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five pt.2

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Published: 2007-06-03 - Updated: 2007-06-04 - 353 words

(still the same day)

Blueyedrummer: Gerard I feel bad for you
Vampireslayer: erm why
Blueyedrummer: because Emily is crazy
Blueyedrummer: and scary
Vampireslayer: yeah.
Vampireslayer: its sad really.
Blueyedrummer: how is it sad
Vampireslayer: am I realy that hot
Vampireslayer: I mean, so hot that she cant leave me alone?
Blueyedrummer: ok im a guy....
Vampireslayer: I know, but really. Am i?
Blueyedrummer: um wait a sec..

Caustix has entered room

Caustix: hi bob
13Unlucky13 has entered room

Blueyedrummer: ok Gerard ask the question again
13Unlucky13: oh what question?
Vampireslayer: am I that hot
13Unlucky13: .....
Caustix: YES
13Unlucky13: all of these chat rooms are scary
Vampireslayer: your face is scary
Caustix: actually frank is hot too
13Unlucky13: pwned!!
Blueyedrummer: haha
Vampireslayer: then why doesn't eMoAnnoYaNcE leave me alone and go obsess over frank?!?!
Caustix: bc frank has a gf
13Unlucky13: score two for frank
Caustix: why do you call her emo annoyance?
Blueyedrummer: ugh do u really want 2 no?
Caustix: yes
13Unlucky13: ok

Blueyedrummer: eMoXAnGeLx0x0: OMFG WAS THAT GEE!!1!1!?!?11/1/1
13Unlucky13: eMoXAnGeLx0x0: IM LIKE SO MaD NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Caustix: omg
Vampireslayer: SEE
Caustix: well she can get like that.
13Unlucky13: you don't call that obsessed??
Caustix: no.
Caustix: tell me when you think you know obsessed.

Caustix has left room

13Unlucky13: ok that's getting really annoying.
Vampireslayer: they are all getting annoying
Blueyedrummer: then stop talking to them
Vampireslayer: omg bob you are so right
13Unlucky13: -cough- for once
Blueyedrummer: shut up frank
13Unlucky13: -cough-
Vampireslayer: no really
13Unlucky13: im bored
Vampireslayer: we should just ignore her tomorrow at school!!

Quietgenius: has entered room

Quietgenius: Gerard mom says get off the computer its time for bed
Vampireslayer: damn
Vampireslayer: hold on Mikey

Quietgenius has left room

Vampireslayer: ok tomorrow we ignore her
13Unlucky13: ok
Blueyedrummer: ok but its mostly you...
Vampireslayer: sadly.
Vampireslayer: I know.
13Unlucky13: little Gerard has to go to bed aww how cute
Vampireslayer: youll be jealous when you are tired tomorrow bc you stayed up watching south park all night

Vampireslayer has left room

13Unlucky13: damn. How did he know!?

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