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Carters and the Stablers

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Elliot as well as his wife kathy, and thier children, all showed up to Toni and Nick's place

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At about 7:15 Elliot and his family showed up at the Carter household Toni was in the kitchen and Nick was in his office and Nickolas age 5 was playing in his room. When the doorbell rang Nickolas ran to open it after Toni asked him. As he opened the door he says Hello grandpa, hello you must be Nickolas, nice to meet u. says Elliot Nickolas smiled and led everyone in side, then ran to get his mother. Toni says Welcome, welcome. Hello u must be Kathy right? Yes im Kathy and theses are ur sister Moriean, Kathleen, and Lizzy and your brother Dickie.
As everyone sat down Nick walks in the living room and says Sorry it took me so long I had a call from the manager. Toni says Is everything ok? Nick smiles at her Baby its more then all right the fans love the new CD it went to number 1 in lest then 10 hours. They hug. Kathleen smiles and waived the cd in her hand and said Its really good.
Everyone starts to crack up. Threw out the night everyone talked and got along nick invited Elliot and the family to a concert that was happening in NJ in a few weeks and being a prouder father in law he said he would come
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