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Save Us

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Are things ever going to clear up for these kids???

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Jazie woke up the next morning with a migraine. This was nothing new. Though how twisted this may sound, it was something familiar, so she was comforted by it. She embraces anything resembling familiarity lately.

She got out of bed and checked the time. The alarm clock on her night stand read 7:30. She's been waking up earlier than normal lately. She takes this as a sign that she's getting old. (You know how some old people wake up at like fuckin 4 in the morning? Yah, it's a sign.)

She rolls lazily off of the side of the bed, walks slowly over to her suite case and picks out a pair of shorts and a tank top to wear. She changes slowly and walks over to Sarah's room. She knocks on the door quietly. She hears a muffled voice calling through the door telling her to come in. She takes the knob and turns it. She tries to be quiet, but the door proceeds to sqeek louder than she had ever heard a door sqeek, ever. She walks into the brightly sunlit room and walks over to Sarah's bed. She sees Sarah kicking at the blankets and struggling to break free. Apparently, through the course of the night, she had gotten wrapped up in her blankets and couldnt find an exit route.

"I can't get out!" Jazie hears Sarah scream through the comforter as she tries to fight her way out. She laughs while trying to calm Sarah down.

"Sarah, just chill. Stop kicking around. You're gonna hit me in the face with a stray foot. Here, let me help." Jazie grabs what seemed to be a leg and felt for the end of the blanket.She finally finds an edge to the blanket and rolls her out of it. Sarah gasps for air, quite dramatically actually. "Oxygen! Oh, how I've missed you!" Sarah calls out with arms extended in front of her. Jazie takes this as an invitation and goes in for a big hug. She grabs Sarah tightly and lifts her up off the bed. Sarah squeals.

"Hey! No fair. You're a frickin body builder Jazie! Let me down!!" Sarah continues to squeel and kick but her efforts are futile. This makes Jazie laugh out loud.

"Oh please Sarah. You're such a prude. You know you want your body pressed up against mine." Jazie says sensually. Sarah nods in agreement. "Yes....You've caught me. I want you. I need you oh baby oh baby.*

Jazie frowns at Sarahs obvious sarcasm. "You're getting less funny as this vacation wares on." Jazie drops her on the bed. Sarah just shrugs. "Maybe it's all the man drama." Jazie nods in accord. "Yes. I concur. That's definitely it."

Jazie seemed a little cheerless for a moment but suddenly perked up when she saw Sarah noticing it as well. "So I've been thinking about it and I have no clue what we're gonna do today. Got any plans up those sleeveless sleeves?"

"Well, I was planning on hangin with Joe for a while. Maybe you and Patrick can have some quality time." Sarah said with a big cheesy smile. "You know to talk.....and stuff." Sarah adds, playfully elbowing her. She puts in a wink for that extra affect.

"Riiiiiight. That's what you want me to be doing." Sarah just laughs. "Well, I think you guys should seriously talk. You know what about. But if you want, you guys can do other things. Just know that I'm going to need colorful details." Jazie giggles quietly and nods. "Yah. Yah I probably should talk to him. Maybe I'll bring it up gradually. I don't just want to jump into it. Yah know?" Sarah nods. "Yah, you don't want to start an argument over it or anything. Just confront him gently. It might all just be a missunderstanding. Pete is your main source, anyway." Jazie laughs. "Yah. Good point."

She pats Jazie's tanned shoulder and rolls off of the bed. She strolls toward her bag and starts rummaging through it for an outfit. As she does this, Jazie sneaks out of the room quietly toward her own. She slowly shuts the door and locks it. She walks over to her purse and pulls out her cell phone. She dials a number and sits criss-cross applesauce (preschool anyone?), while waiting for an answer. The second the dial tone stops and she hears a voice on the other line, she breaks into a cheesy smile.

"Hey Pete."

"Hey Jaze. What's up?"

"I uh...I just wanted to know what your plans for today were. I kinda thought we could hang out or something...." She says while fiddling with her comforter as a distraction from her butterflies (hy she had butterflies, she couldn't tell you. ouldnt explain it herself).

Pete hesitated with his reply. He really wanted Jazie to talk to Patrick and resolve all of their issues, but he also really wanted to be around her. He wasn't sure how to approach this.
Well, he thought, I could be a good friend and help Patrick out with her, or i could be selfish and try to minipulate the situation to go my way. He sighs in confusion.
I might as well start out by being honest about my plans. We can see where it goes from there.

"I actually got a few interviews with Andy today. So I'm a little booked. But maybe a little later tonight?" He asked hopefully.

She nodded sadly. She wasn't sure why, because it wasn't like Pete could see her doing it.

"Sure, that sounds cool.....I'll uh, I guess I'll just hang with Patrick today than."

Pete was already jealous, but he shouldn't be, he thought. This whole time this is what he wanted for her. He wanted her to be with Patrick because he knew she was good for him and vise versa. "Ok. Um....sound's cool. Jaze....I hope you aren't mad."

Jazie laughs to cover up her disappointment. "Oh please Pete, you're so full of yourself. You make it sound like my days revolve around you."

He laughs in reply. He stops laughing slowly and pauses dramatically. "So....wait, you're saying they don't?" He asks with fake shock evident in his voice.

"Nope. Not in the slightest. But I could say that they do to make you feel better."

"Ok. I think that would help." He pouts. Jazie giggles. "It really would?" He sniffles. "Yah, a little." She laughs quietly again. "Goodbye Pete." She kisses the speaker. He laughs at hearing the smooching sound through the phone. "Bye Jaze. I'll call you later tonight babes." She smirks at hearing that cheesy nickname. "I'll be hovering over the phone just waiting for your call." Jazie gushes. He nods knowingly. "I know Jazie. I know." She sighs and closes her phone. She sighed because she knew that she would and she knew that he knew it.

She throws her cell phone on a pile of clothes on the floor and leans back against the head board. She sighs happily. Why does he make me feel this good? He's not supposed to be the one making me happy. Patrick is. My boyfriend is. This isn't right. When I talk to Patrick today, we'll set everything straight. Maybe it's all this ex-girldfriend stuff thats holding back my feelings for him. This will all fix itself. I know it.

* It's from 10 Things I Hate About You. I looove that movie.

Ok, so I know this is really short and I'm sorry I didn't have it posted last night like I promised. But I didn't come home after dinner last night know how these things go. So this is kind of just to hold you over until I can really put time into a chapter. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. r&r if you think its deserving.
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