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The story continues...

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Have you ever tried to get ready for a ball when you're sick???

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A.N: Sorry this took so long, I'll try to have the next chapter up sooner.

Chapter 6

The next morning I woke up to a sore throat, stuffy nose, a cough and even a small fever. Luck me, I'd caught a cold. I couldn't really say that it was a surprise, considering the conditions in which I'd come home. Unfortunately for me, since it wasn't life threatening, just annoying, I was still expected/required to do my chores and duties so I did what the rest of us "indentured servants" did-sucked it up and kept working!
It was in this fabulous mood that I went to the square to find; you guessed it, another brightly coloured poster. I groaned. Well, you have to say this for His majesty- he didn't give up easily.

This time around, it was actually a lot easier to do things for this ball. Annelise had been pretty much leaving us alone after the incident in the garden and we seemed to be in some sort of truce. We were even coming perilously close to *Gulp* getting along!
Speaking of Annelise, I was really impressed with her behaviour. She was being considerably more polite to those "beneath her" and even asked Ella for fashion advice (a wise move on her part. Ella's always had the BEST taste.) After seeing her older sister do it, even Ruby decided to give her step-sister's advice a try!
If it had been me, I would have totally screwed up accidentally-on-purpose with Ruby's hair and make-up. However, lucky for her, my sister has the most golden of hearts and turned her into a real beauty. She'd never be the most glorious in the land, but she was far, far, far from the worst. After all, none of them were HIDEOUS per say, just incredibly unpleasant. Now while this had certainly changed with Annelise (who was down-right pleasant to be around now, I was amazed at the transformation!) Stepmother only got worse. Ah well. Can't have everything I suppose. God forbid we should be allowed to eat the cake too!

Two days before the ball I "called" Lucinda via the magic mirror she gave me and got a surprise when the mirror began talking.
"Finally!" said the irritating voice of the sprite of the mirror. (Okay, it wasn't THAT bad, but when you're sick, everything can feel irritating.)
"What do you mean 'finally'?" I sniffed through my stuffy nose.
"What took you so long to use me? Do you have any idea how boring it is just sitting in your pocket?" The sprite replied
"Here's an idea: Don't get stuck in a hand-held piece of glass if you get bored!" Just then Angel appeared and nuzzled my shoulder. (That dog is the greatest! She always knows when I'm down, plus, she's really good at helping me out! You'd be surprised what she and my Hawk Lightening can do if they put their minds to it)
"Think I was asked? Anyway, what's wrong with you? You sound terrible!" The face in the mirror commented. It was a sort of genderless, ageless, simple face. It was a silvery oval face with black eye-sockets, no nose and a line for a mouth. I raised an eyebrow at it
"Is that what you really look like?" The words burst from my mouth before I had time to think about them and almost winced at their harshness. The poor thing was trapped in a mirror for crying out loud! I shouldn't be criticizing Whatever! However, the spirit didn't seem to mind.
"No. It's just the easiest form. Plus, if I behave well, I might be able to get somebody's help in getting out of here." I shrugged, sneezed, groaned and then replied
"Fair enough. Now back to business. Lucinda, remember?" With a grumble, the thing in the mirror obliged my request and within moments the fairy's face appeared in the small glass
"How can I help you-Oh!" she exclaimed looking at my dishevelled hair, red nose, pale face and water eyes
"My goodness! What happened to you?!"
"A cold." Was my miserable reply "But enough about me, the final ball is tomorrow and we could really use some help."
"Don't worry I'll be there. Anything else?"
"Yeah, *snuffle* know any tonics that'll end my misery?" She laughed at the joke, which was good, at least I wasn't completely off my game and I returned the smile a little.
"No, I don't know anything in that respect, but I could tell you about a few herbs that will help. You should have them in your garden" After a round of coughing, I replied
"Please and thank-you"
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