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Day 2

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I opened my eyes as I felt a sudden heat hit my face. Yawning I sat up and noticed it was morning. I jumped off the bunk and went to the front. Nobody was on the bus. So I ran outside and noticed we were in a different place. I scratched my head as I walked up to the building we were parked in front of.

I pushed open the door and saw the boy's on stage practicing. This place Looked like a venue. I paced to the middle of the aisle.

"Hey hey hey" I yelled.

They stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Washington" Jon answered

"Okay why didn't you guys wake me up?" I asked with a mixture of shock and anger.

"Well we thought you wanted to sleep" brendon answered.

"Yeah you looked really peaceful" Ryan added.

I yelled out my frustrations.

"You guys...yeah....oh god...yea...holy...god...fuck it" I growled walking away.

"What's your problem?" one of the guys asked.

I ignored the question as I walked out the door.

Ryan P.O.V

She continued down the aisle after grunting out her frustrations.

"What's your problem?" Spencer asked.

She continued down the aisle and out the door.

For some strange reason I was beginning to like this girl. It seemed her attitudes showed she didn't care who we were. She didn't try to fall over us , flirt with us or try and get us in bed so she can say she slept with a rock star, but only time can tell.

Brendon P.O.V

Interesting enough under the sweat pants, big shirts, messy ponytail and glasses she turned out to be a very pretty girl. I'm not saying I'm head over hills for her but she seems like pretty descent. I'm surprised she hasn't Fallen all over me or Ryan yet. But being me I like the chase. I'm the type of person that goes for what I want, when I want it! This should get very interesting.

Ellie P.O.V

I walked off the bus because I was fully dressed and ready for the day. I walked to the venue and looked inside. I saw Zach by the stage so I walked up to him and stood by his side.

"Do you want to go and get a bite to eat with me?" I asked.

"Sure" he answered

"Oh somebody has a crush" Brendon teased.

I glared at him.

"Grow up" I hissed.

"Calm down I was joking" he insisted.

"Do any of you guys want to come?" I asked the boys.

"We have to practice a little longer but we'll catch up" Spencer said.

"So you don't need him to bodyguard you or anything. I don't think its that hard push off the teenies" I joked.

"That's what you think" brendon mumbled.

I looked at brendon then turned back to the guys. "Okay were off" I said as me and Zach walked off.


"um...can you describe the guys to me in your own words" I said getting my pen and notebook ready.

"Well Brendon's the more playfully and aggressive one. Ryan is more monotone, quiet and into reading and poetry and things. Jon is easy to get long with and he's really fun to be around. Spencer is awesome. He's a really a good guy with a knock out personality to go along with it"

"Thanks" I smiled.

"No problem"

"So what is it like body guarding a couple of young adults who has more success then most bands that have been in the game longer?"

"Its great. The boys and I have bonded and we have a real connection. There like brothers to me. I'd d anything for them"

"From me to you. I've only been around the guys for a day and I already despise this brendon character. Jons cool. Ryan's cools Spencer's cool, but brendon..." I sighed putting my notebook away.

He chuckled. "It just takes time to be around him. I mean he's not that bad guy. If you ask me I'd say he likes you"

"No way" I huffed.

"Yea. Boys like him tend to bring out there childish inhibitions when it comes to a pretty girl like yourself"

"Okay he has girls around him 24/7. I'm just one out of a million come on now. That can't be the reason. Anyways you'd think he'd grow up by now" I took a sip of my Pepsi.

"You never know" he smiled.

"I think I have pretty good idea"

"You know it seems like the wall you put up yesterday has been completely torn down"

"I guess I realized very early in this process I can't be worried about what people think of me. I don't care if the boys like me or think I'm pretty .I'm here for business and this is totally on a working level"

"I completely understand" he agreed

"Good" I smiled.

"Where are those guys. I'm getting hungry"

"Uh..I think there the ones with the girls surrounding them" I crossed my arms pointing at the window.

Zach turned around and then jumped to run outside. I smiled to myself as I watched Zach from the window pull the girls off them. This is defiantly something you don't see everyday.


They finally were able to walk into the door. I scooted over some as the guys began to fill the booth. Ryan sat by brendon and they sat across from me. I sat in-between Jon and Spencer. Zach sat at the end of Ryan and brendon.

"Wow I didn't realize you guys were so out there" I said.

"And that's only a mild crowd" Spencer said.

"Interesting. I'd hate to see what a larger crowd would look like" I replied.

"I think one torn my shirt" Brendon laughed.

"Yeah that one had a pretty strong grip" Zach chuckled.

"Excuse me are you brendon urie?" a black haired girl asked.

"Yes" Brendon replied looking as if he was ready for a loud sound.

"Are you Ryan Ross?" the blonde haired girl asked with the biggest smile.

"So you guys are panic at the disco" they cheered.

"Yes" the guys said in unison.

Both girls screamed really loud from the response's they received.

"Can you guys sign our phones" the black haired girl smiled.

"Sure" Spencer responded. They each passed there phones around signing them.

When they girls got there phones back they began to jump up and down.

"Thank you so much" they cheered.

"No problem" the guys responded in an off beat unison.

Then they walked off.

"Umm. Is it okay for me to suggest we order something in. Go on the bus were its safe" Jon asked.

"Good idea" Ryan said relived.

"Sometimes I forget we can't go in public" Brendon said.

"Yeah I know" Zach agreed.

I laughed to myself.

I looked up and Ryan was smiling at me.

'Yes I'm attracted to him. Sue me'


'the affect these guys had on girls. Just puzzled me. Maybe because there charming looks and cunning smiles is what drove them wild. Well I haven't heard there music and it could be that too. From hanging out with these guys for about a day and a half there isn't one thing exciting about them. Man I hope things get more interesting then they have'

We had headed back to there bus.

"3 more hours until the show" Zach reminded everyone.

"I'm so ready" Spencer replied.

"So are you going backstage or in the crowd?" brendon asked me.

"take a guess Sherlock"

"Umm...the crowd" he replied with a smirk.

"No backstage" I sneered.

"Like I give damn anyways" he said walking past me.

I huffed loudly as I went to sit down.

'I was really tired of his little thing he had against me. I know he hates journalist but I've been nothing but nice to him'

Ryan sat next to me.

"What are you down about?" he asked.

"Nothing. Just..nothing" I stammered crossing my arms.

"Doesn't sound like nothing"

"Well it is" I hissed.

He looked taken back. I faced him.

"I'm sorry for just now. I'm really not a mean person" I tried to confirm.

"I know" he smiled.

'for some reason his smile made me'

"Oh god" I chuckled falling back in my seat.

"What's that for?" he laughed.

'because your so fucking gorgeous'

"I just thought of something" I fiddled with my fingers as I began to blush.

"What are you two guys talking about?" Jon said sitting next to me.

"About how much of a great show were going to put on for our little guest here" Ryan smiled laying his arm around my shoulders.

"Exactly" I smirked looking into Ryan's eyes.


I looked out the curtain and the place was really filling up. I held onto my camera as I walked up to the door and knocked.

"Come in "one of the guys shouted.

I walked in.

"Hope your all dressed" I said with the biggest smirk.

'I was hoping they weren't'

"Welcome to our secret layer" Jon joked.

"Strike a pose" I said ready to take a picture. He gave me a puppy dog eyes with a frowning lips.

"Classic" I laughed after taking the picture.

"I do what I do" he smirked.

I chuckled as I looked in Ryan's direction. I walked up to him and looked at his reflection.

"Cool" I smiled.

"Thanks" he said continuing the remarkable designs on his face.

"How do you do it though?" I was curious.

"It just comes to me. It's another one of my artistic expressions"

"Can I get a picture?"

"Sure" he grinned putting down his eyeliner.

He stood there with a blank expression. I snapped the photo and looked at him.

"Thanks" my words came out lower then I expected.

"Your welcome" he did a courtesy.

I bit my bottom lip as I walked over to Spencer who was moving his lips with no sound and hitting the air as if it was his drum.

"Say dedicated" I aimed the camera at him. He smiled widely and I snapped the picture.

"Nice" as the word rolled off my tongue the bathroom door opened. Brendon came out.

'he looked so attractive at this minute'

"Picture?" I said showing him my camera.

"Sure" he smirked walking close enough for cameras range.

"Say Cheese"

He pouted out his lips. Then turned his head silently still not losing contact with the camera. He also held up a peace sign


"No problem"

"Guys its show time" Zach clapped after he swung open the door.

The guys stopped what they were doing and ran out.

"You coming" Zach asked about to shut the door.

"Yeah" I smiled leaving last.

They stood outside the curtain and waited for there name to be called. I stood behind Ryan. He seemed a little nervous.

"Give me a good show tiger" I whispered in his ear.

He turned his head enough towards me to give contact.

"I will" he replied turning his head back around. I looked over at brendon who was looking at us. I smiled cheaply as I looked straight ahead.

The boys name was finally called and they walked out one by one. The show started off with a upbeat rock sound with a little techno. It was called "The only reason between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage" I thought it was really good.


I took pictures and wrote down notes. So far I had some good notes on them. This article was going exactly like I wanted. Maybe tomorrow I could at least begin writing.

'The night progressed into a very entertaining show. There music was great, Catchy none the less and showed a lot of there character. The crowd was alive and sung along with every song. The vibe in the room was admirable. The band as a whole was great. Brendon's voice was amazing. Nothing I've ever heard before. The little parts Ryan sang were excellent. There collaboration was great. I had chills go up and down my spine during the entire show. Brendon's piano skills were fantastic and you could feel the emotion roll off the words he sang. My perspective and attitude really changed towards them. They really gained my full respect'

My thoughts were interrupted when brendon was saying his goodbyes to the crowd.

I walked to there dressing room and sat on one of there couches. Those boys were talented and had a great gift. I let out a sigh. I jumped as the door opened. It was the guys rushing in with sweat dripping from there bodies.

I stood up.

"How did we do?" Ryan asked walking up to me.

"Tremendous" I smiled so hard I laughed.

"Good" Ryan replied beaming at me.

"Brendon your voice is amazing" I complimented.

He gave me smile.

"Thanks...for being the millionth parson to tell me that" he went in the bathroom.

"Spencer you showed those drums who the boss was and Jon you rocked that bass, but I'll be in the tour bus. I know yall have to get dressed and then go meet fans or whatever. I'll be out the way" I headed towards the door.

Once I was out the door I leaned on it taking a deep breath.

'it seemed Brendon's comments got to me. I guess I craved his approval more then the others'


I was on the bus sitting on the couch. I waited for the boys to come on. It had been a couple of hours since I left the room.

I was startled when the door swung open.

The boys walked on the bus with Zach following behind.

"Were leaving Washington and going to California. So buckle up guys" Zach said getting in the drivers seat.

"Well I'm heading to bed" Jon sad.

"Yeah me too" Spencer agreed.

"I'm with yall" Ryan said following behind.

But he turned around to look at me.

"What are you doing?"

"Um..I'll head to bed in a little bit" I answered.

He nodded his head and left. Brendon sat next to me.

"Why don't you go to bed with your boyfriend?" he asked.

I face him giving him a evil glare.

"You know what. I'm tired of your smart mouth. I know you have a thing against journalist but I am human and I deserve respect either if you like it or not"

"Oh is that right?" he smirked.

"Yes it..." He leaned in and pressed his lips against mines. Our lips stayed together not doing anything else. He leaned out.

"Surprisingly I liked it" I sighed not facing him anymore.

He laid his hand on my cheek and pushed my face so we gained contact.

"Then why not do it again?" he sneered.

I attacked his lips as I fell on top of him. I opened my mouth slightly as he slid his tongue in. We fought to gained dominance over each other. Regaining control I moved my lips and stood up.

"I can't do this" I started towards the back.

He grabbed my arm and leaned me against the wall.

"If you want to do it. Nobody can stop us" He whispered caressing his breath along my lips. It made chills run down my spine. I stood there temptation taking over me. He touched his lips against mines. He grazed them along my cheeks teasingly. He hiked my leg up against his waist. I let out a heavy breath as our faces were close together.

"But I'll lose my job" I whispered.

"No you won't" he insisted.

"I thought you didn't like Mr. Smartass" My tone remained hushed.

"Maybe that's my way to let a girl know I do like her"

"You know you're an asshole right?" I grazed my lips along his chin.

"Oh stop your turning me on" he said pushing harder against me.

'The seducing was killing me

"pero yo no puedo hacer esto (but I can't do this)" I spoke pushing him off.

"I guess we'll continue this later" he called after me.

I kept walking and climbed on my bunk. When I laid down I had a huge grin on my face. For some reason I felt butterflies in my stomach. He was a huge turn on and he wanted me. First I get the most gorgeous guy named Ryan checking me out then I have brendon planting kisses on me. Could a girl get any luckier?
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