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My Daddy

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A baby grunty talks about his daddy, the Wavemaster, Tsukasa. Gen. No pairings.

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My Daddy
An essay by Little Grunty
(with help from Anne Packrat)


I love my daddy. He comes and feeds me lots of yummy things. I don't always know how to tell daddy exactly what I want, but daddy always understands me and brings me what I want! Like, I might tell daddy I want something sweet that grows near an old sword and daddy'll bring me a white cherry even though I didn't know that that's exactly what I wanted. That's why my daddy is the best!

I want daddy to bring me lots of food so I can grow up big and strong, and then I can go with my daddy on adventures! And, and then I can get stuff that I can trade with my daddy!

My daddy's name is Su-kah-sa, and he's a, uh.... what was that? Oh yeah, he's a Wavemaster! That means he can do magic and stuff! And he wears dresses too... I thought only mommies wore dresses, but daddy says that daddies can wear dresses too, but only his are called robes instead.

Oh and daddy has this really long stick he carries! I bet he uses that to whack on bad guys! WHAM! It must really hurt them, 'specially cause my daddy is so strong!

My daddy always seems so lonely though. He says he has no friends. I try really hard to be daddy's friend, but he still seems lonely. That's why I wanna grow up real soon so I can be with daddy all the time and he won't be lonely anymore!

It's good daddy's strong because he says lots of bad people are after him. When I get bigger I'm gonna protect daddy from the bad people! Maybe I'll be an Iron Grunty and crash into them, CLANG! Or maybe I'll become a Snakey Grunty and bite them, Hiiiisssssss...

But it'll be awhile before I grow up, so daddy has to rely on his other pet then. Daddy's other pet is kind of jiggly and can disappear! It protects daddy and attacks the bad people who want to hurt daddy, so I don't get jealous of daddy's other pet. It sure does look weird though!

Even with his other pet, daddy still looks so sad and alone. I wish I could cheer up daddy. I don't get lonely here because I have other grunties to play with. And, and sometimes other grunties have daddies that come and feed them. Some of them even have mommies! Mommies are like daddies, only many mommies like to wear less clothing. I guess mommies get hot easily.

Maybe if my daddy played with the other daddies and mommies he wouldn't be so lonely. But my daddy said that the other mommies and daddies do something called "log out." I don't really know what that means, but daddy says the leave the World and then go to school or spend time with their families. But daddy isn't able to logout...

Does that mean daddy doesn't have a family? Is that why daddy is so lonely? But, but then I can be daddy's family! I'll become real big and daddy can ride me everywhere and I'll beat up any bad guys who come near daddy. I'll be the best grunty anyone ever had ever! I'll be real big and strong! I'll have the best items ever! Then daddy won't ever be lonely again cause I'll always be with him!

Then it won't matter if he can't log out, cause he won't be lonely cause I'll always be with him. How does that sound?

But first daddy has to come feed me so I'll become big and strong...

Daddy... I'm hungry....!

Little Grunty, with help from Anne Packrat (2003 revised May 19, 2007)
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