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Chapter Three: My Heart Is On My Sleeve

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Abby and Patrick are teenagers in love...drama insues

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Chapter 3: My Heart Is On My Sleeve

Written by me (Barbara)

It was a week since Abby found out she was pregnant. She hadn't told anyone yet. She so badly wanted to tell Patrick, but did want to ruin what they had. This afternoon she had an appointment with Dr. Stacey. She was nervous. As usual she started her day in the bathroom by the toilet. "Come on, baby. Not again." She finally felt that she could get ready. She took a shower and got dressed. Her mom was gone for work. She had some dry toast. She left at noon to go to her appointment. She filled out some medical history forms and waited. She watched the other women that were pregnant. They were older and looked like they had everything together. Some of the fathers were there too. She placed a hand on her stomach. "Miss Gilbert." She went with the nurse. The nurse checked her weight, pulse, and blood pressure. "Everything looks good. You can just sit there. Dr. Stacey will want to talk to you and then do an exam." "Alright." "She should be in shortly."

Abby was daydreaming when Dr. Stacey came in. "Abagail, how are you feeling?" "I'm still throwing up all the time and I'm really tired." "Those are good signs. Any bleeding?" "No." "Good. When you came in last time you gave me the date of your last period. You are about 2 1/2 months pregnant. Your due date is March 6. Your medical history looks good. Nothing to be concerned about. I am going to give you a prescription for some Vitamins to take. Take with something to eat. They are pretty big. I would like to do an exam on you. And would you like a ultra sound today?" "You can see the baby already?" "Yes, it won't look like a baby and is still quite small. We may see a heartbeat. Take your jeans and underwear off and here is a sheet to cover yourself. I'll be back in a few minutes."
Abby undressed and got on the table. Dr. Stacey came in a few minutes later. "Okay, I'm first going to exam you." She was really uncomfortable being examined. "Okay, all done. Everything looks fine. Ready for the ultrasound?" "Yeah." Dr. Stacy put a gel on Abby's lower stomach and moved the wand over it. Abby was looking at the screen. "There is the baby." "It's so small." "You are only 7 weeks. Look, do you see that little blip?" "Yeah, is something wrong?" "No sweetie. It's the baby's heart. Beating very well. We have a strong baby here." Abby started to cry. Dr. Stacey took her hand. "I know you are young, but things will work out. Does the father know yet?" "Um, no. He is in a band and they just went on tour." "You should tell him. I don't want to tell you what to do, but you can't carry this on alone." "Okay. Thank you. I'll think about it." "Here are a couple pictures. You will need some blood work done today and I would like to see you in a month unless something comes up. Don't hesitate to call." "Thank you."

Abby got dressed and got her blood taken. She went home. She was so confused of what to do. She needed to tell her mother. When she came home she would. She decided to call Patrick. She was so nervous. "Hello?" "Patrick, it's me." "Hi baby." "I need to.." "Abby, I can't really talk right now. We are going on the radio in a few minutes. I'll try and call you later tonight." "But.." "I'm sorry. I love you, Abby." Before she could tell him the same thing the line was dead. She let the tears come.
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