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Amy is your average girl except she is dating Patrick of FOB. Her life is perfect until a certain bassist comes back into her life. But when Pat finds out how they know each other will it be too mu...

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(Amy's POV)
Walking down an LA street is exciting except when you have your three year old daughter dragging you. "Mommy please come on we're gonna be late. Patrick is waiting." Jennifer exclaims. As we hurry to Starbuks she releases my hand and runs into Patricks arms. "Where have you been?" " Well Jen I have been doing some band business, speaking of which I want to introduce you both to...." "Pete" we say in unison. Before I could be bombarded with questions Jen(thank God) got Patrick to take her outside for a balloon. This can't be happening.

(Pete's POV)
WTF!!! This can't be the Amy I used to date. She lived in Chicago. And since when did she have a daughter? The little sirl looks like me. Could she be mine? I blurted out that very question before I knew it. Amy stood there stunned and hesitated to answer then she asid in almost a whisper"Yes Jennifer is your daughter." The look on my face is not only shocked to hear the answer but to also see my best friend with hurt in his eyes. We both look at him not knowing what to say or do.

AUTHOR's Note: Please give your honest opinion. This is my first story and I was hoping to get some help writing it so if you want to please comment.
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