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the ending of the story

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As the years passed, Joel and Elise stayed best friends.
When Elise went off to college two hours away, Joel deeply missed her. He called her every day just to hear her voice, and emailed her random photos of him so she could see him everyday. And she did the same.

One night, Joel was tired of having to see Elise through photos and phone, so he decided to drive to her campus and suprise her. On his way there, he thought about the things he'd say to her, and what they'd do.
When he arrived, it began to pour down rain, so he made a run for it into the building where Elise was.
He had visited her before, so he went straight to her dorm.
Joel lightly knocked on the door, and waited.
Finally, the door opened, and there stood Elise in her black tank and grey shorts.
"Joel," she said suprised. "what are you doing here?"
"I couldn't take it, I needed to see you." Joel answered.
Elise smiled, hugged him, then kissed him.
Joel placed his hand on the back of her head as Elise held Joel's wet head in her hands.
"Come in and dry off." Elise said, then led Joel into her small dorm.
It had a small bed, a desk, a mini fridge and microwave, a closet, and a bathroom.
Joel waited as Elise went to her closet and got a towel and handed it to him.
Joel dried his face and hair, then held onto the towel.
Elise sighed, "Joel," she began. "I've never told you this. And I think tonight is the best time."
"Okay," Joel said leaning forward torwards her.
"Because of you, I am living, and believe in myself." Elise stated.
"The day you saved me from the river, I wanted to die quickly. My life was pretty much hell, and I had no reason to live. But after you saved me and we started dating, I realised that I did have a reason to live, and life does have meaning."

Five years later, after being in a relationship for ten years, Joel asked Elise to marry him, she said yes.
They married in October, and joy spread throughout both of their families.
During the reception, Elise and Joel were standing on the dance floor with the bridal party as the maid of honor and the best man were giving their toasts.
As Elise's friend Terri was speaking about the time they met, Elise looked over at the door, and there stood a shadow. She squinted her eyes a little to make it clear, but it still wouldn't show.
When the toasts were done and the party continued, Elise walked over torwards the door.
She poked her head outside the door, and there stood a man. A man wearing a tux, and held a card.
"Hello, Elise." he said.
Elise stepped outside the door and shut it behind her.
"May I help you?" she asked slowly.
"This is for you." he said handing Elise the card.
Elise took it slowly and opened it.
It was a beautiful wedding card, and inside said:

Elise, you have grown into a fine, and beautiful woman, and I couldn't be more proud of you.
I wish you and Joel a happy life, and wish to know you better. I'm sorry,

Elise read the card over and over, until she looked up and the man was smiling at her.
"Dad?" Elise asked.
"Yes, Elise." her dad said, then opened his arms to hug her.
Elise's eyes began to drop tears as she hugged her dad, hard.
"I've missed you so much, Dad." Elise said.
"I know, your mother has been sending me pictutres and report card copies." her dad said.
"Shall we go in?" Mr. Anderson asked. "I believe the party is for you and Joel."
"Yes, Dad. We shall." Elise said, then led her father into the room and led him over to meet Joel, her husband.
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