."
"Oh Thankyou thanks so much."

Katie was surprised as the brother threw his hands around her and engulfed her in a tight hug.

After pulling apart he put out his hand and said "Benjamin Madden, but you can call me Benji"
"Dr Katie Nicholson, but you can call me Katie and your brother is Joel right."
"Yep that's him, we are twins."
"Thought as much."

After that their was an awkward silence but it got interrupted as Joel was wheeled out of the OR.
Benji followed the nurses back to Joel's room as Katie stood outside and talked to Rachel.

"Thankyou Dr Nicholson for helping and you may leave now."
"Thanks Rach, see ya tomorrow."

Katie went to get her back from her locker and get dressed into her causal clothes, she then met Benji in the elevator.
"Hi again."

Then she appeared, as the giggling crew of Marie Celeste
Then she appeared, pale Atlantis rising out of the west
I was a little dazzled
Catherine wheeled and senses frazzled
Know it sounds weird
Then she appeared

"Thanks so much for helping Joel today, I don't know what I would have done if I had lost him. Joel's my everything, he is my best friend, band mate and twin brother."

Katie smiled and then screamed excitedly she knew why she recognised Benji "Oh My God your in Good Charlotte aren't you, I like love you guys, wow here I am in an elevator with Benji Madden, I don't know why it didn't click before, I think I was a bit tired."
Benji smiled at Katie and signed the piece of paper she held out in front of him.

"Katie, did you want to go and get some coffee with me?"
"What like a date?"
"I'd love to."

And the sun which formally shone
In the clearest summer sky
Suddenly just changed address
Now shines from her blue eyes

After getting out of the elevator and they walked to the nearest coffee shop. They entered and walked over to the counter, a friendly old lady served them.

"What can I get you dears?" the old lady smiled politely at the pair.
"Two coffee's to takeaway please."
"How do you like your coffee?"
"White with one." Benji and Katie said simultaneously.

The old lady walked a way and the pair watched her make there coffee's.
"So where do you want to go?"
"Well there is a really nice bench viewing the waterfront, I know it's dark but the lights around are so pretty."
"It sounds great Benji."
"Hear ya go, that will be 4 dollars and 75 cents."
Benji paid the lady and we took our coffee's and walked around heading towards our destination.

"So why did you become a doctor?"
"I wanted to help people and I thought this would be the best way."

Benji smiled and looked down at her Katie was only 5'4.

"And why did you Mr Madden decide to be in a band?"
"I always loved writing songs and playing the guitar so."
Katie laughed they reached the bench and sat down. Katie shivered and Benji took off his hoodie and gave it to her to wear.

The Benji and Katie looked intensely into each others eyes, Benji brought his lips crashing down on hers and the kiss deepened.

Then she appeared, brittle shooting star that dropped in my lap
Then she appeared, dressed in tricolour and phrygian cap
I was a little troubled
Hookah with my senses bubbled
All Edward leared
Then she appeared

As the couple broke apart it was clear that they had already fallen head of heals in love with each other, it was love at first sight.

An old man played the violin outside one of the shops, the music was absolutely beautiful. Benji held out his hand and Katie accepted, they danced to the music in a empty park. True love in this case did last forever, the happily married couple of 60 years died together in their sleep, on the 2nd of June, 2067.

And the moon which formally shone
On the marbled midnight mile
Suddenly just packed its bags
Now shines from her bright smile
Then she appeared
Out of nowhere

a/n I hope you enjoyed this one-shot, the song is "The She Appeared" By XTC. This story is dedicated to BenjisRiotGirl79.

Joal_Hilary xx
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