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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8. Slow on updates. I know. MCR.

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As Artemis's eyes scanned the pale, ragged-edged pages of the red book, the barest hint of a smile came to his face. He was beginning to like this series, in spite of the fact that he had lost his unofficial bet with its author. He had given way to his old fairy-hunting ways, hoping to find a demon. What he had gotten was much more than even he had expected.
There was a quiet knock on the door. Artemis quickly glanced at the page number- no sense in ruining the spine with a bookmark- and closed it, placing it aside the others from the collection. Butler had already responded to the knock and opened the door, escorting the person inside. A true smile came to Artemis's face this time.
"Bon jour, Minerva," he said flawlessly, taking a bow.
"It's nice to see you, too, Artemis," she said with a curtsy. "Are you ready to go?" Artemis nodded and followed her out the door. Butler conducted his usual security check before entering the car, helping both of the young teens inside before driving off to the restaurant.
The entire time, Artemis was silently contemplating this. It was an unusual first date for him.
Minerva felt slightly less awkward, but awkward just the same. Why wasn't Artemis speaking to her? Maybe he was just going to tell her about one of his newest plans or something, instead of just wanting to talk to her in general. She truly hoped that wasn't the point of this short trip. Though it wasn't like she didn't have her own intentions. There always seemed to be something fairy-related happening to Artemis at one time or another, and if a demon were to appear in his vicinity, she would be sure to be the first to capture it.
When the car finally pulled up to the restaurant, Artemis glanced out the window - and his heart nearly stopped. He recognized that car.
"Butler...park down the street," he said in a low voice, careful not to alert Minerva to his worries. She noticed the change in his mood, but said nothing. Butler obliged and took a right turn, completely hiding the car from anyone else's view.
As Artemis tentatively entered the restaurant, he immediately caught sight of the other car's owner sitting a table near the front of the room. The man had graying hair and kind blue eyes, and was smiling at the people sitting around him, talking animatedly. His eyes caught Artemis's cold gaze, and he nearly froze from shock. This amused the young genius, but as he took a step towards the man, he felt a light touch on his arm.
Minerva looked at him with pleading eyes, shaking her head and letting her soft curls bounce around her shoulders. Artemis's face fell slightly, but he conceded and followed their hostess to their table. Luckily enough, it was on the other side of the room. He hoped he could keep his mind off of the man for the time being.
Everyone looked at Eoin Colfer expectantly, waiting for him to finish his sentence. He had been in the middle of telling the story from when he had managed to track down Artemis in France when the very subject of his tale had walked in, glaring at him more icily than usual. It was as if Artemis had known he was telling the story and had interrupted whatever criminal venture he was currently undertaking to stop him. At the Colfer family reunion, no less.
"Yeah, so then what happened?" asked the voice of his youngest niece, who was absolutely obsessed with the Artemis Fowl series. This seemed to bring him back to Earth.
"Well, after he so rudely woke me up from a well-deserved nap, he just smiled and said, 'A pity you don't have your camera, Mr. Colfer.' So naturally I had to chase him," he said with a slight smirk, recalling the incident all too clearly. He knew he could never get away with this if he wasn't such a storyteller.
"You always have the best stories, Eoin," said one of his cousins. He smiled and nodded thankfully, feeling his worries melt away as he saw Artemis pass by without a single word. He smiled again, seeing Minerva close behind the young criminal, and began to scheme to himself. 'This would make for an interesting blog entry.'
Yes, it would, Eoin...IF YOU WOULD UPDATE YOUR BLOG!! I need it to keep writing my story. I checked it recently (I miss the typed ones, by the way), and it's not really anything new. my readers...

I'm incredibly sorry I haven't been updating AT ALL. But like I said in the chapter note, I've become obsessed with writing My Chemical Romance fanfiction. I have them all here and on Mibba. Check them out if you get the chance so you can see what I've been up to. Again, I am very sorry. I'll try to add more to this if I get the chance.

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