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Yummy Stuff

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something stupid. and pretty OOC. but i was bored, so i wrote it.

Category: Final Fantasy X-2 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Rikku, Yuna - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-06-03 - Updated: 2007-06-03 - 286 words

Rikku wasn't her normal self today. Yuna was worried. Usually Rikku'd be jumping around with a smile on her face. Now she's just sitting in the corner of the bar watching people. Her face was blank.
Maybe i should go over there. Yuna thought.
it sounded like a good idea. She'd try to cheer Rikku up. Yuna was worried, too. She looked sickly.
But you need to find out whats wrong with her.
Yuna was her friend, so she was going to do what she could to make her happy. She walked across the room to Rikku and sat down next to her.
"Hey, Rikku. Whats the matter?"
Rikku twisted her head to look at Yuna. Her eyes were all white. Yuna backed away a little.
"R-Rikku..." Then suddenly Rikku lunged for her, grabbing hold of her throat. "..ughhh.." Rikku moaned. She sounded hungry.
Yuna tried to fight her off, but Rikku was laying on top of her. She wondered why none of the other people were helping her.
But she had no time to look up. Rikku started knawing on her face. Yuna felt powerless. She didn't know why Rikku was all of a sudden so strong.
Rikku took a big bite. Yuna screamed in pain. She felt blood pour onto her neck and face.
"Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! HELP ME!!" Still no one came. "Rikku, STOP!!" Yuna tried to kick her, but Rikku was still on top of her.
Rikku took another bite, this time she bit her neck. Yuna screamed again.
Blood loss...might die from blood loss..
She kept repeating in her head. She felt Rikku's head move down her body.
Rikku took a chunk out of her chest. She moaned again.
Yuna blacked out.
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