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Screaming Infidelity!

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Izzie goes to Chicago, but what encounter makes her regret something?

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Izzie's POV

My plane landed in Chicago and a driver quickly met up with me to take me to the headquarters for Clandestine. Once there I am greeted by Pete and 2 of his favorite lawyers. I read over the contracts and signed them and got quickly to work.

"I was thinking due to you know more about women's clothing you can head that department. And when it comes time to show our clothes at fashion week in New York we can all come together and collaborate on the pieces we want to show." Pete said while he was sitting down at his desk with his feet propped up on his desk.

"So you are allowing me to design the entire women's collection and put me in charge of the department. No to sound ungrateful or anything but I have only been officially working here for less than 15 minutes. You have that much faith in me?"

"Well Izzie I have seen your work and Brendon has praised your work. So yea I have that much faith in you. Now too bad you can not relocate here to Chicago and actually manage your department full time. But I think we can manage to work out an agreement that you can fly out for a day or two and catch up on the important issues."

"That's fine with me Pete, but are you going to keep paying for my flights and hotel stays?"

"No the company will pay for that. And it might be in your best interest if you got an apartment so you feel more at home while you are out here. And of course the company will pay for that as well."

"Great. So do you want to start going over some designs?" He agreed and we must had been talking about clothes for about 2 hours until Pete's secretary buzzed him to let him know his next appointment is here. Pete said let him in and asked to continue designing tomorrow. I agreed and gathered up my stuff. As I was getting ready to leave Pete's next appointment came in and load and behold it was Will.

"Hey Pete thanks for seeing me on short notice. Isabella what are you doing here?"

"Bill Izzie now works for Clandestine as head designer for the woman's department."

"That must be exciting. You have always dreamed about becoming a designer and now you are actually living the dream. Are you relocating here?"

"No I am still going to be living in Vegas. I mean my life is there and Brendon too. So Pete I will see you tomorrow. Nice to see you again Will."

"Yea you too Izzie." I left Pete's office and headed downstairs to the company car. The driver dropped me off at my hotel and I called Brendon to see what he was doing. No answer the first couple of times I called him so I decided to take me a shower and order room service. After I was done with my shower there was a knock at my door and I open it up to only discover it wasn't room service but Will.

"Will what the hell are you doing at my hotel room?"

"I came here to drop off some of your stuff you left at my house or some of the stuff you gave me. So here you go. Have a goodnight Izzie." He gave me a box full of stuff from our relationship.

"Will wait I think we need to talk. Come in." I open the door wide enough for him to enter and closed it behind me. "Will you need to understand that I never meant to hurt you by getting together with Brendon, but you told me you loved me and you go off sleeping with some other woman in Amsterdam."

"Yea and if I could take that back I would." He jumps off the bed causing the box to tumble over and spilling out the contents. I start to gather up all the stuff and pick up a small black box and look at Will in confusion. "That technically belongs to you. I was going to give it to you while we were in Paris but shit happens. There is no else I can give that to because I designed that especially for you." I opened up the box to reveal a circular white diamond ring surrounded by pink diamonds. I closed the box and handed it back to Will.

"I can not take that."

"I can't either every time I look at the ring it reminds me of you and how I was an idiot for not fighting for you. So you keep it to remind you how much of an idiot I am. Goodbye Isabella." He kissed my cheek and we just looked at each other for a minute before we kissed each other on the lips. Somehow without thinking we started to remove each other's clothes and end up in bed with one another until Will stopped kissing me.

"Wait have you and Brendon already had sex?"

"Yes and your point being?"

"Nothing you had sex with him after a day of being together and we are about to have sex after we broke up after six months of dating."

"And this is relevant because...?"

"No reason." He continued to kiss me but then I stopped him.

"We need to use protection, just in case."

"I totally agree with you." He bent over the bed and grabbed his jeans and pulled out his wallet and took out the condom. He quickly put it on and slides into me. Somehow sex with Will is different from sex with Brendon. Sex with Brendon is pure passion and love but sex with Will is just pure passion. I almost wince in pain when continues to slide in and out of me.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No it actually feels amazing. Just don't stop." He nods and continues to slide in and out me until I feel an orgasm and I put one of my legs on his back making him go deeper and faster until I complete crashed into an orgasm. I screamed out his name and a few moments later he came and after he was done he slid out of me and kissed my neck and lips. He makes me turn on my side to face him but I can not look at him in his eyes.

"Don't think about him right now. It is just you and me right now."

"I know but I cheated on the man I love with a guy I still care about. What are we going to do?"

"Nothing. We keep this between us."

"Yea but what happens when we go out together in groups do we ignore each other?"

"No, we can be civilized adults who can get along with each other in front of our friends. Then behind closed doors we can be as uncivilized as we want to."

"So you are saying I should have affair behind Brendon's back with you?"

"I mean you are going to be spending some time here in Chicago while Brendon is going to be back in Vegas. So what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"Yea but I will know."

"Izzie you are still 18 and you don't know what you truly want in life. And I am not saying cheating is ok, but keeping your options open is perfectly fine."

"So we keep this between us until what, I am ready to settle down? What if I chose Brendon over you Will. Will you be ok with that."

"You did it to me once. I won't see what the problem with that will be." Then my phone started to go off. I picked it up and saw it was Brendon. I answered the phone and told Will to be quiet.

"Hey baby."

"Hey yourself. I am sorry I couldn't pick up earlier I was in the studio rerecording a song. I have a little break so I thought I would call and say that I miss you and I love you."

"I miss you and love you too." I began to cry and Will began to run his fingers up and down my back which led me to cry even harder.

"Baby don't cry you come home tomorrow and we can have plenty of time to spend together in bed naked. And I did some grocery shopping today so the kitchen is full stocked so just incase you get hungry there is plenty of food in the house."

"I love you Brendon."

"I love you too. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye."

"Bye." I hung up the phone and looked at Will. He took the phone out of my hand and pulled me down for a kiss.

"Everything is going to be ok, I promise."


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